Requesting Project Number in Advance of Award

Requesting Project Number in Advance of Award
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WISPER – Request Project ID in Advance of Award
WISPER facilitates the request for Projects to be set up in advance of the award being received and
fully executed. After all of the project tab details have been collected, the PI has signed the
Award Signature, the Division has signed the Award Signature, and a hard copy of the WISPER
record and all relevant forms and documents have been provided to SPO, the items are in place
for this request to occur. This Desk Reference walks through the process for making the request via
an approval request to the division using the “Request advance award setup” approval type and the
Division Action page informing SPO. Refer to the “WISPER Record Creation” desk reference to
confirm you have met the requirements detailed above.
I. Login & Select the WISPER record:
1. Navigate to the authentication hub at, select your
institution, and then enter your NetID and password.
2. Click on UW WISPER and locate the record for which you want to request the advance Project
IDs using your MY WISPER worklist or by the Search page.
II. Complete the Project & Protocol Details requirements under the Projects tab:
Instructions for this step are included in the “WISPER Record Creation” desk reference beginning
on page 6 of that document. All steps in that desk reference should be followed completely prior to
requesting a project number in advance. If a WISPER record has not been created previously and
on file with SPO, create such record now.
III. Request Approval of the Division
1. Select the Approvals tab
2. Click the Initiate New Approval Request button
3. Using the drop down box for approval type, select “Request Advance Award” (see figure below).
4. Enter additional justification or information to assist the Division in its review in the Approval
Request text box. Note that each Division may require additional justification, attachments or
information in order to process this request. Please contact your Division if you are unsure of
your Division’s requirements.
5. The Approver Type is automatically selected to be “Division”.
6. Select the Administering Division from the Division drop down box.
7. Click the Add Approval button.
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Login & Select the WISPER record:
1. Navigate to the authentication hub at, select your
institution, and then enter your NetID and password.
2. Navigate to your MY WISPER work list.
3. The default view is of “My Worklist”. Select the “Division Worklist” tab. The record pending the
Advance Award will appear in the “Approvals I Need to Complete” section of the worklist. Select
the record.
II. Review Approval for an Advance Account:
1. Select the Approvals tab and locate the requested approval for the “Request Advance Award
2. Click the Review/Approve hyperlink to take you to the approval detail page.
3. Read the approval details, make comments if necessary, and click the “Approve” button. If you
need additional information, you may Submit Comment Only or Deny at this time to return the
record to the requester and seek additional information.
III. Request Advance set up of SPO:
1. Ensure that a hard copy of the WISPER record and applicable documentation is already on file
with SPO. If not, send or deliver a hard copy to SPO.
2. Select the Division Action tab.
3. Ensure that the division award signature has been executed.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the Validate to Req Adv Account button (see figure
below). Clicking this button will run validations to ensure that all necessary information is
included on the record before making the request of SPO.
5. Correct any identified errors and repeat the validation process until the record passes the
Advance Account validation. Because UW-Extension does not currently use the following
functions in WISPER, ignore these warnings:
a. Outside Activities Report
b. Effort requirements
c. Commitments
6. Select the Request Advance Account of SPO button (see figure below). A page will open to
verify this request. Click “Process Record” to proceed. The record has been submitted to the
current SPO owner for processing. Award and Project information will be reported to you via
7. If SPO requires additional information or denies request, you will receive an e-mail notification,
and the WISPER record will be routed back to the Division.
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