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What is Office 365?
Accessing your Office 365 account
Office 365 is a web-based subscription service that gives you anywhere-access to
MS Office tools and applications, such as Word, Excel, Access, Publisher,
PowerPoint and Outlook.
If your network administrator has set up an Office 365 account for you and your
organization, logging into your account is really easy:
What can I do with it?
Depending on the level of subscription selected, you may be able to:
 Work from anywhere using your PC, Mac or mobile device
 Create a website that is specific to your organization and customize it to
promote your company brand
 Collaborate on project documents – with SharePoint, file sharing is fast and
simple and users can access files from almost anywhere
 Access emails, look up contacts and share calendars from wherever you are
 Host online conference meetings with real-time note taking, screen sharing
and HD video conferencing
 Access, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from your
mobile device using Office Web Apps
What else should I know?
Office 365 is easy to set up and receives automatic
 Your files are automatically backed up online
 Office 365 has built-in anti-malware protection and
spam filters
 Round-the-clock IT-level web and phone support is available
 Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
With OneDrive, you can store and access files from anywhere, and set permissions
so that you can control who accesses and edits what.
Navigate to your Office 365 login page, using the link provided to you or by
typing into your address bar on your
web browser
On the sign in page, fill in your credentials and click Sign in
Setting up your mobile device
A great feature of Office 365 is that it allows you to access
files and collaborate with team members from certain mobile
devices – like the Windows Tablet, iPhone, Android or
Blackberry smartphone.
To connect Office 365 to your mobile device:
On your Office 365 account home page, click the Settings
button and
select Office 365 settings from the drop menu
 On the Office 365 settings page, click get started from the list of options
 Select phone & tablet on the Get started with Office 365 page
 Options appear near the bottom of the screen – choose your mobile device
from the list of options available
 The Office 365 help window opens and displays instructions for your
particular device. Follow the instructions to complete setup
You should now be able to access your account from your mobile device. If
prompted, enter in your credentials.
Outlook Web App
When you log into your Office 365 account, your page will by default display your Outlook Web App. From here, you can view or send emails, as well as access other
Apps, like your Calendar, Contacts, OneDrive or other Sites.
Click OneDrive to access
Click Office 365 to
navigate to Home page
Click new mail
to create a new
The Navigation
Pane works
similarly to that
of the one in the
desktop version
of Outlook
Your inbox
Click any of these links to
access and use Apps – like
your Calendar, Contacts
(People) or Newsfeed
your cloud account
Click Sites to access your
SharePoint team site
displays a
menu that is
relative to
the App you
are viewing
View an
Using OneDrive with Office 365
OneDrive works like an online storage site, where you and your team members can access, edit and share files, depending on your permission levels. To get to your
OneDrive site, click the OneDrive link at the top of your Office 365 home page.
Contextual tabs allow you to perform various
functions depending on the App you are using
your site
Click new
to create or
upload a
Select a
or library to
work from
Select a file
from the
library to
open it
Creating a document with Web Apps
Editing and uploading a document
With Office 365, you are able to create, edit and access
documents from wherever you are. Your shared
documents are stored on your team site with SharePoint
or on your OneDrive, depending on which one your
company uses.
Editing a document
Creating a new document
To create a new document from your OneDrive site using
Office 365 Web Apps:
Navigate to your OneDrive site by clicking the OneDrive link at the top of the
page. Click the new document link on the page
The Create a new file menu opens. Select the appropriate Web App for the
file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) you want to create
On the Create a new document window, insert a name for your document
and click OK
The selected Web App opens. You’ll notice that the Web App uses basically
the same functionality as a desktop based version. Go ahead and create your
Save the document by clicking the Save
icon at the top left of the screen.
If you wish to save a local copy of the document, click File → Save As →
Download. If you are prompted, click Save. The file is downloaded into the
default folder where your other downloads are usually stored
To navigate back to
OneDrive, click your
name in the top right of
the screen
Your new document is
listed in the OneDrive document folder you chose
Hint: If you need to use a feature that is not available in the Web App, click the
Open in Word tab on the Ribbon. The tab will change depending on the
Application you are working in. Remember, if you work locally, you will need to
have the desktop version of the application and you will need to save and upload
the document to SharePoint or OneDrive.
To edit a shared document:
Navigate to the folder on OneDrive where the document is stored and click
on the document
The document opens in a relevant Web App. Click Edit Document and
select Edit in Word Web App from the menu (note that the name of the
App will change depending on which one you are working in)
Your document opens. Edit your document
When you are finished editing your document, click the Save button.
Remember that if you are working in a local version, you need to save the
document by clicking File → Save As, and selecting the OneDrive location
that it needs to be stored in. If necessary give your document a new name
and then click Save. Your document is saved to OneDrive
Uploading a document to OneDrive
If you created a document locally or simply want to add an existing document to
a folder, you can upload it to OneDrive.
On OneDrive, select the Folder that want to upload the
document to. Click the Files tab on the Ribbon and
select Upload Document; or click the
+ new document link on the page and select Upload
Existing Document from the contextual menu
Click Browse… and find the file you want, select it
and click Open → OK
If you want to upload a file from a desktop version of Office, open the file in
Office and click File → Save As and select to upload to your OneDrive.
Click Browse and select the folder on OneDrive that you are uploading the
document to – then click Save
Note: SharePoint works in a similar way to OneDrive. If you wish to create or
upload a document there, navigate to your SharePoint site by clicking the Sites
link at the top of the page and then selecting Team Site. Your SharePoint team
site opens. Follow the same steps, as above, to create, edit or upload a file.
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