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SCALANCE W770 and W730 –
A perfect team with SIMATIC!
Transfer data wirelessly from the control cabinet –
in perfect interaction with SIMATIC S7-1500.
The SCALANCE W770 Access Points and W730 Client
Modules in the SIMATIC design reliably implement
wireless communication between, for example, a
SIMATIC S7-1500 controller and a SIMATIC ET 200MP.
This not only enables simple networking of machines,
but also helps to deliver radio coverage to large areas
with a data rate of up to 300 Mbit/s. And the KEY-PLUGs
W700 iFeatures ensure secure real-time data transmission via PROFINET with PROFIsafe.
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Automatic guided vehicles (AGV) demand increased safety and real-time capability.
SCALANCE W products are ideally suited to this purpose.
Antenna ANT793-6MN
Antenna ANT793-6MN
Antenna ANT793-6MN
with SIMATIC S7-1500 and
W774-1 RJ45
W774-1 RJ45
Industrial Ethernet/PROFINET
Control cabinet
Control cabinet
Antenna ANT795-6MN
Antenna ANT795-6MN
W734-1 RJ45
with ET 200MP
W734-1 RJ45
with ET 200MP
Antenna ANT795-6MN
W734-1 RJ45
with ET 200MP
Control cabinet
Application example: Automatic guided vehicles (AGV), automated with SCALANCE W734-1 RJ45 and W774-1 RJ45
These compact IWLAN products permit applications to be
implemented for which IWLAN functionality of the SIMATIC
S7-1500 or other controllers is required.
The KEY-PLUGs W700 iFeatures enable additional functions
to meet special radio requirements in industry, such as
real-time communication via IWLAN. For reliable coverage
of larger wireless ranges, the devices offer greater reliability thanks to 2x2:2 MIMO antenna technology according to
the IEEE 802.11n standard.
The SCALANCE W series is completed with an extensive
range of antennas.
◾ iPCF function for necessary deterministic behavior
and fast roaming in PROFINET IO applications
◾ Wireless transmission of PROFINET with PROFIsafe,
e.g. for wireless EMEREGNCY OFF function
◾ By means of MIMO, it is also possible to communicate
reliably by radio, even in harsh environments
◾ Various installation options (wall or cabinet-mounting) because the LEDs are visible from different
SCALANCE W770 and W730 – Perfectly teamed with SIMATIC!
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Wireless standard
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
Product versions
Supported frequencies
2.4 and 5 GHz
◾ SCALANCE W774-1 RJ45
Access Point for use in the control cabinet
Max. bandwidth
300 Mbit/s (2x2:2 MIMO)
◾ SCALANCE W734-1 RJ45
Client Module for use in the control cabinet
Antenna connectors
2x R-SMA connector
LAN interfaces
2x RJ45, or 2x M12
◾ Access Point SCALANCE W774-1 M12 EEC for the
control cabinet and for indoor use
Temperature range
-20 °C ... +60 °C, or -30 ... +65°C
Degree of protection
Enclosure material
◾ KEY-PLUG W780 iFeatures
for enabling additional functions in access points
24 V DC/ PoE according to IEEE
802.3at Type 1
Wall, S7 mounting rail,
35 mm standard mounting rail
◾ KEY-PLUG W740 iFeatures
for enabling additional functions in client
Apart from the Web-Based Management (WBM) interface,
mobile web pages of the SCALANCE W are available for
diagnostic purposes; these have been optimized for use
with mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet PCs.
Access Point SCALANCE W774-1 RJ45
KEY-PLUG W700 iFeatures
SCALANCE W700 mobile website
Access Point SCALANCE W774-1 M12 EEC
SCALANCE W770 and W730 – Perfectly teamed with SIMATIC!
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