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Systems | AMC2 16I-16O-NET - Access Data Gathering
AMC2 16I-16O-NET - Access Data
▶ 16 analog inputs
▶ 16 relais outputs (wet or dry)
▶ Standard 2 GB compact flash
▶ LCD display for displaying information
▶ Individual electronic verification outputs
▶ Input for an externally connected tamper contact
The AMC2 16I-16O-NET (Access Data Gathering) unit is
connected via built-in Ethernet interface to the host system
(Building Integration System). There are 16 inputs
(optionally monitored against short-circuit and wire-cut
tampering) and 16 relay outputs on main board.
The AMC2 16I-16O-NET can be extended by a maximum of
three I/O extension modules. The I/O extension modules
AMC2 8I-8O-EXT, AMC2 16I-16O-EXT, or AMC2 16I-EXT (in
any combination) are connected via the AMC2 16I-16ONET’s extension interface (RS485).
In total 64 inputs and 64 outputs can be managed by a
System Overview
The AMC2 16I-16O-NET is deployed as an independent
controller between the management host system and
various peripheral devices. By default, a management host
system is connected via Ethernet. A management host
connection using RS-485 or RS-232 is also possible.
1 = Host
2 = Ethernet
3 = Access Controller: a = AMC2 4W; b = AMC2 4R4
4 = AMC2 16IO-NET
5 = I/O extension boards: a = AMC2 16I-16O-EXT; b = AMC2
8I-8O-EXT; c = AMC2 16I-EXT
6 = Card reader
7 = Communication and power supply
Depending on what interfaces are available the following
constellations are possible:
Using RS-232 host connection one AMC2 16I-16O-NET
can be connected per COM port.
2 | AMC2 16I-16O-NET - Access Data Gathering
Using RS-485 host connection, up to eight of these modules can be combined on one COM port.
Using Ethernet host connection up to 200 devices can
be connected.
Up to three extension boards of types AMC2 8I-8O-EXT,
AMC2 16I-16O-EXT or AMC2 16I-EXT can be connected.
These can be controlled by the AMC2 16I-16O-NET in
any combination.
Technical Specifications
256 kB-SRAM
Pluggable 2 GB compact flash
RTC (Real time clock)
Battery for SRAM and RTC
Installation/Configuration Notes
Host interface:
- RS485 (2- or 4-wire); opto-decoupled
- RS232
- Ethernet 10/100BaseT (TCP/IP) with RJ45
Power supply
An external power supply (10 to 30 V DC) for the AMC2 is
connected to the first (positive) and third pin (negative).
16 relay outputs:
- max. switching voltage: 30 V DC
- max. switching current: 1,25 A
When using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), the
relevant UPS output relay is connected to the pins
4 and 7 for alternating current
5 and 7 for the battery
6 and 7 for direct current
Otherwise, these pins will short-circuit.
16 analog inputs
Tamper switch
Reset button
0°C to +45°C (32°F to 113°F)
Power supply
10 to 30 VDC, max. 60 VA
Available for external devices: 55 VA
IP 30
Base: PPO (UL 94 V-0)
Upper: Polycarbonate (UL 94 V-0)
The relay outputs offer the following functions:
WxHxD: 232 x 90 x 63 mm (9.13 x 3.54 x 2.48 in.)
Approx. 0.53 kg (1.17 lb)
Rail mounting
The eight analog inputs can be used as digital or analog
contacts. For analog use, resistance values can be specified
that make it possible to carry out a further check for cable
breaks and short-circuits.
Relay outputs
The outputs can operate with potential free contacts for
external power supply (dry mode).
The outputs can operate using the internal voltage of
power supply (wet mode).
Only ohm resistive loads can be connected to the relay.
Inductive loads must be bypassed via recovery diodes.
These diodes (1N4004) are enclosed.
Voltage equalization - grounding
• Different voltages can be equalized using jumpers with
protective ground.
• A line (shield, equipotential bonding line) with
protective ground can only be connected in one
• For further instructions, please see the operating
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