Blinx 2: Masters of Time and Space - Microsoft Xbox

0904 Part No. X10-84150
Safety Information
About Photosensitive Seizures
A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images,
including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people who have no history of
seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these “photosensitive epileptic
seizures” while watching video games.
These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or face
twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness.
Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or
striking nearby objects.
Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Parents should
watch for or ask their children about the above symptoms—children and teenagers are more likely than
adults to experience these seizures.
The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting farther from the television
screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-lit room, and not playing when you are
drowsy or fatigued.
If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor before playing.
Other Important Health and Safety Information The Xbox Instruction Manual contains important
health and safety information that you should read and understand before using this software.
Avoid Damage to Your Television
Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or rear-projection types, can
be damaged if any video games, including Xbox games, are played on them. Static images presented
during the normal course of gameplay may “burn in” to the screen, causing a permanent shadow of the
static image to appear at all times, even when video games are not being played. Similar damage may
occur from static images created when placing a video game on hold or pause. Consult your television
owner’s manual to determine if video games can be played safely on your set. If you are unable to find
this information in the owner’s manual, contact your television dealer or the manufacturer to determine
if video games can be played safely on your set.
Welcome, Time Sweepers!
Welcome, Time Factory Team! Our job, maintaining the orderly flow of
time, has never been more important!
We are facing the biggest crisis in our history. Someone has shattered
the ancient and mysterious Big Crystal, setting the universe on a path
to utter destruction.
We must restore the normal flow of time or face universal chaos. Your
help is vital!
Your Mission
Travel to the ancient time worlds to learn why time is disappearing. You
will encounter enemies bent on thwarting your mission, but you have
powerful tools to assist you. You will:
Sweep up trash to shoot at monsters created by time distortion
(you can’t sweep up time monsters—you have to shoot them).
Gather time crystals to activate Time Controls, which will help you
defeat enemies, overcome obstacles, and solve puzzles.
Use every resource to outmaneuver the Tom Tom Gang, who may
try to steal the Big Crystal fragments for their own nefarious ends!
If you remain tough, agile, and determined, you can overcome all
enemies and restore the orderly flow of time.
Takuya Matsumoto
Naoto Ohshima
Development Producer
Yoji Ishii
Scenario Writer
Soshi Kawasaki
Art Directors
Masamichi Harada
Noriko Omizo
Koh Okamura, Nobuyuki
Maruyama, Tatsuro
Matsunaga, Aki Kobayashi,
Naoki Ito, Kanako Sato,
Yoshihiko Kawano, Hiroyuki
Kobayashi, Masato Shioura,
Teruyuki Kikuchi, Shogo
Akamine, Yoshihito Takahashi,
Norihiro Adachi, Tomohiro
Ishino, Ken Awata
Lead Programmer
Movie Producers
Sound by
Koji Takeuchi , Shunji Sakata
Movie Assistant
Exective Sound Producer
Akira Shimizu
Sound Producer
Movie Director
Takuya Matsumoto
Toshihiko Masuda
Game Programmers
Kouichi Watanabe, Shinji Iseki,
Manabu Kobayashi, Minoru
Ogawa, Tomoya Tateishi
Game Designers
Taiji Miyajima, Ryouhei
Yamasaki, Naoki Kusaba,
Satoshi Noto, Takeshi Miki,
Naoto Ohshima
Your Enemy: The Tom Tom Gang
Yukifumu Makino
These criminal pigs are notorious skulkers and time thieves.
Remember: They may be greedy and lazy, but they are also
cunning and resourceful.
Keiichi Sugiyama
Sound Director
Movie Creators
Keiichi Sugiyama
Noboru Shirahase, Ryoma
Yoshigai, Yoshinori Konishi,
Ryuji Shimatani, Koichi
Yamamoto, Kazuyuki Hada,
Katuki Tomishima, Shingo
Nakano, Masashi Sekine,
Sanae Sato, Keiki Takemoto,
Shigeo Matsumoto, Manabu
Sound Creators
US Manual Writer
Special Thanks
Tom Toms have used stolen time crystals to get treasure
in the past. Now they are after the fragments of the Big
Crystal, apparently not understanding the powers they are
meddling with.
Tomonori Sawada,
Keiichi Sugiyama
Sound Production
Tatsuya Kozaki
To all Time Sweepers: Remain vigilant! The sneaky Tom Toms
can morph and control space, so these crooks can show up
anywhere at any time and drop you into a void!
Program Managers
Shigeru Okada, Tacey Miller
Global Product
Michael Johnson
Product Planning
James Spahn, Takayuki
Kawasaki, Walter Kong
Dai Hayasaka, Masatoshi
Kanamaru, Toshihiro Fuzawa,
Ken Murakami, Akane Sasho,
Shinobu Fujine, Takami
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Atsuko Yamada
US Testers
Sakiko Kano
Michael McManus ,
Chris Mosconi , Kazuko
Hass , Robin Vincent , Erik
Anderson , Matt Edington
US Test Lead
User Testing Specialist
Japan Test Lead
Jon Seal
US Manual Designers
Japan Manual Print
Eiichi Ogawa
Fumio Yanagida
Dev Lead
Aaron Nichols
Rob Lamb
Ray Kowalewski
Art Lead
Japan Test Lead
US Writer
Kevin A. Brown
Eric Nylund
Test Translator
Hiroyuki Nakamura
US Editors
Utako Tanaka
Japan Testers
Ryosuke Ijuin, Maya
Katsurashima, Wataru
Ohnuma, Shinya Utsumi,
Jason Groce
Cameron Crotty
JPN Product Manager
Taro Hakodate
Tacey Miller, Kyoko
Watanabe , Miho Horiuchi
Jeannie Voirin, Chris Burns ,
Doug Startzel
Product Support Leads
Steve Kastner
Rob Barlow
English Voice Casting
& Direction
KBA Voice Production
Shane Kim, AJ Redmer, Phil
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2 MEG Team, Bruce Sharp,
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Connor Peasley, Paul-John Pierot,
Aaron Whiting, Ed Fries
• = ArtSource
• = Telecom Animation Film Co., LTD
• = Volt
Threats And Hazards
Your mission takes you to distant worlds where you will encounter many
dangers. Of course, the Tom Toms will try to thwart you, so keep your
eyes and ears open!
On your mission you will also encounter some
really major-league monsters. You have to
be resourceful and brave to overcome
these giant, aggressive enemies.
Time Monsters
The Tom Toms are not the only threat we face—far from it! When time
goes bad, it forms time monsters. On your mission you will encounter
many of these strange creatures. If you get too close to them, they can
keep you from accomplishing your mission. You can defeat time
monsters by shooting trash at them. When you do, they release time
crystals. Sweep up those crystals to get the use of Time Controls. There
are many kinds of time monsters, including these.
Stone Guardian
If this boss lands on
you, you are going to
be one flat cat! Once
he’s knocked down,
though, you’ll have a chance!
This monster looks like a
cross between a fish
and a frog. It eats
everything you shoot
at its face; feed it a
bomb to blow it up or
shoot it in the back or side!
This menacing creature
floats in the air and
shoots trash at you.
When this creature
attacks, its body
sprouts sharp spikes.
Giant Mandrake
This creature shoots debris at
you, so keep your eyes open
for whatever falls from him—if
you hit him you may be able
to pick up REWINDs,
bombs, or other goodies.
Three Ways To Play
As a Time Sweeper there are three ways to play through the adventures
in Blinx 2.
Single-player Mode
You can choose to meet all challenges by yourself. Many Time Sweepers
prefer solo play, facing enemies and using Time Controls without
Have a friend who wants to get in on the action? No problem! You can
switch from Single-Player Mode to Two-Player Co-op Mode at any point
During each battle, weapons, ammo, and Time and Space Controls
appear on the battlefield. Be on the lookout for these and get to
them before your opponents.
You can pick up weapons you find on the battlefield, but you may
have to search for the right kind of ammo if they’re not loaded.
When you take out an enemy player, you’ll see colored orbs come
raining down. Stronger opponents give up more orbs, whereas
weaker opponents give up fewer, and you can’t collect orbs of your
own color. Snatch up as many as you can to gain points; the player
with the most points wins the match!
Two-player Co-op Mode
You can team up with another
Time Sweeper to face challenges
together. In Novice mode you
each play as you normally would.
In Specialist mode you divide
tasks between you. For example,
you can take on the job of attack
specialist, going after enemies
while your buddy handles the Time Controls.
vs. Mode
In Vs. Mode you and your friends can cut loose and battle the way you
want! Playing in Vs. Mode is different in many ways from the SinglePlayer and Two-Player Modes. Here are some of the differences.
Two to four players can fight at the same time either individually or
in teams. After you’ve played a match, you can save your match and
team information for future use.
You can set options such as number of rounds, lengths of the rounds,
and the victory requirements.
You can give orders to your team members to attack, seek out items,
or wait while you move around by yourself. Press the button
to switch among these commands.
You can use equipment and weapons only available in Vs. Mode,
including jetpacks and special barriers.
Spend your hard-earned money on weapons and
equipment to take into the next round of battle!
You can use Time or Space Controls in special ways available only in
Vs. Mode. For example, REW makes your opponents revert to an
infant state, making them smaller and more vulnerable. Experiment
with your controls to see what happens!
Tap the Right
trigger to fire the
last thing you
swept up.
Pull and hold
the Right trigger to
sweep up trash, time
crystals or gold.
left Trigger
Move the Left
thumbstick to
go in the
direction you
want. The
farther you
press it, the faster
you run.
Right Trigger
Left Thumbstick
Start Button
Starts game.
During play,
pauses the
Activate Time Control
Change Team Orders
The player
can move
while hanging
on the edge of a cliff
or the ledge of a wall.
Right Thumbstick
Select a Time Control
Select Weapon
Action button. Performs the right
action for the situation (punch,
break crate, pull lever, etc.).
Center Camera
Camera view (click for first-person view).
If you are locked onto a target, you can use the
Right thumbstick to lock on to
a different target.
to jump
straight up.
You can jump in
different directions
to avoid enemies by
moving the Left
thumbstick in the
desired direction as you press
button to jump.
jump; at the
top of the jump, press
again to jump even higher.
time sweepers On-Screen Info
Retry Counter
If your health falls to zero and you have gathered three Retry Hearts,
you can try again to overcome the threat. The small lights show how
many Retry Hearts you have collected (you need three Hearts to get
a Retry). The large lights are hearts in Retry containers. They show
how many Retrys you have.
Enemy Indicator
This indicator appears when enemies are nearby. If it is orange, the
enemy knows you are there. If it is yellow, the enemy is not aware
of your presence.
Enemy Health
This shows the health of the enemy you are facing.
If you hit the enemy, its health decreases.
Targeting Reticle
Your Health
You could just blast away without
aiming, but using this device to
lock on to targets before you shoot
will greatly increase your accuracy.
To use it, face the enemy, then pull
and hold the Left trigger to display
the reticle. When the reticle turns
red, tap the Right trigger to fire.
This indicator shows your current health.
Taking hits from enemies or falling into
traps decreases your health; getting a
carton of milk (or a piece of meat stolen
from the Tom Toms) restores it.
Elapsed Time
This is the amount of time spent sweeping
the current level. The faster you clear an
area, the greater your reward.
Sweeper Model
Enemy Radar
The radar shows you how close enemies are,
and the direction they’re moving. Enemies
shown in red are Tom Toms. Enemies shown
in yellow are time monsters.
Not sure what you should be doing
to get ahead in the game? Press
START to get a reminder about your
current objective—defeating Tom
Toms, getting batteries, etc. Pressing
here will display the map, and
will allow you to modify
game options.
Time Controls
Current Trash
Use these controls to
change the flow of time. If
you have gathered enough
time crystals, use the D-pad
to select the Time Control
you want (PAUSE, REWIND,
FF, etc.), then press to
activate the control.
The number of items
you have picked up
with your sweeper,
which are available to
shoot at enemies.
This is the model number of the
sweeper you are using. If you are
successful, you can buy a more
powerful model and do even more
with it. Some models hold more
and larger objects you can sweep
up and shoot at enemies. Some can
only sweep up certain kinds of time
crystals, while others allow you to
store more Time Controls.
Maximum Trash Amount
Different sweeper models have different
capacities. This is the maximum number
of objects your sweeper can pick up.
The Time Factory
Gathering Resources
Your mission will take you far from home, to distant planets where your
courage, grit, and skill will be tested. But there is a place within the Time
Factory itself where you can prepare to meet these challenges.
You already know about collecting trash to shoot at enemies, but you
can gather other resources on your mission that will add to your
success. The following are some examples.
As you go around the Factory’s inner circle you will find three doors.
These lead to the Locker Room, the Shop, and the Theater.
Time Crystals
Locker Room
Here you assemble and customize your team to make it your own
by choosing the look you want for yourself and your mates. You can
choose your team’s uniforms, footwear, headgear, colors, and markings.
Even better, you can make yourself taller, shorter, thinner, or fatter. You
can even make your head, ears, and feet bigger or smaller! You can also
equip any new sweepers or weapon upgrades purchased at the Shop.
These are precious seconds that have
congealed into crystals. Gather three of
any crystal type and you can activate
the associated Time Control.
This is where you buy and sell weapons and items. You’ll also come to
Jimmy’s Shop to take on challenges. Select the “Talk to Jimmy”
option to see what’s available. Rank-up Exams are
challenges you have to complete to continue in
the game; other minigames are
just for fun and allow you to hone your skills
and get more medals and equipment!
On your mission you’ll find that
some crates contain a milk carton.
To restore your health, break open
the crate and get the milk.
Go here to view all the medals you have won in
the game. As you collect more medals, you’ll
unlock movies and artwork showing the heroic
Sweepers in action, as well as some rare behindthe-scenes footage of life at the Time Factory.
In some places you can sweep up gold,
silver, or copper coins. They won’t give
you Time Controls, but you can use
them to buy new weapons and other
gear at the Shop in the Time Factory.
Throw in a Guard
Sweeper’s path so
he’ll slip and
knock himself out.
Pause time for the
Sweepers while
you keep moving!
Time Sweepers have one big advantage in facing challenges and overcoming obstacles: the ability to control time. Has the bridge fallen down?
No problem—REWIND time to restore the bridge, then cross it. Lots of
enemies coming at you? Use PAUSE to stop them in their tracks while you
keep going!
Guard Sweepers
will chase this
decoy robot
instead of you!
Using Time Controls
Sweeping up time crystals lets you use the following controls and
combinations to alter the flow of time for brief periods.
We Tom Toms also have access to some great
gadgets to help us battle the Time Sweepers.
You get recorded and replayed at normal speed
while the world and enemies around you move at
half speed.
You move at double speed while the world and
enemies around you move at half speed.
It’s good to be a Tom Tom—especially when you can
use Space Controls for all kinds of mischief!
To use a Space Control, select the one you want using
the D-pad and then press
to activate.
You move at double speed while the world
and enemies around you pause.
For the Space Bubble, Warp Tunnel, Quantum Snare,
Void Trap, Time Grenade, and Banana, hold down
when activating to aim, then release
to throw.
If you have the right kind of sweeper, you can combine two Time Controls
to get past obstacles or avoid attacks. Using a Time Control Combo gives
you both effects combined.
Throw the Warp Tunnel
where you want to go, then
teleport to the location
where it ends by pressing
within 10 seconds!
Time slows to a crawl for everything but you.
You can move around
under this cloak without
being detected, but don’t
move too fast or you’ll be
RECORD Your actions are recorded for a few seconds and then
replayed. During playback, you will see a copy of yourself
repeating what you just did.
Everything stops except you.
Creates a
sphere that
traps anything
(Fast Forward) Time for you flows
rapidly forward, giving you great speed.
Tom Toms pop out
of this dimensional
portal and grab
Guard Sweepers’ legs.
If you toss this in
a Guard Sweeper’s
path, the dumb cat
will fall in and
REWIND Time flows rapidly backwards for everyone but you.
Superior stealth is the key to Tom Tom success. When
you’re out to steal treasure, the best approach is to
sneak up on it, especially when there are Guard
Sweepers around. It’s hard to sneak past those vigilant
cats, but it’s all part of a Tom Tom’s normal day!
So how do you get past the Guard Sweepers? There are
plenty of ways for a tricky pig to do it:
Stay out of sight! Sneak around corners, creep
along walls, keep a low profile by crawling—
whatever it takes to avoid detection.
Take cover! Hide behind anything big enough to
keep you from being spotted. Crates, low walls,
and other kinds of cover will keep you safe from
the Guard Sweepers’ searchlights.
Wait for the right moment to move. Guard
Sweepers are creatures of habit. Keep an eye on
them, and you’ll figure out how and when to make
your move. For example, sometimes they take a
break to stretch, or the little dummies turn to
salute their leader or go inside to report. That’s
your chance to sneak right past them!
Distract the guards’ attention. One way is by
turning off the lights—while they’re checking the
switch, go on your way. Or you can fire a rocket to
excite the guards, who will investigate while you
sneak past. You get the idea!
Disable Time Sweeper surveillance cameras or
lights. The cats have cameras watching for your
approach. If they detect you, they’ll attack! If
you’ve got a ranged weapon, then use it to destroy
the lights or the camera.
Keep yourself and your weapons quiet! Of course,
shooting cameras or guards makes noise, and that’s
another way to get caught. It might be good to go
to the Shop and buy a silencer!
Don’t forget your Space Controls! They provide
ways to disappear from one place and reappear in
another, or to become invisible and move around
without the guards knowing you’re there. For more
information on Space Controls, see the next page.
We Tom Toms will go anywhere on any world to steal
treasure, but you’d better have the right equipment
or you’re gonna be toast! Lucky for you bums that
everything you need for successful piracy is available
at the Tom Tom Base. Inside you’ll find the Locker
Room, Shop, Garage, and Theater.
Here’s where you gather your team and customize it.
You’re special hogs, so go ahead and design a greatlooking uniform for your pirates! Choose your team
colors and markings. Then add fancy shoes, hat, and
glasses to get the look you want. The best part? You
decide how you look in the game—taller, shorter,
thinner, fatter. You can even make your head or feet
bigger or smaller! You can be a nimble piglet pirate or
an awesome, hulking hog. You can also improve your
weapons here, using upgrades you buy at the Shop.
Here’s where you get the hardware you’ll need. This is
where you buy and sell weapons and items. You’ll also
come here to take on challenges. Just select “Talk to
Carlos” to see what options are available. Rank-up
Exams are challenges you have to complete to continue
in the game; other minigames are just for fun and
allow you to hone your skills and get more medals and
There’s nothing like heavy hardware when you’re on a
mission. If you’re lucky enough to nab your very own
tank, you can customize it here by choosing different
treads, turrets, weapons, and decorations. Your tank
will be the ultimate Tom Tom weapon!
What good is it being a top-notch bandit if you don’t
get a trophy case? Go to the Theater to view all the
medals you’ve won in the game. As you collect medals,
you’ll unlock cool movies of Tom Toms in action.
This shows your
current health.
Taking hits from
enemies and falling
into traps decreases
your health; getting
a hunk of meat
restores it.
This shows the health of the enemy you are
facing. If you hit the enemy, its health
Blasting away at
enemies is fun, but
aiming first is better.
To lock on to a
target, face the
enemy, then pull and
hold the Left trigger
to display the reticle.
When the reticle
turns red, tap the
Right trigger to fire.
The amount of time
you have spent on the
current level. The
faster you clear an
area, the greater your
The radar shows you
how close enemies are
and the direction
they’re moving.
Enemies shown in red
are Sweepers. Enemies
shown as yellow are
time monsters.
Note Not sure what you should be doing to get ahead
in the game? Press START to get a reminder about
your current objective—defeating Sweepers, swiping
tank parts, etc. Pressing
here will display the map,
and pressing
will allow you to modify game options.
These controls help you avoid
detection and overcome your
enemies. Use the D-pad on
your controller to select the
Space Control or gadget you
want, then press
to activate
the control. See “Using Space
Controls” to learn more!
This shows the weapon
you’re currently using
and any other weapons
currently in your
possession. The disk’s
color indicates the
weapon’s ammo type:
blue for projectiles,
red for missiles,
yellow for guns, and
green for energy
weapons and flame
throwers. The number
in the center is the
number of shots
remaining. The smaller
number to the lower
right is your maximum
number of shots.
Target Lock-on
Crawl or Wall Sneak
(see below)
Action button. Performs the right
action for the situation (punch,
break crate, pull lever, etc.).
Camera view (press down for first-person view).
If you are locked onto a target, you can use the
Right thumbstick to lock on to a different target.
Jump/double-jump. You can jump
in different directions to avoid
enemies by pressing the Left
thumbstick in the desired
direction as you press the
button to jump.
Move the Left thumbstick in the direction
you want to go. The farther you press it, the
faster you run.
Starts game. During play, pauses the game.
Change Team Orders
Select a Space Control (left/right) or Select
Weapon (up/down)
Reset Camera (centers camera
behind you)
Crawling makes you hard to see! To
crawl, hold down
to make your character
drop to the ground, then use the Left
thumbstick to crawl in the direction you want.
The player can move while hanging on the
edge of a cliff or ledge of a wall. Press
to jump up and grab onto the ledge,
then use the Left thumbstick to move
along the edge in the direction you want.
This is a great stealth move. When you
walk your character up to a wall and
, the character puts his back
to the wall. Using the Left thumbstick
causes the character to creep along the wall
and peer around corners.
to jump straight up.
to jump; at the top
of the jump, press
to jump even higher.
There are three ways to play through the adventures
in Blinx 2.
Being a pirate has its risks, but don’t worry about
danger when there’s treasure to plunder! You’ll be
going to distant worlds to grab everything you can
before the Time Sweepers get to it. When you
encounter threats and hazards along the way, try
sneaking past them before you try to defeat them.
Guard Sweepers
The biggest threat you face is the Guard
Sweepers, who are always on patrol. Use
every stealthy trick you know to get past
them. If these dangerous cats catch sight of
you, you’re toast!
This watchdog robot
can be as big a
headache as the Guard
Sweepers. Sneaking past
him is a lot easier than
dealing with the problems
you’ll have if he and his
masters spot you!
These huge, hostile creatures can
ruin your career as a pirate, so
listen up! You’ll have
to use every trick
in the book—and
a few that
aren’t—to stay
in one piece
and get past them to
complete your mission.
Single-Player Mode
If you want to win all the glory and the gold by
yourself, you’ll prefer solo play, facing enemies and
using Space Controls without assistance.
Two-Player Co-op Mode
Team up with another Tom Tom to face challenges
together. In Novice mode share all tasks (both of you
attacking enemies and using Space Controls), or in
Specialist mode divide tasks between you. For example,
you can attack enemies while your fellow pirate
handles the Space Controls. This way you can collect
more gold and overcome more enemies!
Vs. Mode
In Vs. Mode you and your pals can fight in the battle
of your choosing. Vs. Mode allows you to:
Give team orders so your team members attack
along with you, seek out items, or wait while you
sneak around by yourself.
Set options such as battle length and what it takes
to win so you can fight the battle the way you
want to.
Use Space Controls in special ways only available in
this mode.
For more information on Vs. Mode, sneak a peek at
“Three Ways to Play” in the Time Sweeper section of
this manual!
These Time Factory workers are no pussycats! They’re
tough and agile. Even worse, they’re watchful and
persistent, so it’s hard to sneak up on them. They can
manipulate time to outmaneuver us, so stay on your
toes! Worst of all, these annoying felines want to
keep everything honest and orderly—and where’s the
fun in that?
Think you’re hog enough for the Tom Tom Gang?
We’ll see.
You’d better be tough, resourceful—and sneaky! If you
are, you’ll be a nefarious time bandit, using stealth to
steal treasures. And you can foul up those Time
Sweepers at the same time!
If you’ve got what it takes, this is your chance to steal
bigger and better things than ever before. Do your job
and you’ll be pigging out at the Tom Tom Base in
no time!
Your Mission
Listen up, you bums!
We’re off to the
ancient time worlds to
see if we can trip up
those mangy furballs
and beat them to
the treasure.
Your success depends
on stealth and
cunning. With your
superior sneakiness—
and mastery of Space
Controls—you’ll bring back a victory
for the Tom Tom Gang!
On this mission, you’ll:
Use stealth to evade detection. Watch out for
Guard Sweepers—if those guys see you, you’re
Use your powerful weapons and Space Controls to
overcome Guard Sweepers and other dangers.
Steal treasures right out from under those dumb
cats’ noses!
Remember: No slacking! Failure means a fate worse
than death: NO DINNER!
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