Vizio VW22LHDTV10T Owner`s manual

Before You Begin
Four Easy Steps
Simply follow our color-coded Step Charts and you’re done.
• Verify all of the contents of your accessory package
• Review safety guidelines in Owner’s Manual
• Place your High Definition TV so that the rear connectors are accessible
• Install AA batteries into the VIZIO Remote Control
• Write down your VW22L 10T Serial Number (located on the back)
L ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
1) Choose items to connect to your VIZIO HDTV
• Determine which type of Signal Source and any Additional Equipment you wish
to connect to your VIZIO HDTV.
2) Choose equipment
connection methods
• Using the colored dots from Step One,
follow the row across to Step Two to match
up the colored dots to the same colored
connection method.
• The colored dots under each Signal Source and Additional Equipment indicate
which type of connections you may use to connect to your VIZIO HDTV.
• Choose ONLY one method for each piece
of equipment.
3) Select cables and
make connections
4) Use your VIZIO HDTV
• Once you have determined the connection methods from Step Two,
follow the row to Step Three to determine what kind of cables you
need and what the connections look like on your equipment.
• Following the color-coded system, use the appropriate cables and
connect your Signal Source and Additional Equipment to the color-coded
inputs on your VIZIO HDTV. (Refer to Connection Map at bottom of page.)
Follow the programming instructions on the other side of
this guide.
• If you are using the DTV/TV input, turn over this guide
and follow Procedure 1.
• If you are using an input other than DTV/TV, turn over
this guide and follow Procedure 2.
• Once connected, turn on your VIZIO HDTV and all your equipment.
Video Camera
Sound System
Connection Reference
Game System
Digital Camera
Satellite Box
Digital Cable Box
Cable Box
Additional Equipment
Signal Sources
VIZIO HDTV User Manual, and
Registration Card.
Power Cord
Connection Methods
My Equipment Has
Cable Needed
TYPE: Digital High Definition
QUALITY: Best Digital
Remote Control
Includes 2 AA Batteries
Coaxial (RF) Cable*
TYPE: Cable/Antenna
QUALITY: Best Digital/Good Analog
The Best Connection
TYPE: RGB Analog
QUALITY: Best Analog
For the best quality picture,
we recommend using HDMI,
DTV, RGB or Component
VGA Cable
& stereo
Component & Stereo RCA Cable*
TYPE: Component Analog
QUALITY: Better Analog
inputs when possible. These
are the only inputs capable
A/V RCA Cable & S-Video*
TYPE: Analog
QUALITY: Good Analog
of high definition (HD).
Using these inputs does not
guarantee high definition
Optical Audio Cable
TYPE: Digital Audio Out
QUALITY: Best Digital
unless a high definition
source is connected.
However, not all equipment
is capable of these
For additional help with connecting components to your VIZIO TV, visit for an interactive guide
connections. TV, AV and
S-Video are not capable of
In need of a particular cable to make the connection you want?
HD signals.
VIZIO-certified cables are available at (view back for more details).
+ Both DTV and TV share the
same port. The television will
automatically register which
input type is connected.
TV +
1) Off-Air antenna (using the DTV antenna input).
To see if you are able to receive HD signals
off-air and for help choosing the right antenna,
2) Cable - Subscribe to HD programming through
your local cable company (HD cable box required).
3) Satellite - Subscribe to HD programming
through Direct TV or Dish Network (HD satellite
receiver required).
VIZIO provides installation services, cables & wall mounts
(see details for Optional Components on back).
Visit or call 1-888-849-4623 to order today.
For more information, see your Owner’s Manual, Chapter 2, CONNECTING EQUIPMENT.
©2008 VIZIO Inc.
Q41G7800997 3A
Programming your TV to Receive and Display Channels: All you need is your Remote Control.
 Attaching the Base
STEP 1.1
Important: The Base of the HDTV must be assembled prior to usage.
 Place the VW22L face down on a soft
and flat surface (blanket, foam, cloth,
etc.) to prevent any damage to
the HDTV.
 Receiving Channels through DTV/TV Input using Regular
Antenna or Regular Cable Service (No Box) Signals.
 Displaying Channels from different Signal Sources (External TV Tuner, VCR, Cable Box
or Satellite Receiver) through different Inputs.
STEP 2.1
STEP 3.1
 Connect your signal source (cable
 Select the correct input connection; RF (DTV/TV)*
from antenna or cable from the wall for
Cable Service without box) directly to
the DTV/TV RF (commonly named
COAXIAL) connector.
connector, Composite (Yellow, Red and White)*
connectors, Component (Red, Green, Blue plus Red
and White)* connectors, HDMI* connectors or
S-Video (AV)* plus Red and White connectors (if
applicable). Make the physical connection or hook up.
 Carefully align and insert the Base to
STEP 3.2
the stand (please refer to the
illustration to the right).
 Gently push the Base towards the HDTV
until the locking mechanism locks into place.
 Turn on the TV set
STEP 2.2
 Select the input by pressing the button corresponding to that specific type of connection on the remote control.
 Turn on the TV; press the MENU key to obtain the above display. By default the TV will
show over the air (OTA) signal, press
button to highlight Tuning Band. Press
again if
the signal is cable service.
Press the
button to select Auto Search, for either OTA or Cable Service the following
display will show up.
 Insert the provided M4-16mm
screw to the bottom of the
base (as shown on the
illustration to the left).
 Use a Phillips screwdriver to
tighten the Base to the stand.
 If you have an HD service you must use the HDMI (best) or Component connection.
NOTE: Composite and S-VIDEO Cables can only be used for SD (480i) pictures.
 Turn on your Cable Box, VCR, External TV Tuner or Satellite Receiver and you will see a picture on your TV set. If there is not a
 Please wait for the TV to complete
picture, make sure you have selected the correct input on the TV set.
 After completing the scanning,the
 If the selected input is RF connection, you should be aware that the TV set needs to be on either channel 3 or channel 4 matching the
channel which has been selected on the back of the VCR, Cable Box, External TV Tuner or Satellite Receiver; please refer to the Owner or
User’s Manual of such equipment for details.
this process or press the EXIT key
to cancel the scanning process.
display will show the first found
For Your Information:
 Coaxial connection (RF connector) is recognized as the threaded connector, commonly
NOTE: The TV set will be displaying any television station or program selected by the Cable Box, VCR, External Tuner or Satellite Receiver. The TV
set will not be able to change programs or channels; this is controlled by the equipment sending the signal. If the service being used is the one which
setup includes a box with two different outputs for two different (distant) rooms, then scanning channels would help you to find the signal. Be aware
that the channel to be selected varies from provider to provider; meaning that, you may have to call your provider company so they could provide you
the specific channel when using high definition made TV sets. Some examples of these channels are: 105, 106, 115 and 116.
Programming Your Cable or
Satellite Box Remote
called cable, screw on or coaxial connector which carries the image (picture) and sound
(audio) through a single cable.
Consult your Cable or Satellite Owner’s Manual to determine if you
need a 3, 4 or 5-digit code. If your Cable or Satellite Box requires:
 Composite connection (RCA connectors) is recognized by the three (yellow, red and
• 3-digits, please use “627” (This code usually works with DISHNetwork.)
white) standardized color coded RCA connectors. Yellow carries the image (picture); red
(right channel) and white (left channel) carry the sound (audio) of the signal.
 Component connection (RCA connectors) is recognized by the three (green, blue and
red) standardized color coded RCA connectors for image (picture) plus the two (red and
white) standardized color coded RCA connectors for the sound (audio) of the signal.
 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connection (HDMI connector) is
• 4-digits, please use “1758”, “0178” or “0128”
small connectors at the end of a cable with multiple pins in it. This connection carries only
the image (picture) of the signal; therefore, there is a need to supply a separate sound
(audio) signal by using the two (red and white) standardized color coded RCA connectors.
When it comes to components and accessories, don’t settle for
less than VIZIO. We offer a full line of products specifically
designed to accentuate your VIZIO HDTV. To learn more about
how you can enhance your VIZIO experience, call 888-849-4623
or visit
• 5-digits, please use “11758”, “10178” or “10128” (These codes usually work
with DIRECTV.)
Your new TV set is now ready
to automatically reproduce the best picture quality from the input
signal being fed into it. Enjoy your VIZIO HDTV.
recognized by the standardized elongated D-Shaped connector which carries both the
image (picture) and the sound (audio) of the signal through a single cable.
 S-Video (separate video) connection (4-pin Mini-DIN connector) is recognized by the
Optional Components
Our VIZIO Certified HD cables carry the same standards of
excellence as all our VIZIO products. Available in: DVI, HDMI
and Component in lengths of 2, 5, and 10 meters.
These small arrows correspond to
FLUSH MOUNT- turn your HDTV into a work of art
the arrows shown in the above Steps.
TILT MOUNT- adjust your HDTV for the most comfortable
viewing position
They surround the OK key.
ARTICULATING ARM- position your HDTV exactly where
you want it
©2008 VIZIO Inc.