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(3 b) If you have several collector boxes, connect the distributors by
screwing them together so that you have 2 identical groups. For
If you have 2 solar heater boxes, then you will have 4 distributors. Make
2 groups of 2 distributors screwed together. At the end of each group,
place a plug and an adapter to the swimming-pool hoses.
The solar heater must be placed:
• In a location where it will benefit from maximum exposure to the sun (the efficiency of the
heater depends on this) and minimum exposure to wind.
• As close as possible to the filter system so as to limit the reduction in flow rate linked to the
installation of the solar collector. Algae problems can be caused by a weak flow rate in relation
to the volume of the swimming pool. It is essential that the solar collector and the filter system
are close together if there is a weak filtration flow rate (2 or 4 m3/hr). The solar collector is
supplied without connecting hoses to the filter system. If your current hoses are not long
enough, obtain additional hoses with the same diameter as the originals.
• Do not place the collector on metal or glass surfaces. It is not intended to operate in such
conditions and the warranty would be void.
• If there is a risk of strong winds, please attach the collector with straps (not supplied), taking
care not to compress the hoses
Unfold the black plastic covers. Each cover is 1 m long and 36 cm
wide. Place them end-to-end lengthwise on the ground (so that the cover
is 3 m long and 36 cm wide). Insert the 6 hoses into the black covers so
that each hose protrudes from each end of the cover by approximately
10 cm.
Cool water
pool hose
Hot water
pool hose
(from pool pump)
(5) Install the quick couplers on each end of the 6 hoses. If a connection
subsequently begins to leak slightly, remove the coupler in question and
screw it back on.
(to pool)
Fit the quick couplers onto the distributor end pieces on both sides
of the solar collector. Make sure they are fitted correctly; you should hear
a click.
Pool hose
(from pool pump)
Pool hose
(to pool)
-Installation of 2 solar heatersTo solar
Solar heater
Solar heater on
From filter system
To swimming pool
-How solar heater works-
• When the filter system is switched on, the black surface of the solar collector absorbs solar
energy and transmits it to the water via the collector hose network. The water is heated up,
gradually raising the temperature of the swimming pool.
• A swimming-pool solar heater uses free energy from the sun to heat your pool. In return, it
offers slow, gradual heating. You will observe a noticeable difference in temperature after
several sunny days.
• The temperature increases during the day due to the heat and drops during the night due to
the cool air and evaporation. We advise you to place an isothermal cover over the swimming
pool to limit evaporation during the night and to retain the heat. If no isothermal cover is used, it
will be difficult to retain the extra heat provided by the solar heater.
• Avoid running your filter system with the collector during the night. The water passing through
the collector will be exposed to the cool night air and this will cause the temperature of the
swimming pool to drop.
• If you have a powerful pump (8 m3/hr or 0.75 HP or above), we recommend that you install a
flow regulation system called a "by-pass" system (see diagram 2). This will allow you to pass
only a proportion of the flow through the collector or prevent the flow passing through the collector during adverse atmospheric conditions.
• An additional collector = greater surface area exposed to the sun = improved rate of increase
in temperature.
Solar heater off
(7) Connect the filter-system hose to one side of the solar collector and
the hose to the swimming pool on the opposite side of the collector. The
collector can be fitted any way round; therefore you can connect it to the
most convenient side for you. Use the stainless-steel hose clips provided
to clamp the hoses onto the adapters (tighten firmly).
(7 b) In the event that you have to cut one of the hoses coming from the
filter system, we advise you to apply a silicone seal around the connection adapter before fitting the hoses together. Tighten the hoses onto the
adapters firmly using the stainless-steel hose clips provided and wait for
the silicone to dry before placing in water (follow the silicone sealant
manufacturer's recommendations concerning drying times).
(8) Move the black covers together so that they are side by side.
Open the drain of your filter system to allow the solar heater to fill
with water. Wait 2 minutes and then drain again.
Check the collector and, if necessary, retighten any parts that are leaking
slightly.You can now switch on your pump and enjoy the benefits of a
swimming pool fitted with solar heating.
• It is essential to drain the solar collector completely for the winter and to store it in a place
sheltered from frost.
• Frost damage is not covered by the warranty.
(1) Lay out the hoses and expose them to the sun for at least 15 minutes
to make them more flexible and to straighten them. Compare the lenghts of
the hoses. They should be equal. If required, adjust the lenght using
(2) Meanwhile, apply Teflon tape to the screw threads on the adapters for
connecting the hoses from your swimming pool. The Teflon tape makes the
screwed sections watertight.Apply Teflon tape to the external screw
threads on the 2 distributors as well.
(3) Screw to the ends of the 2 distributors:
• the plug on one side
• the connection adapter to the swimming pool's filter-system hoses on the
other side
Apply Teflon tape to each screw thread.
If you have purchased several solar heater boxes, go to step 3b.
Your solar collector is covered by a 6 months warranty, valid from the date of purchase.
Please keep your proof of purchase; it will be required in the event of a claim.
The warranty only applies to manufacturing and material faults with the solar heater that prevent the product being installed or operated.
The black plastic covers are parts subject to wear and tear and they are not covered by this warranty.
The faulty parts will be either replaced or repaired.
Under no circumstances will the warranty be extended as a result of the repair or replacement of the product or some of its components.
Claims under the warranty must be made at the point of sale, which will then contact the product distributor. Any claims must be accompanied with proof of purchase.
The following are not covered by the warranty:
• Damage caused during transport of the product.
• Damage caused by use of the product for purposes other than those for which it was intended at the time of sale.
• Damage caused by incorrect installation of the product or incorrect use.
• Damage caused by frost.
• Damage caused by drops or mistakes.
• The efficiency of the product in terms of heating the swimming pool depends mainly, but not exclusively, on installation conditions and atmospheric conditions.
The warranty will end if the product is modified by its owner.
WISENET may not be held responsible, under any circumstances, for damage resulting from or indirectly linked to this product (injuries, operating loss, damage to property etc.).
No one outside WISENET is authorized to modify the terms of this warranty.
This warranty is expressly understood as being the purchaser's exclusive remedy for the product in the opinion of WISENET. Only the purchaser of the product may make a claim
under the warranty.
This warranty shall in no way limit the statutory rights of the customer under the national laws in effect.
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