Vax V-091Series Instruction manual

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instruction manual
Bagless cylinder
Please read carefully before using this cleaner.
Always fully extend the mains cable before use.
Retain for future reference.
1. Diagram
Hose inlet
On/off button
Floor tool parking slot
Post-motor filter cover
2 parts overview
Cord rewind button
Variable power dial
Power level indicator
Carry handle
Quick-release dirt container
button (located under safety latch)
11 Dirt container release button
12 Dirt container handle
13 Central HEPA filter
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1 2 in 1 tool
2 Crevice tool
(Model: V-091TB, V-091X only)
(Model: V-091P, V-091PB, V-091PBA only)
TurboTool (V-091P, V-091PB, V-091PBA, Hard Floor Tool
V-091S, V-091PA V-091FC only)
Telescopic Tube
(V-091P, V-091PB, V-091PBA only)
X-tend (V-091X only)
3 Combination floor tool
Central HEPA filter (spare)
Stretch Hose (V-091S only)
safety information
2. Safety Information
15. Do not vacuum up hard or sharp objects such as
glass, nails, screws, coins, etc.
For Household Use Only
16. Do not use without the filters in place.
When using the vacuum cleaner, basic safety precautions
should always be observed, including the following:
17. Take extra care when vacuuming on stairs.
Only use the vacuum cleaner indoors on dry
19. Store the vacuum cleaner indoors in a cool, dry area.
Turn off the vacuum cleaner controls before
connecting or disconnecting from the mains supply.
Always unplug the vacuum cleaner before
connecting or disconnecting the vacuum hose and
Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
The appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sensory or
mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
Use only as described in this manual.
Use only the manufacturer’s recommended
Do not use the vacuum cleaner if it has been
dropped, damaged, left outdoors or dropped into
water. Do not use the vacuum cleaner with a
damaged cord or plug. If the supply cord or plug is
damaged, return the vacuum cleaner to a Vax
Authorised Service Agent or suitably qualified
person for examination, repair or adjustment.
Do not pull or carry by the cord. Do not use the cord
as a handle, close a door on the cord or pull the cord
around sharp edges or corners. Do not run the
vacuum cleaner over the cord. Keep the cord away
from heated surfaces.
18. Keep vacuuming area well lit.
20. Turn off the on/off switch before unplugging the
vacuum cleaner.
21. Use only CE-approved 13 amp extension cords. Nonapproved extension cords may overheat. Care should
be taken to arrange the cord so that the cord cannot
be pulled or tripped over.
WARNING: Always switch off and unplug the
vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet
before assembling, opening or emptying the dirt
container, or before connecting/disconnecting the
CAUTION: The vacuum cleaner is a very
powerful unit. Before plugging the cord into
the electrical outlet, make sure the switch is in the
‘off’ position.
IMPORTANT: If the inlet, hose or telescopic
tube is blocked, switch off the vacuum cleaner
and remove the blockage(s) before re-starting the
vacuum cleaner.
IMPORTANT: Cleaning filters improves vacuum
performance. Make sure all the filters are
completely dry before inserting back into the vacuum
This vacuum cleaner is intended for household use only
and not for commercial or industrial use.
Do not handle the plug or vacuum cleaner with wet
hands. Do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces.
10. Do not put any objects into openings. Do not use
with any openings blocked and do not restrict air
flow. Keep all openings free of dust, lint, hair or
anything that may reduce airflow.
11. Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers and all parts of the
body away from openings and moving parts.
12. Do not pick up hot coals, cigarette butts, matches or
any hot, smoking or burning objects.
13. Do not pick up flammable or combustible materials
(lighter fluid, petrol, kerosene, etc) or use in the
presence of explosive liquids or vapours.
14. Do not vacuum up harmful or toxic material (chlorine
bleach, ammonia, drain cleaner, etc).
4 assembly
Motor Thermostat
IMPORTANT: The motor is equipped with a thermal
cut-out. If for any reason, the vacuum cleaner should
over-heat, the thermostat will automatically turn the
unit off. Should this occur, unplug the vacuum cleaner
from the electrical outlet and turn off the switch.
Remove the dirt container and empty. Clean the
filters. Allow the cleaner to cool for approximately one
(1) hour. To re-start, plug into an electrical outlet and
switch back on.
Vax Careline 0870 606 1248
3. How to Assemble
4. How to Operate
IMPORTANT: Always unplug the vacuum cleaner
from the electrical outlet before assembling or
removing the accessories.
Cord Release
Insert the flexible hose into the inlet on the main body
of the vacuum cleaner. Push in until it clicks into
position (Fig.3/1).
Fully unwind the power cord. A yellow mark on the power
cord indicates the recommended cord length. Do not
exceed the cord length beyond the red mark.
On/Off Button
Insert the power plug into the electrical outlet. Ensure the
vacuum cleaner is switched off.
Press the on/off button located on the top of the vacuum
cleaner and press the button again to turn the vacuum
cleaner off.
Carpet Cleaning
Push the telescopic extension tube on to the end of
the handle (Fig.3/2).
For carpet and rug cleaning press the rocker switch on the
combination floor head to raise the brushes.
(Model: V-091TB, V-091X, V-091P, V-091PB,
V-091PBA only): Attach the TurboBrush floor head to the
end of the extension tube. For large carpeted areas only.
(NOTE: not recommended for hard floors)
Hard floor cleaning
For hard floor cleaning, press the rocker switch on the
combination floor head to lower the brushes.
The telescopic extension tube can be lengthened or
shortened by pushing the button in and sliding the
tube apart or together as required (Fig.3/3).
(Model: V-091P, V-091PB, V-091PBA, V-091S only):
Attach the hard floor tool head to the end of the extension
tube. For parquet and laminate coverings.
Cord Rewind
To rewind the power cord, press the cord rewind button,
located on the top of the vacuum cleaner, and guide the
power cord with one hand. This will prevent the cord from
whipping which could cause damage or injury.
Variable Power
Fit the combination floor head by pushing onto the
extension tube (Fig.3/4).
Located between the cord rewind button and the on/off
button there is a variable power dial. Rotate this clockwise
and anti-clockwise to adjust the suction power, LEDs will
light up dependant on power level.
Carry Handle
Use the carry handle located behind the cord rewind
button and on/off button to move the vacuum cleaner
from room to room.
Hose Storage
For convenience there is a slot located on either side of
the vacuum cleaner where the floor tool and hose can be
parked for carrying and storage.
5. Accessories
The accessories can be attached directly to the handle by
removing the telescopic tube and pushing in the desired
The accessories can also be attached to the telescopic
tube for extra reach. Remove the combination floor head
and push on the desired accessory.
2-in-1 Tool
Dusting brush: for delicate surfaces.
Upholstery tool: for carpet, upholstery, stairs, etc.
Crevice Tool
6. Dirt Container & Filter:
Removal and Replacement
IMPORTANT: The dirt container must be
emptied every time dirt in the container
reaches the MAX mark.
WARNING: Always unplug the vacuum cleaner
from the electrical outlet before removing the
dirt container.
WARNING: Do NOT use the vacuum cleaner
without ALL of the filters in place.
NOTE: For best performance, replace filters annually.
Use the crevice tool for crevices, corners and cracks, etc.
Emptying the Dirt Container
TurboBrush (Model: V-091TB, V-091P, V-091PB, V-091PBA,
Press the button located on the dirt container handle to
pull out the dirt container (Fig.6/1)
V-091S only)
For pet hair and larger carpeted areas. (NOTE: Not
recommended for hard floors).
TurboTool (Model: V-091P, V-091PB, V-091PBA, V-091S,
V-091PA only)
For pet hair, stair and upholstery cleaning (NOTE: Do not
use the TurboTool on suede and leather surfaces).
Hard floor tool (Model: V-091P, V-091PB, V-091PBA only)
For hard floor, parquet and laminate coverings.
X-tend (Model: V-091X only)
For convenient bottom-to-top stair cleaning.
1. The hose fits directly into the hose inlet on the
vacuum cleaner.
2. The handle fits directly on to the telescopic extension
3. To release the extra length hose, press the release
clips located on the handle.
Stretch hose (Model: V-091S only)
For full height stair cleaning (NOTE: This should not be
used as the main vacuum hose)
NOTE: For stair cleaning, the unit should always be
placed at the bottom of the stairs.
Lift up the safety latch (Fig.6/2)
Press the button located under the safety latch to empty
the dirt into a rubbish bin. When all of the dirt has fallen,
close the dirt container flap, close the safety latch and
replace the dirt container.
6 accessories / dirt container & filter
Vax Careline 0870 606 1248
Cleaning the Filter
7. Clearing Blockages
IMPORTANT: An extra central HEPA filter has
! been included in the carton packaging. Vax
recommends replacing the central HEPA filter every
6-12 months.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of electric shock,
the power cord must be disconnected before
performing maintenance or troubleshooting checks.
Remove the dirt container as directed.
Turn the vacuum cleaner off and unplug from the electrical
Release the filter safety latch located on top of the dirt
The flexible hose, stretch hose (Model:V-091S only) and
X-tend (Model: V-091X only) can be disconnected from the
vacuum cleaner by pushing in the button on the hose and
pulling away from the machine. Remove any blockages
found then re-connect the hose securely.
Removing debris from the TurboTool (Model: V-091P,
V-091PB, V-091PBA, V-091S, V-091PA V-091FC only)
Switch the vacuum cleaner off and disconnect the power
plug from the electrical outlet.
Rotate the locking ring 180º (Fig.7/1).
container and pull out the central filter (Fig.6/3).
Gently tap the filter against the side of a rubbish bin to
remove excess dirt.
The central filter can be washed in warm water (max
40°C). Allow to air dry completely before replacing.
NOTE: Do NOT use any detergents or boiling water to
wash the filter. Vax recommends washing the filter
every time you empty the dust container.
Return the central filter to the dirt container ensuring the
filter safety catch has been reset.
Replace the dirt container as directed.
Lift the top cover off and remove any blockage (Fig.7/2).
To re-assemble, ensure that the tabs are engage. Pivot the
lower housing closed and rotate the locking ring 180º
Post-motor Filter
NOTE: This is located on the right hand side of the
vacuum cleaner.
Release the post-motor cover and remove the filter by
pressing in the catch on the left hand side.
Replace the post-motor filter every 9-12 months.
Replace the post-motor filter and cover before re-starting
the vacuum cleaner.
dirt container & filter / clearing blockages
Removing debris from the TurboBrush (Model: V-091P,
V-091PB, V-091PBA, V-091X, V-091TB only)
8. Storage
The brushbar will stop rotating if it is blocked during
operation by vacuuming up foreign objects, or is strands of
carpet are wrapped around it.
IMPORTANT: Always unplug the vacuum cleaner
from the electrical outlet and rewind the power
cord as directed before storing.
Switch the vacuum cleaner off and disconnect the power
plug from the electrical outlet.
NOTE: Always store the vacuum cleaner base down.
Lay the TurboBrush floor head on a flat surface and turn
over to expose the brushbar. Using a pair of scissors, cut
through any threads or hairs caught by the brushbar that
have wrapped around the guides (Fig.7/3).
NOTE: The brushbar will also stop rotating if the
central filter is clogged.
8 clearing blockages/ storage
Vax Careline 0870 606 1248
9. Troubleshooting
PROBLEM: Dust escaping from the vacuum cleaner.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of personal injury,
! unplug the vacuum cleaner before performing
maintenance or troubleshooting checks.
Solution: Empty dirt container.
PROBLEM: Vacuum cleaner won't run
Solution: Review dirt container replacement.
Not properly plugged into electrical outlet.
Solution: Plug in securely.
No electricity in the electrical outlet.
Solution: Check fuse or breaker.
On/off switch not turned on.
Dirt container full.
Dirt container not installed correctly.
Hose / Stretch Hose (Model: V-091S only) /
X-Tend (Model: V-091X only) is not installed
Solution: Review installation.
Filter not installed completely.
Solution: Remove, clean and replace filters.
Solution: Push on/off switch to ‘on’.
Motor thermostat has tripped.
Solution: Switch off and unplug the vacuum cleaner.
Leave for one (1) hour before switching the
vacuum cleaner back on.
Blown fuse/tripped breaker.
Solution: Reset circuit breaker or replace fuse.
PROBLEM: Cleaner won’t pick up/loss of suction.
Dirt container not installed properly.
Solution: Review dirt container replacement.
Dirt container full or blocked.
Solution: Empty dirt container.
Clogged filters.
Solution: Remove, clean and replace filters.
PROBLEM: Accessories won’t pick up.
Accessories are not attached correctly.
Solution: Refer to section 5.
TurboBrush / TurboTool is clogged.
Solution: Refer to section 7.
Hose / Stretch Hose (Model: V-091S only) /
X-Tend (Model: V-091X only) is not installed
Solution: Refer to section 7.
10. UK Service & Help
11. Technical Specification
Vax Care 0870 6061248
Monday-Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.
An answerphone is available outside of these hours. Any
queries or concerns about using the Vax, call the Vax
Careline. Calls are charged at the UK national rate.
Please make a note of the serial number and model
number of the carpet cleaner before calling. There are
over 400 approved Vax Service Agents in the UK. For the
nearest Service Agent, please call the Vax Careline.
10 uk service & help/ technical specification
Cord length:
220-240V ~50Hz
2200W-2400W (dependant on model)
3 litres approx
Washable central HEPA filter
Post-motor filter
6m approx
Subject to technical change without notice.
Vax Careline 0870 606 1248
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Manufacturer/EEC importer: Vax Limited, hereby on our own responsibility, declare that the
V-091/V-091TB/V-091P/V-091X/V-091S/V-091PB/V-091PBA/V-091PA V-091FC Performance Cylinder
range is manufactured in compliance with the following Directives:
Safety: 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive
EMC: 89/336/EEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive
Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where
facilities exist. Check with your Local Authority or retailer for recycling advice.
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