Amprobe BAT-500 User manual

Amprobe BAT-500 User manual
new tools
to save you
time, money
and energy
• Swivel Clamps
for MRO
• Solar Power Suite
• Refrigerant Leak
• Energy Efficiency Tools
• Underground
Wire Tracers
• Water Quality
• CAT IV Clamps for
Outside Plant
Full line 2009/10 Catalog
Quality and versatility
that saves you money, cuts energy
Your budget gets cut, but your
workload continues to grow. Whether
you’re a professional in the industrial,
electrical, construction or HVAC
industries, you need tools that help
you get your everyday jobs done
faster and save money at every step.
Last year we introduced 20 new
products and this year over 20 more
to expand our broad line of quality,
reliable, inexpensive test equipment
and offer you new ways to boost
productivity and cut costs.
Battery testers
to check sensors
or instrument
Page 5
Solar power
suite for
Page 8-9
Moisture meters
for building
leaks and
Page 6
Battery capacity
tester for
solar back-up
Page 9
Fast, accurate
cable and pipe
Page 16-17
Page 5
• Improveenergyefficiencybyas
• Insteadofhiringexpensive
experts, take on jobs like monitoring
• Ifyou’reacontractor,youcan
expand your business with our
new solar suite for solar power
Browse through our 20 new products
and see what works for you.
Milliohm meters
and shorts
Page 18
Mini vane
measure HVAC
airflow and
Page 13
Light meters
prevent energy
Page 11
use, and improves productivity.
Page 7
for motors
and belts
Page 7
Sound level
meter for
sound safety
Page 7
Electronic voltage
and continuity
testers with
Page 5
CO2 meters
for air quality
Page 13
recorders help
Page 10
Swivel clamp
meters rotate to
show reading
Page 4
leak detectors
Page 12
for a higher
level of safety
Page 18
for pressure
Page 13
Page 19
Analog clamp
meters for
Page 19
Water quality
meters give
you control of
Page 6
Maintenance, Repair and Operations
swivel to see.
Get a perfect view of your measurements
ACD-20sw and ACD-21sw swivel Clamp Meters
With the patented design of our new Swivel Clamp Meters, you
can see the reading even in tight or inconvenient spots. Simply
rotate the head to get an unobstructed view of the display. The
slim jaw design puts all features within easy reach for one-handed
operation. It’s a faster and easier way to test. The CAT III 600V
safety rating and temperature measurement makes these tools
indispensable for both HVAC and electrical applications.
• 180-degree rotating head gives you a perfect view of the display
• Advanced VoltTect non-contact voltage detection
• Measures AC Current up to 400 ACA, AC/DC Voltage up to600V,
Resistance and Capacitance
• Audible continuity
• Auto ranging for quick checks and manual ranging for precise
• Safety CAT III 600 V
For detailed specifications and ordering info go to
safer voltage checks.
electronic testers work
better, last longer
VPC-30 & VPC-31 Voltage
and Continuity testers
For live voltage and continuity checks, these
are the rugged, easy-to-use testers to carry.
The built-in shaker provides the same functionality and feel as older analog solenoid
testers. Yet these electronic testers offer far
superior safety and reliability features including full input protection to CAT IV 600V
/ CAT III 1000V and a waterproof, dustproof
IP65 design.
• Super-bright bi-color LEDs
indicates safe and dangerous
voltages (above 55VDC or 30VAC)
• Auto hold feature keeps LEDs
illuminated for 10 seconds after
leads are disconnected – no
missed measurements
• Shaker feels like a solenoid tester
to tell you when AC voltage is
• Continuity buzzer and visual
continuity LED
• Non-contact voltage detection
• Test feature for GFCI receptacles
and breakers
• Automatically selects AC Voltage,
DC Voltage or Continuity
• Standard detachable test lead
lets you easily switch to a longer
or specialized probe
Check the batteries first!
BAt-100 and BAt-200 Battery testers
Battery failure is a common cause of sensor
or instrument failures. Our portable universal
battery tester offers a simple test for
both standard and rechargeable batteries.
The easy-to-read display has color-coded
indicators for “Good”, “Low” and “Replace/
Recharge”. Tests 9V, AA, AAA, C, D and
1.5V button-type batteries.
For an extra level of safety
Microwave leaks?
ACD-3300 & ACD-3400 InD
CAt IV Clamp Meters
If you have an industrial or utility testing
application that demands a higher level of
safety, reach for these new CAT IV rated
Clamp Meters. True RMS sensing provides
accuracy and dependability. Extra large
jaws accommodate wide diameter wires.
The ACD-3300 measures temperature
to 1832ºF/1000ºC and the ACD-3400
measures DC Current to 1000A.
(For more details, see feature on page 19)
Microwave Leakage Detector
If you’re an appliance engineer, here’s
an easy way to verify that commercial
or residential microwave ovens meet
current standards and regulations.
The TX900 tests oven power and
measures wave leakage. Eight dipole
sensors detect plane wave signals of
any polarization. Temperature compensation ensures accurate readings
regardless of ambient temperature.
Maintenance, Repair and Operations
Meet regulations
and save money.
The Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act,
OSHA and MSHA – these are just a few of the federal
and state regulations and regulators that govern your
facility’s drinking water, waste water, hazardous waste,
and impact the safe and legal operation of your
facility. Instead of depending solely on expensive
outside experts, or risking penalties – violations of the
Safe Drinking Water Act start at $25,000 per day –
you can take control of compliance and monitoring
with some easy-to use tools from Amprobe.
take control
of water quality
wt series
water Quality Meters
While the cost of water is low
compared to the cost of fuel and
power, the price of problems can
be extremely high. Facility managers
can take control of the costs
and risks of maintaining water
quality, distribution and waste
with Amprobe’s one-touch water
management testers. Monitor
your own regulatory compliance
instead of paying for outside
laboratories – a full set of lab sets
can cost up to $6000. Select from
eight models to test for impurities
in drinking water, and corrosion
in building water or waste water
systems including low pH, high
chloride, high conductivity, and
excess chlorine or turbidity.
Detect leaks and
water damage
Mt-10 Moisture Meter
Measure the moisture content
of wallboard, wood, mortar,
plaster or other building
materials to identify areas of
water damage or harmful
mold growth. Measure wood
or concrete flooring before
installation, or check wood
during drying or before
woodworking. Three-color
LED quickly indicates moisture
severity. The backlight lets you
work in dim areas.
Model #
PH/mV Pen-Type
Water Quality Meter
PH ranges from
0 to 14
Conductivity / Total
Dissolved Solids. Pen-Type
Water Quality Meter
Adjustable TDS
factor from 0.4 to 1.0
Salinity Pen-Type
Water Quality Meter
Salinity (NaCL)
from 1.0 to 70.0 ppt
Water Quality Meters
pH or ORP
Dissolved Oxygen
Water Quality Meter
Dissolved Oxygen
0.0 to 199.9% or
0.00 to 19.99ppm
Conductivity / Total
Dissolved Solids
Water Quality Meter
Conductivity up to
199.9 mS/cm and
TDS up to 199.9ppt
For detailed specifications and ordering info go to
tools to improve processes.
sound safety
and acoustic analysis
save valuable
sM-20-A sound level Meter-A
Ideal for safety engineers, health and
industrial safety offices, and quality control,
the SM20-A offers A and C weightings to
ensure compliance with safety regulations
and perform acoustic analysis. The 4-digit
LCD displays sound levels in 0.1dB steps.
Slow (one second) and fast (125ms)
response settings allow you to check
peak and average noise levels. Record in
intervals from one second to eight hours
with the PC download capabilities. This CE
certified instrument meets IEC651 Type2
and ANSI S1.4 Type2 standards.
tIMe series Process
Control stopwatches
Optimize your process by
analyzing and timing each
task with our precise stopwatches. Three models help
you improve process flow,
verify improvement times and
save money on the production
floor or assembly line. The
TIME-30 offers built-in temperature and relative humidity
readings for quick assessment
of ambient conditions.
Check motors and belts
tach 20 Combo tachometers
This handheld top-of-the-line tachometer accurately
measures rotational and surface speed as well as length.
The large LCD display makes measurements easy to read.
A built-in memory function automatically stores maximum,
minimum, and average values as well as the last measurement displayed. The Tach 20 includes six adapters, a surface
speed wheel for contact RPM measurement and an infrared
beam function for non-contact measurements.
Solar energy
solar power means business.
Equip yourself with our new suite of solar tools.
Install and commission solar panels
with confidence
solAR-500 solar Analyzer
Rely on this professional analyzer for installing, testing, troubleshooting and maintaining solar panels. During installation,
determine the proper inverter size and optimum power output
position of panels. Measure the efficiency of solar panels and
identify broken or worn-out cells.
I-V Curve test for solar cell
Maximum Solar Power (Pmax) search by auto-scan (60V, 6A)
Maximum Voltage (Vmaxp) at Pmax
Maximum Current (Imaxp) at Pmax
Voltage at open circuit (Vopen)
Current at short circuit (Ishort)
I-V Curve with cursor
Calculation of panel efficiency (%)
Manual single point test
For detailed specifications and ordering info go to
The US solar industry is enjoying record
growth despite the bleak economy. In
2008, total capacity reached 9,813 MW,
up by 16%. Grid-tied photovoltaic (PV)
capacity increased by 58% and solar
water heating capacity by 40%.
Optimize placement and verify window efficiency
SOLAR-100 Solar Power Meter
When you need to research the optimal location for solar panels or solar water
heaters, make your solar measurements with the SOLAR-100. Calculate overall energy
and efficiency. Analyze window performance by calculating and verifying the heating
or heat reduction of direct sunlight. Produces a critical measurement for verifying
proper operation of a PV array to its specs.
• Measures solar power and transmission up to 2000 W/m2, 634BTU/ (ft2xh)
• Power Mode measures the power per unit area of incident solar radiation
• Transmission Mode calculates the percentage of solar power transmission
through a window or other material
• Convenient display with remote sensor technology
• Selectable measurement units either W/m2 or BTU/ ( ft2 x h)
• MAX/MIN functions to identify locations with maximum or minimum power
Test solar power back-up
and UPS systems
BAT-500 Battery Capacity Tester
For quick and accurate testing without taking batteries
off line, use the BAT-500. To speed testing, a comparator
function indicates pass/fail. The BAT-500 works with most
batteries including compact storage batteries, alkaline
and lead-acid up to 500Ah. For trending and life cycle
analysis, download test results to a PC.
• Tests battery capacity to calculate its true life
• Resistance measurement up to 40 ohms, and voltage
up to 40V
• Simultaneously measure battery resistance and voltage
• 99 memory locations to store results with read function
• Compact and lightweight
On the national policy front, significant solar
victories are paving the way for businesses
and consumers to make long-term investments in solar. The Emergency Economic
Stabilization Act extended the 30% solar
investment tax credit for 8 years, lifted the
cap on residential PV installations, and allows
tax credits to be applied against the alternative minimum tax. The American Recovery
and Investment Act established a temporary
grant program that covers 30% of the cost
of installing solar equipment and a $60
billion loan fund for renewable energy and
transmission projects.
States and cities across the nation are
instituting aggressive new solar policies.
Massachusetts offers rebates up to $4.40
per watt for grid-tied solar systems. Hawaii
requires new residential construction to include solar water heaters by 2010. Maryland
and Missouri both increased their Renewable
Portfolio Standard (RPS) goals to 20% and
15% respectively with specified percentage
mandated for solar.
This all adds up to unprecedented
opportunity for those who install, test and
maintain solar systems. Be prepared to
take advantage of the solar business
boom with Amprobe’s new suite of
solar tools.
Source: US Solar Industry Year in Review 2008
Solar Energy Industries Association, March 31, 2009
Energy efficiency
Cut energy costs and improve
with Amprobe tools.
log power usage and identify energy waste
DM-II Plus Power Quality Recorder
Maintain, diagnose and troubleshoot your electrical systems with this
easy-to-use, three-phase power quality tool. It measures and records
a broad spectrum of power quality parameters including voltage, current, voltage anomalies (sags or surges), harmonics, energy and power
(active, reactive and apparent), power factor (true and displacement),
and frequency. It comes as a complete kit including the DMII Plus with
large display and a large memory for data storage, current transducers
and Amprobe’s Windows-compatible Download Suite PC software.
• Measures AC Current up to 1000A, AC Voltage, Active, Reactive and
Apparent Power, Energy, Peak Demand and Power Factor
• All readings are True RMS
• Recording from one hour to several months
• Works with single and three phase systems (Y and delta)
• Capable of recording all parameters (single- or three-phase) simultaneously
• Optional transducers available for 100A and 3000A (flexible) current capability.
operating efficiency
the all-in-one PQ tool
DM-III MUltItest
Power Quality Recorders
This True RMS, multi-talented device combines everything electrical engineers and technicians
need for maintenance and installations on electrical systems. A full-featured three-phase
power quality analyzer and data logger, the DM-III will measure and record voltage, current,
voltage anomalies, harmonics, energy and power, power factor, frequency and phase
sequence. It can test wires and motors for proper insulation, the resistance of grounding
systems and resistivity of the soil. On-board memory makes it the perfect tool for
preventative maintenance.
How to sAVe 25% on eneRGY.
other maintenance best practices can
save the average commercial or
industrial facility an average of 18-25%
or even more. When equipment
uses less energy but also saves staff
time for troubleshooting and repairs.
Uncover hidden costs, reduce energy
consumption, and improve productivity
in these key areas:
• Electrical Systems – Identifying and
repairing worn cabling, overloaded or
imbalanced circuits, loose connections
or bad components helps eliminate
inefficient energy usage.
• Electromechanical equipment – Motors
consume 70% of all the electric energy
manufacturing uses in the US. Even a
10% reduction in consumption cuts your
electric bill by 7% and reduces downtime.
• Utility charges – By measuring and
tracking peak power consumption you
can stagger peak loads, balance demand
and reduce utility bills by thousands of
dollars every month.
• Power Supply to drives and electronic
devices – Monitoring A/C input power
to critical equipment can help eliminate
harmonic distortion, reduce energy
consumption, and prevent damage.
Identify energy waste
and improve lighting
lM-120 light meter
with Auto Ranging
Ensure the efficiency of your lighting system.
Use the LM-120 to retrofit lighting, optimizing
illumination for each task or activity and
accurately measuring the illumination from
fluorescent, metal halide, high-pressure
sodium or incandescent sources up to
20,000 footcandle (ft) or 20,000 Lumen (lux).
For detailed specifications and ordering info go to
Heating, Ventilation, AC, and Refrigeration
save money. Improve the health
Pinpoint air conditioning leaks fast
RlD-1 Refrigerant leak Detector
Troubleshoot air conditioning systems quickly and accurately with the RLD-1.
State-of-the-art technology makes it easy to precisely pinpoint a wide variety
of halogenated refrigerant leaks. The microprocessor-controlled gas sensor and
advanced digital signal processing provides cutting-edge accuracy. The suction
pump’s instant response and quick clearing sensor speeds up the testing process.
• Precisely pinpoints the source of refrigerant leaks
• Detects R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A, R-22, Freon and other refrigerants
• Clearly indicates leaks with tri-color LED display and audio
• High-Medium-Low leak sensitivity selector
• Automatic zero and background compensation
• Reference Leak Source and carrying case included
For detailed specifications and ordering info go to
of your buildings.
Check air quality compliance
Co2-200 wall-Mounted Meter
For permanent monitoring of air quality in
laboratories, production floors, and other
critical, environmentally controlled areas,
make the wall-mounted CO2-200 a permanent fixture. Built-in alarms warn you of
dangerous CO2 levels. An output drive relay
can trigger and control the airflow system.
The high-performance, low-drift sensor with
automatic background calibration ensures
• Measures CO2 to 2000 ppm, plus
temperature, relative humidity, Dew
Point and Wet Bulb
• Super large display
• Recording of maximum, minimum and
average values with recall function
• Optional PC download capabilities for
storage and analysis
Co2-100 Handheld Meter
Get instant feedback on CO2 levels while
checking the air quality of hospitals, schools
and offices. A built-in alarm warns you of
dangerous CO2 levels up to 3000 ppm. The
high-performance, low-drift sensor ensures
accurate readings and helps you maintain
indoor air quality compliance.
• Triple display with simultaneous CO2,
temperature and relative humidity
• Selectable display of Dew Point and
Wet Bulb
• Air Quality Analysis includes:
- Time-weighted average (TWA)
display over an 8-hour period
- 15 minutes short-term exposure limit
(STEL) value
Make accurate pressure
MAn15, MAn30 and MAn02
Differential Pressure Manometers
Handheld, accurate and featuring an internal time clock to capture events, these tools
are essential for HVAC/R pressure levels,
testing gauges and making differential
pressure measurements. Use the maximum
and minimum value recordings with time
stamp to adjust and troubleshoot pressure
systems. The large backlight LCD makes
readings visible in all light conditions.
• Choose 15 or 30 PSI (103.5kPA,
206.9 kPA) models
• Five selectable units of measure: InH2O,
psi, mbar, bar, mmH2O
• Built-in computer USB port for data
downloads with optional PC cable and
• Includes connection hoses
Available October 2009
Measure air flow and temperature
swivel Clamp
with temperature
tMA5 Mini Vane Anemometer
This pocket-size tool gives you an easy way to measure wind
flow and temperature in air conditioning, heating, ventilation,
or refrigeration systems. Simple, two-button operation, quick
measurement response, and ergonomic design with wrist strap
makes the TMA5 a handy tool to have along in residential,
commercial or industrial buildings.
• Measures air velocity, temperature and ambient temperature
(in ºC or ºF), humidity, Dew Point, Wet Bulb, wind-chill
• Selectable wind units: KNT (Knot), BF (Beaufort), ft/m (feet
per minute), M/h (mile per hour), m/s (meter per
second),km/h (kilometer per hour)
• Maximum wind speed display
• External temperature probe included
ACD-21sw swivel Clamp Meter
Even when you’re in a
tight spot, you can get
a good view of your
measurements with the
patented rotating head
on our new Swivel Clamp
Meters. Indispensable for
HVAC, the ACD-21W
measures AC current,
AC/DC voltage,
resistance, and capacitance
as well as temperature.
Advanced VoltTect offers
non-contact voltage
detection too.
(For more details,
see feature on page 4 )
More Heating, Ventilation, AC, and Refrigeration Tools
Quality, affordable tools to help you
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to own versatile,
long-lasting tools that won’t let you down.
Air Flow/CFM
Infrared thermometers
Relative Humidity
Every HVAC/R technician,
electrician, and process
engineer needs one.
Affordable thermometers
that last.
Quick, effective diagnostics
for a wide range of
HVAC/R problems.
Precision capacitance
sensors measure relative
humidity from 0 to 100%,
delivering accurate
performance with longterm stability.
Humidity and Temperature
Make three types of measurements with one tool: Air velocity (FPM) or air volume (CFM),
relative humidity, and temperature. Large digital display with
backlight and flexible measurement vane make measurements
easier to make in difficult areas.
Measure up to 99 points and log
up to 2400.
Make easy Super-Heat or SubCool calculations with this dual
input thermometer for Type K
or J thermocouples, Dual digital
displays in ºC or ºF with Min/Max
recording and relative readings.
Thermometer with Triple
Offers easy targeting and
comfortable “pistol” grip. Fast
response time, backlit display,
and display hold.
Meter offers dual display plus
extended probe for easy access
to air ducts. Measures Dew Point
and Wet Bulb, too.
Anemometer with Flexible
in F or C versions, both with easy
to read displays and 0.lº resolution. Surface probe for flat surface
contact is also available.
Temperature Meter with Web
Bulb and Dew Point
Humidity Meter
For detailed specifications and ordering info go to
get the job done right.
temperature and
RH Dataloggers
Monitor indoor air quality
by logging both temperature and relative humidity
readings with one compact
Visible LEDs plus audible warnings
help you monitor IAQ conditions.
Temperature, RH, Dew Point
or Wet Bulb measurements are
shown on the extra large tripledigit display. Use the Amprobe
software and USB cable included
to record data on your PC.
Differential Pressure
Ultrasonic leak Dectection
Ultrasonic Distance Meters
Measure pressure levels
or test valves with this
portable unit.
Leaks often generate an
ultrasonic frequency
beyond human hearing.
By converting the sounds
into an audible range,
these tools easily detect
leaks in pressurized
air lines, refrigeration
systems, or steam lines.
Measure the area or
volume of a room, with
instant accuracy.
Handheld Manometer
Portable, battery-powered device
shows gauge and differential
pressure readings on the large
dual digital display. Five selectable
units of measure include inH2O,
psi, mbar, bar, mmH2O. The
RS-232 port and Amprobe’s free
software lets you download data
to your PC.
Gas leak Detectors
Quickly detect and pinpoint
gas leaks.
Ultrasonic Leak Detector
Find ends of buried PVC pipes.
Detect any pressurized gas leak
regardless of type. Parabola shield
reduces background noise. Extension tube helps access difficult or
dangerous areas.
Ultrasonic Distance Meter
with Laser
This easy-to-use device with laser
pointer for accurate targeting
measures up to 49 feet
(15 meters). It calculates area
and volume and adds two
Ultasonic Leak Detector with
Ultrasonic Transmitter
with Digital Display
Temperature Data Logger with
Digital Display
This fast-responding detector for
methane and propane gas leaks
emits beeps at a frequency that
coincides with the concentration
of the gas. The LED displays the
gas level present in the room.
Flexible probe provides access to
difficult areas.
Carbon Monoxide Meter
Outside Plant
Before you dig: Find out exactly
The fastest, most accurate technology
for tracing underground wires, cables,
and pipes
Buried utilities represent a major challenge to electricians
who need to trace and troubleshoot those systems and a
hazard to excavation crews. Digging without the proper
preparation can damage cables or pipes and result in
personal injury, costly repairs and penalties.
Active Frequency
Audio Volume Indicator
Battery Indicator
Signal Select
Guidance Compass
Auto or Manual Gain
Distance Sensitive
Left Right Guidance
ON/OFF Power Button
Soft Key
4-Way Navigation Button
Bright VGA display offers intuitive,
easily read graphics that are visible
in all lighting conditions. Audible signals
ensure clear unambiguous readings.
The AT-5000 and AT-5005 set a new standard for locating
and pinpointing faults in underground systems. With
superior design, powerful software and several new
performance features, these models are faster and more
accurate than any product available on the market today.
Distance sensitive Left / Right indicators–not available on
standard locators– guide the user to the exact location
of the buried utilities, saving time and effort. The Signal
Select and Distortion Alert offer superior accuracy. The
user sees the clean signal of the traced line, compared
to the “ghost” and ‘return’ path of false signals coming
from the neighboring lines, so he or she can stay on the
target line.
The ergonomically designed handheld receiver is designed for comfort.
Lightweight and balanced, you can use it all day. Its rugged durable
construction is weatherproof and drop resistant to 3 feet.
Pinpoint cable ground faults
without digging
At-5005 A-Frame attachment for the At-5000
Non-destructively pinpoint cable ground faults in power and
telecom cables with the optional A-Frame attachment for the
AT-5000. Use the optional Pipe Transmitter to trace and locate
non-metallic pipes.
what’s underground.
save time everyday with pinpoint accuracy
At-5000 Professional Underground
Cable and Pipe locator system
Eliminate exploratory digging in parking
lots or under floors for buried pipes
and wires. The new technology of the
AT-5000 makes tracing much faster,
accurate and unambiguous. Three testing
modes ensure best accuracy.
• Passive Power Mode (50, 60, 100
and 120 Hz) - To trace energized lines
conducting current
• Passive Radio Mode (RF) - Uses surrounding
radio waves to trace underground objects
• Active Mode - Strong testing signal
generated by 10-Watt variable output
transmitter for dependable depth and
distance locating, down to 20 feet
(6 meters). Use with induction mode or
directly connected to the cable with test
leads or optional clamp.
• Depth measurement
• Also available as AT-5005 kit.
(Includes A-5000 A frame and CC-5000
carrying case)
the easy, economical
solution for parking lots
and airports
At-3500 Underground Cable /
Pipe locator system
Keep productivity high and operational costs low,
with the AT-3500. It’s the rugged, economical
solution for locating underground energized and
de-energized wires, cables and pipes. Great for
parking lot and airport lighting applications, it
precisely pinpoints buried services, with exceptionally fast sound and meter response. The backlight
multiple-segment bar-graph digital display plus
audible indicators show and tell.
The AT-3500 employs the proven 33 kHz
frequency for most locating applications. To avoid
lines at utility construction sites, it also offers the
highly sensitive power and radio modes. Take
depth measurements with the press of a button.
• Three testing modes for best accuracy: Passive
Power (50 / 60 Hz), Passive Radio (RF), and
Active T-3500 (signal generator with induction
mode or directly connected to the cable with
test leads or optional clamp)
• Active Mode depth measurement up to 16 feet
(4.9 meters)
• Semi-automatic gain control for fast signal
location and control
• Complete instrument is ready to use with
receiver, transmitter, connection cable, ground
stake and ground cable
• Drop resistant to 6 feet
Signal Strength
For detailed specifications and ordering info go to
Outside Plant
CAt IV-rated tools for your
industrial testing.
Clamps for a higher level of safety
ACD-3300 InD, ACDC-3400 InD CAt IV Industrial
true RMs Clamp Meters
New CAT IV-rated clamps are ideal for industrial and utility
applications that require an extra level of safety. These clamps
offer True RMS sensing for accuracy and dependability. Extra large
jaws accommodate wires up to 2 inches (51milimeters) in diameter.
• Measures AC Current up to 1000 ACA, Voltage up to 750 VAC/
1000 VDC, Frequency, Resistance, Capacitance and Duty Cycle
• Temperature to 1832°F or 1000°C (ACD-3300 only)
• 1000A DC Current (ACDC-3400 only)
• Relative Zero (ACDC-3400 only)
• Auto and manual ranging
• Audible continuity
• Safety CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
Diagnose potential
failures before they occur
Mo-100 Milliohm Meter
Quickly check windings. Find opens or shorts
in motors, generators and transformers.
Test resistance in wire-to-wire connections,
heating elements and contact resistance in
critical electrical connections. The lightweight,
battery-powered MO-100 with its large
LCD is comfortable to use all day. Robust
construction makes it durable.
• Accurate four terminal measurement down
to 100u ohms without test leads resistance
• 5 Ranges from 200.0 milliohms to 2000 ohms
with minimum resolution of 100 microohms
• Measurement precision with three test
currents and over-temperature protection
• Protection against inadvertent connection
to overvoltage
For detailed specifications and ordering
utility and heavy-duty
Available november 2009
Detect dangerous voltages without connection
tIC 300 PRo AC Voltage Detectors
Check high-voltage transmission lines,
power distribution equipment, and downed
power lines as well as lower voltage for
fuses, breaker panels and power outlets
with these two rugged reliable utility tools.
For both industrial and mine safety applications, our Tic Tracers audibly warn you of
AC voltages without a connection to the
current carrying conductor. The TIC300 PRO
has two measurements ranges: 1500 V and
122kV, and adapts to a Hot Stick for
voltages above 122kV. The TIC300 PRO
measures to 1500V and tests continuity
and capacitors.
• Detects AC voltage without connection
• Audible signal (both models) plus visual
• Lightweight and rugged with integrated
switch guard
• MSHA approved
For voltages up to 122 kV
tIC 410A Hot stick for the tIC300 PRo
Safely check voltages up to 122kV with this 48-inch Hot Stick.
take these clamp meters to extremes
Rs-3 PRo and Rs-1007 PRo: CAt IV Analog Clamps
Digital clamp meters have LCD screens that tend to freeze
below 32ºF but the RS-3 PRO and RS-1007 CAT IV analog
clamps can take extreme cold and keep on measuring
amps and volts–without problems or batteries.
• Measures AC Current up to 600A (RS-3 Pro)
or 1000A (RS-1007), Voltage up to 600 VAC,
Resistance and Continuity
• Easy-to-read rotary scale
• Works in temperatures from 5º to 122ºF
• Operates on 50 and 60Hz frequencies
• CAT IV, 600 V Safety Rated
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and Operations
Swivel Clamp Meters
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Electronic Voltage &
Continuity Testers Page 5
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Solar Analyzer
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RecordersPage 10
Light Meters
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Detectors Page 12
CO2 Meters Page 13
Manometers Page 13
Mini Vane Anemometer
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Underground Cable
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Clamp Meters Page 18
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AC Voltage Detectors
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and Solar
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