Bid Specification
Rev. 2/12
University of Wisconsin System
University of Wisconsin –Stout
Menominee, WI 54751
Performance Bond or Irrevocable Letter Of Credit
The successful bidder, hereafter referred to as "contractor", shall be required to furnish a performance bond in the amount
of $20,000. Such bond must be furnished upon notification by the University of Wisconsin System Office of Procurement,
hereafter referred to as "System Office of Procurement", and prior to contract award.
In lieu of the performance bond, the contractor may provide an irrevocable letter of credit naming the University as
beneficiary. The irrevocable letter of credit shall be in the amount specified for the performance bond and the format
content required by the University. The performance bond or irrevocable letter of credit shall be furnished by a company
licensed to do business in the State of Wisconsin.
The performance bond or irrevocable letter of credit shall be for the entire contract period. If an irrevocable letter of credit
is used, the period shall extend one month beyond the contract expiration date. The performance bond or letter of credit
shall provide that in the event of non-renewal, the System Office of Procurement, and the contractor be notified in writing
by the issuer a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to the anniversary of the effective date of the contract.
In the event of non-renewal, the contractor shall provide the University evidence of the new source of surety within
twenty-one (21) calendar days after the University's receipt of the non-renewal notice. Failure to maintain the required
surety in force may be cause for contract termination.
Failure to provide the bond or irrevocable letter of credit within twenty-one (21) days of notification of award may result in
cancellation of contract award.
Site Visit
Bidders are invited to attend a site visit on April 16, 2012 at 2:00pm inspect the project site completely prior to
submitting bid in order to determine all requirements associated with the contract. Failure to inspect adequately shall not
relieve the contractor from the necessity of furnishing and installing, without additional cost to the University, any
materials and equipment or performing any labor that may be required to carry out the intent of the contract.
For Site Inspection Appointment
Prospective Bidders are to Contact: Tom Biasi, Building/Grounds Superintendent
University of Wisconsin –Stout
Telephone: 715-232-5988 or [email protected]
Basis of Bid Evaluation
The award shall be made to the bidder with the best commission or annual guarantee which is in the best interest of the
University as determined by the University. The University is requesting bids for laundry services with a contractor
purchased, installed and maintained e-monitoring system. The University shall determine if the bidder is financially,
managerially and operationally capable of providing the required services based on the vendor's response to this bid. Only
those vendors determined to be capable and currently operate Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Services shall be
considered. Representatives from the University reserve the right to inspect the bidder's facilities and other operations
under the contractor's management prior to award of this bid.
Dispute Process
Any dispute of the University's award must be made no later than five (5) working days after the award notice is issued by
System Office of Procurement. Written notice of dispute must be filed with the Director of Procurement of the University
System in care of:
Rich Lampe
Director of Procurement
University of Wisconsin System Administration
780 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53715
A complete written dispute must be received by the Director of Procurement, System Office of Procurement no later than
five (5) working days after the award notice is issued.
Contract Commencement/Length
It is the intent of the University to commence the resulting contract on or about July 1, 2012. The term of this contract
shall be for seven (7) years from the effective date.
Firm Bids
All bids shall remain firm for a minimum of ninety (90) days from the date of bid opening.
Contract Cancellation
The contract may be terminated by either party on the anniversary of the effective date in any subsequent year of
the contract, if either party provides the other party with written notice one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to
such anniversary date.
The University may cancel this contract for breach, as determined by the University, for failure to comply with the
terms and conditions of the contract. This may include any cessation or diminution of service including but not
limited to failure to maintain adequate personnel, whether arising from labor disputes, or otherwise any substantial
change in ownership or proprietorship of the contractor which in the opinion of the University is not in its best
The University shall provide ten (10) calendar days written notice of contract breach and unless within ten (10)
calendar days such neglect has ceased and arrangements made to correct, the University may cancel the contract by
giving sixty (60) days notice in writing by registered or certified mail of its intention to cancel this contract.
Should the University breach any terms or provisions of this contract, the contractor shall serve written notice on
the University setting forth the alleged breach and demanding compliance with the contract. Unless within ten (10)
calendar days after receiving such notice, the allegation shall be contested or such breach shall cease and
arrangements be made for corrections, the contractor may cancel the contract by giving sixty (60) days notice, in
writing, by registered or certified mail of its intention to cancel this contract.
The University may discontinue this contract, in whole or in part, without penalty at any time due to
non-appropriation of funds.
If the contractor fails to maintain and keep in force required insurance, the University shall have the right to cancel
and terminate the contract without notice.
Parties To The Contract
The contract shall be between the State of Wisconsin, Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System doing
business as the University of Wisconsin – Stout, hereafter referred to as the "University" and the successful bidder
hereafter referred to as the "contractor" for the provision of Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Services according to the
terms set forth herein. Brent Tilton shall be the on-site representative of the University responsible for the administration
of the contract. Tom Biasi, Building/Grounds Superintendent will serve as the University operations manager of the
contract. Grady Richartz, Director Campus Card will serve as the University Debit card program Manager.
Excused Performance
If, because of riots, war, public emergency or calamity, fire, flood, earthquake, act of God, government restriction, labor
disturbance or strike, business operations at the University are interrupted or stopped, performance of this contract, with
the exception of monies already due and owing, shall be suspended and excused to the extent commensurate with such
interfering occurrence. The expiration date of this contract may be extended for a period of time equal to the time that
such default in performance is excused.
2.10 Insurance
The contractor shall bear the full and complete responsibility for all risk of damage or loss of premises, equipment,
products or money resulting from any cause whatsoever and shall not penalize the University for any losses incurred
related to this contract.
Minimum Limits
Worker's Compensation (WC)
Employer's Liability
Coverage (B)
Commercial General Liability (CGL)
General Aggregate incl. prdt/co
Each Occurrence
Automobile Liability (including hired & non-owned)
Combined Single Limit
Additional Insured Provision
The contractor shall add the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, its officers, agents and
employees as an additional insured under the commercial general and automobile liability policies.
Remodeling or Renovation
The above insurances are required to be in effect during the course of any remodeling, renovation or construction
done by or at the direction of the contractor.
2.10.2 Certificate of Insurance
Upon notification of award and prior to issuance of a contract, the contractor shall provide the University a
certificate of insurance with the required coverage and limits of insurance issued by an insurance company that has
an AM Best rating of A- licensed to do business in the State of Wisconsin and signed by an authorized agent.
2.10.3 Commercial General Liability
Commercial General Liability includes, but is not limited to consumption or use of products, existence of
equipment or machines on location and contractual obligations to customers. The contractor shall bear the full and
complete responsibility for all risk of loss of premises, or damage to equipment, products or money resulting from
any cause including that of sub-contractors and shall not penalize the University for any losses incurred related to
this contract.
2.10.4 Covenant Requiring Notice
These policies shall contain a covenant requiring sixty (60) days written notice by the insurer to University of
Wisconsin System Office of Procurement, 780 Regent Street, Madison, WI 53715, before cancellation, reduction
or other modifications of coverage. The insurance certificate shall be for the initial contract period of one (1) year
and shall be extended by the contractor for each subsequent renewal period of the contract. The contractor shall
advise each insuring agency to automatically renew all policies and coverage in force at the start of and resulting
from this contract until specified coverage requirements are revised.
2.10.5 Evidence of new Insurance
In the event of non-renewal, cancellation or expiration of insurance, the contractor shall provide the University
evidence of the new source(s) of required insurance within twenty-one (21) calendar days after the University's
receipt of the sixty (60) day notice. In the event the contractor fails to maintain and keep in force the insurance
herein required, the University shall have the right to cancel and terminate the contract without notice.
2.10.6 University Right to Cancel
In the event the contractor fails to maintain and keep in force the insurance herein required, the University shall
have the right to cancel and terminate the contract without notice. The contractor shall advise each insuring agency
to automatically renew all policies and coverage in force at the start of and resulting from this contract until
specified coverage requirements are revised.
2.10.7 Contractor Agrees to Indemnify
The contractor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin
System, its officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, losses, liability, costs or expenses
(hereinafter collectively referred to as "claims") occurring in connection with or in anyway incidental to or arising
out of the occupancy, use, service, operations or performance of work in connection with this contract, but only to
the extent that such claims are caused by the negligence, misconduct or other fault of the contractor, its agents,
employees, subcontractors or contractors.
2.11 The contractor agrees that items relative to Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry service which are not covered herein may
be added to this bid and resulting contract by the University without voiding the provisions of the existing contract.
Additional services shall be furnished to the University by the contractor with additional consideration as needed to make it
legally enforceable. The University intends to acquire Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry service exclusively from the
2.12 The terms and obligations of this contract shall be applicable to Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Services operated in
various and separate locations of the University (i.e. Housing, Student Center, etc.), including those locations leased by the
University to tenants in which the specified service shall be required. Lessors of space to the University may reserve the
right to determine the extent that the specified service shall be provided under this contract on their premises.
2.13 Recognizing that the successful performance of this contract is dependent on favorable response from the users, the
contractor shall meet regularly with Brent Tilton, Director of Purchasing, Tom Biasi, Building/Grounds Superintendent,
Grady Richartz, Director Campus Card and/or authorized student committees to effect adjustments in operations, and shall
cooperate at all times to maintain maximum efficiency and good public relations with students, faculty and staff.
2.14 After the initial contract year, the parties upon mutual agreement may adjust the specific terms, commissions or guarantees
of this contract where circumstances beyond the control of either party require adjustments. All adjustments shall be
proposed in writing by the University to the System Office of Procurement for approval prior to becoming effective. All
required contract amendment(s) shall be issued by System Office of Procurement.
2.15 The contractor shall be financially responsible for obtaining all required permits, licenses (including parking), and bonds to
comply with pertinent Board of Regents/University of Wisconsin System regulations, and municipal, county, state and
federal laws, and shall assume liability for all applicable taxes including but not restricted to sales and property.
2.16 The contractor shall furnish all supplies, equipment, management and labor necessary for the efficient operation of the
specified services included in this contract, subsequent extensions and amendments.
2.17 The contractor shall occupy and use the premises, as defined by the University, only for Debit Card/Coin Operated
Laundry service. The University shall not guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity or heat. The University shall be
diligent in reporting service following an interruption. The University shall not be liable for any loss which may result
from the interruption or failure of any such utility services.
2.18 The University shall have the right to make reasonable regulations on the method of service, opening and closing hours,
safety, sanitation, maintenance and use of Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service areas and the contractor agrees to
comply with such regulations. Authorized representatives of the University shall have the full right of access to all Debit
Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service areas at any and all times.
The Debit Card/Coin operated laundry equipment, and e-monitoring system hardware shall be new at the time of initial
installation under this contract. The laundry equipment shall be acceptable to the University and of most recent design, of
proven efficiency, and be of the same color when two or more machines are placed together at one location. The laundry
equipment shall be modular in design and be the same height to give uniformity of appearance, except as otherwise
mutually agreed by the University and contractor.
Initial and subsequent equipment installation shall be identified by equipment serial number, manufacturer, meter reading
and location for the permanent files of the University and the System Office of Procurement. All changes in the initial
listing shall be arrived at by mutual agreement, and confirmed in writing with copy to the System Office of Procurement,
including relocation.
Laundry equipment shall be debit card ready. The University card system/platform is Blackboard Transaction Debit
System. This system is a debit card program for use by students, faculty and staff for purchase of products at all vending,
food service, laundry and other locations on campus. The University shall be responsible for the purchase of the cards,
installation of communication lines, selling and establishing purchase value and vending categories for purchases. Wash
and dry purchase value will be established in the system consistent with the laundry contract prices.
The contractor shall be responsible for the cost and installation of Blackboard Transaction System laundry debit card
machine interface devices as well as connections to the computer network. The contractor shall also be responsible for
the cost and installation of e-monitoring system software and hardware as well as connections to the computer network
The University will provide the wiring to the laundry rooms for the University card system. The University is responsible
for the Blackboard Transaction System card readers and electronic mux board controllers in the laundry rooms. The
University will provide assistance to the contractor with initial setup of the Blackboard Transaction System.
3.2 Electric washers and gas/electric dryers shall be installed coin operated/debit card ready (dryers in JTC are electric not
gas). Washers shall be front load, minimum three cycle selection; regular, perma press and delicate 2 speed wash and spin
action for true delicate operation. All washers shall have factory set cold rinse. All washers shall be set up for hot water,
warm water and cold water temperature selection. All machines shall have an emergency safety switch to stop washer when
door is open. It is desired to have battery back-up to protect all programmed information for life. It is desired that
machines have special time of day pricing options. It is desired that machines have built in self-diagnostics to quickly
identify problem areas. Self-diagnostics shall be activated manually or by using the handheld device. Cycle
programmability shall be factory set at 35:00 minutes to allow longer extraction time, plus fill and programmable to
customize wash and spin cycles for one dollar ($1.00) for a minimum laundry load capacity of fourteen pounds. Washer
temperature default settings must be programmable.
Natural gas dryers load capacity shall be a minimum UL listing of 18 pounds. Cycles shall consist of four cycles, regular,
perma-press, delicate, and air fluff. It is desired to be able to price by temperature selected to encourage use of energy efficient
cycles. It is desired that the machines have special time of day pricing options. Factory shall set cycle programmability at
forty five (45) minutes at a vend price of one dollar ($1.00) and programmable from one minute to forty five minutes. Both
heat and cool down cycle temperatures shall be programmable. All machines shall have a programmable top off feature which
allows user to add more time without adding full vend price at twenty-five cents ($.25) increments for 10 minutes of additional
drying time. The University desires stackable dryers for operation in some of the Residence Halls as noted in the Appendix.
The University prefers washers and dryers be computerized which interact with the user, count coins and cycles, and be
self-diagnostic for faster repair service.
Based on the Universities specific concern towards students with disabilities, it will be incumbent on the vendor to work
with the University in regards to any ADA related issues that may arise during the term of the contract.
The washer and dryer minimum times and specified prices shall not be adjusted without the prior written approval of the
University and adjustments will not be considered until after the first year of the contract.
Stackable dryers are required in some of the residence halls.
The University does not provide linen service to students in residence halls. Students provide their own linens and use the
laundry facilities for laundering their bed and bath linens.
The individual users shall supply their own detergents, bleach, fabric softener, etc., at their own expense.
Water Temperatures
The contractor shall be responsible for maintaining the washer water temperature at the setting recommended by the
manufacturer. At the time of initial installation, the contractor shall check the temperature of the incoming hot water to
each washer and advise the University of water heater adjustments required to maintain optimum wash/rinse water
temperature and conserve energy. The contractor may be required to perform this service at intervals as mutually agreed
during the life of this contract.
The contractor shall ensure and provide maximum venting and drying for each dryer. This shall include, but not be
limited to: venting materials, vent or exhaust fans and labor. Venting may be to the outside or into existing building
ventilation system as determined by mutual agreement of the University and contractor. Each exhaust duct leading from a
clothes dryer to the building ventilation system may be partially constructed of flexible ducting to allow for some physical
movement of each unit caused by normal operating conditions. The intent is to minimize leakage and dislocation of rigid
duct-work. Venting materials and exhaust fans installed by the contractor shall become the property of the University
upon termination or cancellation of the contract. All venting shall be replaced at the beginning of this contract.
Periodic Equipment Reviews
At regular intervals during the duration of the contract the amount of required equipment shall be examined by the
University and contractor with the objective of providing the best possible service to the student body, staff and faculty.
The locations of machines shall be determined by the University and may change during the contract.
Ownership of all laundry equipment with the exception of Debit card equipment shall remain with the contractor.
However, the University agrees to take such measures as may be reasonably required, as defined by the University, for the
protection against loss by pilferage or destruction.
Vacation Periods
The coin operated laundry equipment shall be operated during the entire year, but with reduced service requirements for
summer sessions and vacation breaks.
Equipment Locks
Each piece of laundry equipment shall have a secured coin box and non- reset able meters, which is the responsibility of
the contractor.
Permits, Licenses, Refunds, and Operating Instructions
The contractor shall provide at each equipment location operating instructions and information to the user where
malfunctions reports, operational comments, and refund requests may be made, including phone number for local, toll free
or collect service calls. All information including permits, licenses and price regulations required to be posted shall be
displayed by the contractor in an appropriate manner agreed by the University without defacing the facilities of the
A campus e-mail address and voice mail number will be listed for customer use in reporting malfunctions, etc.
Facility Security
3.10 The contractor is responsible for control of keys obtained from the University and the security of those areas for which
and when they are used by its representatives. The contractor shall be responsible for immediately reporting all the facts
relating to losses incurred, equipment damage or break-ins to their equipment and areas of the University. The University
shall designate the authority as to who shall receive these reports and be responsible for key issue and periodic review of
key control.
Lock Cylinder/Key Replacement
3.11 The University is responsible for the costs of re-keying and replacing its lock cylinders, as determined by the University.
The contractor shall be responsible for replacement of lost keys and the cost of re-keying and replacement of locking
cylinders required as a result of its negligence.
3.12 Changeover and Removal of Equipment Upon Termination of Contract
3.12.1 On termination or expiration of this contract, the University and the contractor shall conduct an inspection of
facilities. At this time the contractor shall surrender facilities and laundry room equipment including Debit card
equipment to the University in as good condition as at the start of the contract; ordinary wear and tear and loss or
damage by fire, flood, and other perils covered by extended coverage insurance excepted.
3.12.2 Debit Card/Coin operated laundry equipment not removed from the University locations on termination of this
contract and/or after ten days written notice to the contractor may be removed and placed in storage by the
University. All costs of removal, storage and revenue loss shall be the contractor's.
If after sixty (60) days from the date of written notice for removal, the equipment remains at the University the
disposition shall be at the discretion of the University.
3.12.3 Changeover of equipment , testing of e-monitor system and testing of debit card systems shall occur between
contract signing and July 1, 2012 at which time laundry service shall become completely operational.
Arrangements for removal and installation equipment shall be coordinated and approved by the University with
the existing contractor.
3.13 Utilities
3.13.1 Where necessary, non-gas utilities shall be brought to the equipment by the University. The contractor shall be
responsible for paying the costs of connections from the equipment to the provided utility source, including all
other costs of installation of said equipment.
3.13.2 The University shall not guarantee an uninterrupted supply of water, steam, electricity, natural gas, or heat except
that it shall be diligent in restoring service following an interruption. The University shall not be liable for any
loss which may result from the interruptions or failure of any such utility service.
On Line Equipment Viewing Access (e-monitoring system)
3.15 The contractor shall be responsible for all expenses related to the purchase, installation, connection, and maintenance of
equipment for the system in all laundry rooms as listed in the attached schedule. The University shall supply an internet
connection, accessible via an Ethernet outlet at each laundry room monitor. The University shall be responsible for the
power source, installation and operating costs associated with providing the room an internet connection.
The contractor shall provide a website and mobile application, if possible, including a monitoring page for each laundry
room and the capability for residents to request e-mail notifications and text alerts upon completion of laundry cycles.
Web customer support shall also be available from the site. The contractor shall use commercially reasonable efforts to
ensure the website and mobile application, if possible, is available to residents at all times. Usage and other information
the system may generate shall be reported in a format and type mutually agreeable quarterly to the campus contract
All washers and dryers shall be maintained throughout the life of this contract in condition satisfactory to the University.
The University will maintain responsibility for cleaning the laundry rooms and furnishings. Thus, the contractor shall
adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitary practices to insure continual sanitation in all functions and
matters related to the execution of the terms of this contract.
Site and Equipment Inspections
The University shall periodically without advance notification inspect the laundry facilities and equipment with or without
a contractor's employee. A management representative of the contractor shall conduct equipment and facilities
maintenance and sanitation inspections periodically. A copy of all inspection reports shall be furnished the University by
the contractor. The contractor is responsible to implement corrective operating measures required as a result of these
inspections and reports within ten days notification from the inspecting agency and by mutual agreement of the University.
Preventative Maintenance Program
Contractor shall institute and monitor a program of preventive maintenance and regular replacement of worn, damaged, or
malfunctioning equipment. The University shall not perform maintenance or repair on any equipment of the contractor.
A preventive maintenance program, including mandatory weekly walk through of each laundry location checking for the
following: ensuring all units are working if not repairing or replacing, cleaning main vent filter and check card reader to
make sure all units are registered for operation and bi-annual cleaning and maintenance procedures, shall be initiated by
the contractor and agreed to prior to the start of the contract.
Malfunction and Repair Service
Reported malfunctions shall be serviced by not later than twenty-four (24) hours after receiving a malfunction report from
the University. Equipment which cannot be returned to full service within 72 hours of notification of needed repair shall
be replaced with comparable equipment of like quality until the original equipment is returned to service. Weekend
maintenance and repair shall be of emergency nature only. The contractor shall provide the University a toll free number
or accept long distance calls for required service.
Out of Order Signage
4.5 The contractor in association with and by mutual agreement of the Office of Residence Life Contract Representative shall
develop and provide for posting the following minimum information signage:
a. Temporarily Out of Order, Sorry for the Inconvenience
b. Instructional signs addressing how to operate the washers and dryers
c. Instructional signs addressing how to operate the debit card reader to active the washers and dryers
d. Refund information, including how and where to register a complaint
e. Instructional signs addressing how to operate e-monitor system including website address and mobile app
Equipment Replacement
The contractor shall maintain a continual program of equipment replacement in high volume locations where obsolescence
becomes a factor resulting in potential service or sales reduction. The University may require the contractor to replace
equipment which continually results in service or sales reduction.
University Purchase Responsibility
The University shall be responsible for the purchase of non-laundry capital equipment which is not part of the contractor's
renovation plan and shall make or authorize the repair and replacement or worn, damaged or malfunctioning equipment
and related facilities, except wearing, damage or malfunctioning which is caused by the negligence of the contractor or its
Industry Advancements
The contractor shall be alert to changing Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service trends, new market forms of supplies
and equipment and technological improvements being evolved throughout the Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service
industry. By mutual agreement, the contractor shall be expected to initiate ideas for varied methods of Debit Card/Coin
Operated Laundry Service within the conditions of this contract.
New Security Advancements
The contractor shall keep the University informed of new industry security measures in use. The University shall institute
or execute such measures required to accomplish maximum property, equipment and revenue security when presented in
writing by the contractor and mutually agreed by the University.
Waste Containers
4.10 The University shall provide waste containers in the laundry areas, where necessary, and in sufficient number, to maintain
sanitary standards for trash disposal. All waste containers shall be kept in a clean and satisfactory condition at all times,
and emptied as often as necessary by the University.
Pest Control
4.11 The University shall be responsible for the costs of insect and pest control in all Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry
Service and storage areas.
4.12 The University shall issue a monthly charge-back invoice for services such as fax, copying, printing and such other services
as mutually agreed. The contractor shall pay each invoice within twenty (20) days of the billing date.
Marketing and Promotion
4.13 The contractor shall prepare and submit a marketing and promotion plan to the University as part of this bid process. The
marketing and promotion plan must include an annual calendar of planned activities that demonstrate a commitment to
customer service and promotion of the laundry services.
A marketing plan should be coordinated between the contractor’s representative and the campus’ operations manager as
well as the Debit Card Operations Manager prior to August 15 of each year.
Contractor Contract Personnel
The contractor shall provide headquarters management staff to routinely review and inspect operations, provide expert
administrative, equipment consulting, personnel supervision and fill staff vacancies. The contractor shall appoint a
contract administrator to consult with the University on current and future service programs, and to act with full authority
on the contractor's behalf in any and all matters pertaining to contract specifications.
Personnel Relations
Personnel relations of employees on the contractor's payroll shall be the contractor's responsibility. The contractor shall
comply with all applicable government regulations related to the employment, compensation, and payment of personnel.
Personnel of the contractor shall observe all regulations of the University.
The contractor shall have in their employ sufficiently qualified and competent personnel to perform work promptly and in
accordance with requirements.
Staff Training
The contractor shall have the resources and staff for continually providing satisfactory training and development programs
for his employees at all levels of the organization. Regularly scheduled employee training shall be conducted by the
contractor regarding such subjects as laundry equipment maintenance, defensive driving, equipment repair, and proper
sanitation. The contractor shall be responsible for the expense of such training meetings.
Employee Uniforms
The contractor shall provide employee uniforms that identify the contractor and employee.
Free or Discounted Service
Free laundry days for residents should be coordinated as part of the marketing plan and approved by the campus contract
Parking Fees
Initially, the University does not require but may at any time during the duration of this contract require the contractor to
pay parking fees for each vehicle used on campus in the service of this contract. At the start of this contract the fee is $136
per year which shall be subject to change prior to and during the duration of this contract.
Professional Services
The University may from time to time request the professional services of the contractor to assist on a consulting basis in
the development of layouts and specifications for new or remodeled Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service facilities
at no cost to the University except by mutual agreement.
Commissions and Annual Guarantees
Commissions and annual Guarantees shall be submitted on the attached bid submittal form by the contractors on gross
sales (less refunds and tests) as follows:
As a composite commission percentage for all coin operated laundry equipment, or an annual guarantee total
commission per year per resident student of twenty six dollars ($26.00), whichever is greater. The contractor may
elect to quote a lower annual guarantee than the maximum specified.
6.2 Accounting
Record Retention
The University shall maintain complete and accurate records laundry equipment transactions for each machine in
accordance with accepted industry accounting practices, and keep in a safe place all such financial records and
statements pertaining to the operations at the University for a period of three (3) years from the close of each
year's operation. The University shall make available such records for inspection by the contractor by request.
Non Re-set Meters
The debit card sales data as recorded by the University’s main computer plus receipt of the
Universities/contractor's cash collections shall be used as the basis to compute laundry sales (verified by machine
meter readings) and commissions payable to the University. The contractor shall install and maintain in operative
condition non-reset item sale counters on all laundry equipment. Each period statement shall include beginning
and ending counter readings for each piece of equipment.
Receipts from coin operated laundry service are not taxable except when they are activated by tokens or
magnetic cards. The contractor is responsible for payment of all sales tax for debit card service.
Collection and Meter Count Procedures
Money collections shall be made by the University and contractor at times pre-determined by the University and
mutually agreed upon by the contractor. The University shall at a minimum make collections monthly. It is
preferred that collections occur on a flexible semi-monthly basis (two times a month). Counters on each piece of
equipment shall be read during this time by the contractor and shall be recorded in writing and submitted to the
Office of the Building/Grounds Superintendent and the Card Office on the same day. System reports shall be run
the same day by the cashier and a copy of that report shall be forwarded to the contractor after verification of the
money collected to the report. University Accounting shall send the check and the reports to the contractor.
Revenue discrepancies from the composite of these collections and that reported on the written counter reading
statements shall be explained by the University in writing as part of such written statement.
Periodically for audit purposes, and to verify revenue control, a representative of the Contractor shall accompany
the University’s employee when meter counts and money collections are made.
Upon conversion to a total debit card system, modifications to this procedure shall be made upon mutual
agreement of the University and contractor.
A voucher refund system shall be required and shall involve dispersing of funds through representatives of the
University. The voucher system shall include a form supplied by the University to be filled out by the person
making refund claim and shall include the following information: what machine, amount of refund, when, what
happened, date, building, and who suffered loss. The contractor shall expedite and be liable for the supply and
maintenance of funds for such refunds to the satisfaction of the University. Each coin operated/debit card laundry
equipment location shall be provided with instruction where refunds may be obtained. Signs require prior
approval of the University.
Uniform Period Statements
Contractors with coin operated Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service at more than one University of
Wisconsin University shall provide period statements which are uniform at each University as nearly possible as
the obligations of each contract specifications permit.
The University shall pay to the Contractor the amount of gross sales less commissions as reconciled to the
machine meter readings and Blackboard transaction system data. The monthly payment shall be paid to the
contractor no later than the 20th of the month following the monthly sales collection period. A report shall
accompany this payment with a detailed explanation of dollar sales by each washer and dryer, by location, and
extension of commissions and a composite statement of said dollar sales and commissions. Causes of abnormal
revenue deviations shall be noted by the University as part of these statements.
For the purpose of this contract, gross sales are defined as total sales, including State Sales Tax (debit card sales
only), less refunds and tests.
Commission Statements and Payment
A summary of all shall be sent to System Office of Procurement by the University by the twentieth (20th) day
following each quarter; June, September, December and March.
Guarantee Payments
One year from the effective date of this contract, and each full year thereafter during the life of the contract, the
contractor shall pay the University that portion of commissions due, if any, to equal the guaranteed annual
commission required in this contract. Payment shall be made by the 20th day of the following accounting period
and recorded as commissions paid in the year the guarantee was due. On expiration or termination of this
contract partial year guarantee minimum commissions due, if any, shall be calculated as that portion of the total
number of academic months and average number of residents is to the annual guaranteed commission for the
number of academic months and average number of residents for which service was provided.
An annual guarantee per resident student per academic year shall be paid the University as provided per bid
submittal. Academic year occupancy shall be determined by the University using the average of the official
residence halls occupancy as of the tenth (10th) day of classes each semester. The University shall provide the
contractor this average information not later than April 1st each year.
Commission Due Until Equipment Removed
On expiration or termination of this contract commissions due the University shall be paid on sales until all
equipment has been removed, and the removal date shall be indicated on the period statement when each piece of
equipment was removed, including equipment removed at any time during the contract period prior to expiration.
Statement Reviews
On request of the University, the contractor shall meet with the University and review each period statement,
explain deviations, discuss problems, and mutually agree on courses of action to improve the results of the
required services included in this contract. Period statement adjustments required as a result of review and/or
audit shall be identified and reflected on the next period statement.
Non-reset item counter sales and dollar sales revenue reports shall be audited by management representatives of
the contractor and University to verify the receipt control periodically.
All records pertaining to the operations of the coin operated Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service shall be
open for inspection and/or audit by the State and/or University of Wisconsin at any or all reasonable times.
Contractor Revenue Losses
Commissions shall not be paid on the contractor's revenue losses resulting from vandalism or theft of money from
equipment at the University. Commissions will be paid on any recovered funds.
It is the purpose of this invitation to bid to obtain complete data from each bidder to enable the University to determine which
bidder is best able to serve all of the criteria which are to be considered in the award of this contract. To this end, each bidder
shall furnish as a part of this bid a complete description of capabilities in the field of Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service.
From the total information required determination shall be made by the University of the bidder's demonstrated financial,
managerial and operational ability and resources to serve the University. Only bids from financially responsible organizations or
individuals, as determined by the University, presently engaged in the business of Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service
which have the capability to perform as specified and provide professional services shall be considered.
Bidders shall provide a written response to all required bidder's information. Each response shall be numbered to coincide with
the bidder's information numbering and presented in the sequence listed. The bidder's information should be prepared simply and
economically, providing a straightforward, concise description of that which is required. Omission, inaccuracy or misstatement
may be sufficient cause for rejection of the bid. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of content.
Bidders information is required even if it is currently on file at UW System Office of Procurement with previous or current bids.
The qualification criteria the bidder's must meet to be considered for an award are:
Reference checks from a minimum of three (3) clients currently under contract with your company must indicate
consistent high quality service.
The bidder must be free of all financial obligations to the State or University; excluding non-delinquent State installment
income tax payments.
Financial capacity of the bidder must be sufficient to support the specified service; provide initial equipment and labor
and cash flow to guarantee performance.
The contractor must currently own the specified business and must have owned and operated a Debit card/ Coin
Operated Laundry business a minimum of three (3) years.
The contractor must currently own and operate a minimum of fifty (50) washers and dryers at one or more locations.
The contractor must currently own and operate an e-monitoring system at one or more locations.
The contractor's response must clearly demonstrate the capacity to handle the requirements of this contract in addition to
current workload.
Name and address of operating company and list of all the owners of the company or principals of the corporation.
The duration and extent of experience in the operation of Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Services. Explain in
detail. Include number of debit card campuses, number of machines on those campuses, the type of debit card platform
used and e-monitoring system used.
A list of operations (may be a list of a number of accounts) where you are, or have within two years, owned or provided
the specified service. Give length of time at each account, name, address and phone number of contact person of each
operation, number and type of machines installed. The list shall include a minimum of three (3) similar operations.
The University reserves the right to contact the references to verify above average service and marketing.
Describe any pending litigation and/or outstanding judgement(s) your company is currently involved in.
A complete operating statement or annual report as of your last fiscal year of operations. Certification of this report by a
Certified Public Accountant may be required.
A list of related Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry service industry and bank references with which the company is
currently transacting business. If your company will require monetary assistance to operate this account, state amount
required and anticipated source.
A table of company organization and a proposal for the service and staffing required under the terms of the contract
including personnel qualifications of the administrative and maintenance personnel that will be assigned to the contract
as well as employee training programs.
Describe your internal accounting program and include forms used for:
7.8.1 Method of recording, checking, and reporting and sales-forms used. (Include samples).
Route and internal control of cash handling, personnel payroll accounting controls, customer charge-billing
procedures, refund system, including forms used.
Internal audit system, including forms used.
Regular accounting and revenue and commission reporting forms used with explanation of each.
A description in detail of your program and procedures for preventive maintenance and regular replacement of worn
and/or malfunctioning equipment including reporting procedures for non-working equipment and response time to be
expected as well as the frequency of cleaning for machines and ductwork.
7.10 A description of the make and model, including debit card capability of the equipment you intend to provide. Also
describe the e-monitoring system capabilities you will intend to install.
7.11 A detailed description of the procedures to be followed by customers who have had clothing damaged in the contractor's
equipment, as well as a description of the contractor's response to such claims.
7.12 Your debit card operation and e-monitoring system installation/hookup plan to take place prior to the start of the
7.13 Your program(s) to access and address the service needs of the student consumers/include evaluation and marketing
plans you intend to use.
7.14 Other such information as the bidder deems pertinent for consideration by the University.
7.15 The University may request supplementary information as is sufficient, in the opinion of the University, to assure the
University that the bidder's competence, business organization, and financial resources are adequate to successfully
perform the specified service.
Subject: Debit Card Operated Laundry Services for the University of Wisconsin – Stout
We, the undersigned, in compliance with the Quotation Request Number PS-12-2353 dated April, 2012 for Debit Card/ Coin
Operated Laundry Services shall pay the following commissions and guarantees to the University of Wisconsin Stout for gross
sales as follows. In making this bid, acknowledge that we have read and understood this Quotation Request and hereby submit
our bid in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bid specifications and agree to fulfill our legal obligations pursuant to
these Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service contractual provisions.
The contractor agrees to pay to the University
percent (
%) commission on Debit
Card/Coin Operated Laundry Service Gross Sales, or a guarantee of twenty six dollars ($26.00) per resident student per
year, whichever is greater.
The contractor, at its option, may elect to quote a lower annual guarantee of
NOTE: do not make an entry on this option unless a lower maximum annual guarantee is intended.
NAME ______________________________________
TITLE ________________________________________
DATE _______________________________________
FIRM _______________________________________
ADDRESS _____________________________________
STATE __________
PHONE ___________________
FAX ________________________________________
EMAIL ______________________________________
FEIN ________________________________________
Required Debit Card/Coin Operated Laundry Equipment
University of Wisconsin – Stout
Residence Hall
Desired Washers
Desired Dryers
Washer/ dryer
North Hall
10 dryers
(5 stackable units)
12 dryers
10 dryers
(1 stackable unit)
13 dryers
at two locations
South Hall
10 dryer
(5 stackable units)
Wigen Hall
Fleming Hall
Hovlid Hall
5 individual dryers
1unit 2 dryers
9 dryers
at two locations
Red Cedar
15 units
2 Individual washers
2 Individual dryers
Washer/dryer stacked
McCalmont is planned to be off-line for spring/summer 2014
JTC is planned to be closed beginning summer 2014
North Hall A/B Cubes planned to be off-line spring/summer 2015
North Hall Cube C planned off-line spring/summer 2016
South A/B planned planned off-line spring/summer 2017
South Cube C planned off-line spring/summer 2018
1. The YTD gross sales for the 2011 - 2012 fiscal year are
$ 84,765
The gross sales for the 2010 - 2011 fiscal year are
The gross sales for the 2009 – 2010 fiscal year were
2. Current Commission - 65% of net sales (gross sales less refunds, tests, and sales tax)
Current Annual Guarantee - $ 26.00 per resident student
Projected Washer and Dryer Gross Sales for 2012-13 is $140,000. This projection shall be used as part of bid evaluation.
4. Campus map may be found at:
SPECIFICATIONS: The specifications in this request are the minimum acceptable. When specific manufacturer and model
numbers are used, they are to establish a design, type of construction, quality, functional capability and/or performance level desired.
When alternates are bid/proposed, they must be identified by manufacturer, stock number, and such other information necessary to
establish equivalency. The State of Wisconsin shall be the sole judge of equivalency. Bidders/proposers are cautioned to avoid bidding
alternates to the specifications which may result in rejection of their bid/proposal.
DEVIATIONS AND EXCEPTIONS: Deviations and exceptions from original text, terms, conditions, or specifications shall be
described fully, on the bidder's/proposer's letterhead, signed, and attached to the request. In the absence of such statement, the
bid/proposal shall be accepted as in strict compliance with all terms, conditions, and specifications and the bidders/proposers shall be
held liable.
QUALITY: Unless otherwise indicated in the request, all material shall be first quality. Items which are used, demonstrators,
obsolete, seconds, or which have been discontinued are unacceptable without prior written approval by the State of Wisconsin.
QUANTITIES: The quantities shown on this request are based on estimated needs. The state reserves the right to increase or
decrease quantities to meet actual needs.
DELIVERY: Deliveries shall be F.O.B. destination freight prepaid and included unless otherwise specified.
PRICING AND DISCOUNT: The State of Wisconsin qualifies for governmental discounts and its educational institutions also
qualify for educational discounts. Unit prices shall reflect these discounts.
Unit prices shown on the bid/proposal or contract shall be the price per unit of sale (e.g., gal., cs., doz., ea.) as stated on the
request or contract. For any given item, the quantity multiplied by the unit price shall establish the extended price, the unit price
shall govern in the bid/proposal evaluation and contract administration.
Prices established in continuing agreements and term contracts may be lowered due to general market conditions, but prices
shall not be subject to increase for ninety (90) calendar days from the date of award. Any increase proposed shall be submitted
to the contracting agency thirty (30) calendar days before the proposed effective date of the price increase, and shall be limited to
fully documented cost increases to the contractor which are demonstrated to be industrywide. The conditions under which price
increases may be granted shall be expressed in bid/proposal documents and contracts or agreements.
In determination of award, discounts for early payment will only be considered when all other conditions are equal and when
payment terms allow at least fifteen (15) days, providing the discount terms are deemed favorable. All payment terms must allow
the option of net thirty (30).
UNFAIR SALES ACT: Prices quoted to the State of Wisconsin are not governed by the Unfair Sales Act.
ACCEPTANCE-REJECTION: The State of Wisconsin reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids/proposals, to waive
any technicality in any bid/proposal submitted, and to accept any part of a bid/proposal as deemed to be in the best interests of the
State of Wisconsin.
Bids/proposals MUST be date and time stamped by the soliciting purchasing office on or before the date and time that the
bid/proposal is due. Bids/proposals date and time stamped in another office will be rejected. Receipt of a bid/proposal by the mail
system does not constitute receipt of a bid/proposal by the purchasing office.
METHOD OF AWARD: Award shall be made to the lowest responsible, responsive bidder unless otherwise specified.
ORDERING: Purchase orders or releases via purchasing cards shall be placed directly to the contractor by an authorized
agency. No other purchase orders are authorized.
PAYMENT TERMS AND INVOICING: The State of Wisconsin normally will pay properly submitted vendor invoices within thirty
(30) days of receipt providing goods and/or services have been delivered, installed (if required), and accepted as specified.
Invoices presented for payment must be submitted in accordance with instructions contained on the purchase order including
reference to purchase order number and submittal to the correct address for processing.
A good faith dispute creates an exception to prompt payment.
TAXES: The State of Wisconsin and its agencies are exempt from payment of all federal tax and Wisconsin state and local
taxes on its purchases except Wisconsin excise taxes as described below.
The State of Wisconsin, including all its agencies, is required to pay the Wisconsin excise or occupation tax on its purchase of
beer, liquor, wine, cigarettes, tobacco products, motor vehicle fuel and general aviation fuel. However, it is exempt from payment of
Wisconsin sales or use tax on its purchases. The State of Wisconsin may be subject to other states' taxes on its purchases i n that
state depending on the laws of that state. Contractors performing construction activities are required to pay state use tax on the cost of
GUARANTEED DELIVERY: Failure of the contractor to adhere to delivery schedules as specified or to promptly replace
rejected materials shall render the contractor liable for all costs in excess of the contract price when alternate procurement is
necessary. Excess costs shall include the administrative costs.
ENTIRE AGREEMENT: These Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply to any contract or order awarded as a result of this
request except where special requirements are stated elsewhere in the request; in such cases, the special requirements shall apply.
Further, the written contract and/or order with referenced parts and attachments shall constitute the entire agreement and no other
terms and conditions in any document, acceptance, or acknowledgment shall be effective or binding unless expressly agreed to in
writing by the contracting authority.
APPLICABLE LAW: This contract shall be governed under the laws of the State of Wisconsin. The contractor shall at all times
comply with and observe all federal and state laws, local laws, ordinances, and regulations which are in effect during the period of this
contract and which in any manner affect the work or its conduct. The State of Wisconsin reserves the right to cancel any contract with
a federally debarred contractor or a contractor which is presently identified on the list of parties excluded from federal procurement and
non-procurement contracts.
ANTITRUST ASSIGNMENT: The contractor and the State of Wisconsin recognize that in actual economic practice,
overcharges resulting from antitrust violations are in fact usually borne by the State of Wisconsin (purchaser). Therefore, the contractor
hereby assigns to the State of Wisconsin any and all claims for such overcharges as to goods, materials or services purchased in
connection with this contract.
ASSIGNMENT: No right or duty in whole or in part of the contractor under this contract may be assigned or delegated without
the prior written consent of the State of Wisconsin.
WORK CENTER CRITERIA: A work center must be certified under s. 16.752, Wis. Stats., and must ensure that when engaged
in the production of materials, supplies or equipment or the performance of contractual services, not less than seventy-five percent
(75%) of the total hours of direct labor are performed by severely handicapped individuals.
NONDISCRIMINATION / AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: In connection with the performance of work under this contract, the
contractor agrees not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of age, race, religion, color, handicap,
sex, physical condition, developmental disability as defined in s. 51.01(5), Wis. Stats., sexual orientation as defined in s. 111.32(13m),
Wis. Stats., or national origin. This provision shall include, but not be limited to, the following: employment, upgrading, demotion or
transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation; and selection for
training, including apprenticeship. Except with respect to sexual orientation, the contractor further agrees to take affirmative action to
ensure equal employment opportunities.
Contracts estimated to be over twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) require the submission of a written affirmative action plan
by the contractor. An exemption occurs from this requirement if the contractor has a workforce of less than twenty-five (25)
employees. Within fifteen (15) working days after the contract is awarded, the contractor must submit the plan to the contracting
state agency for approval. Instructions on preparing the plan and technical assistance regarding this clause are available from
the contracting state agency.
The contractor agrees to post in conspicuous places, available for employees and applicants for employment, a notice to be
provided by the contracting state agency that sets forth the provisions of the State of Wisconsin's nondiscrimination law.
Failure to comply with the conditions of this clause may result in the contractor's becoming declared an "ineligible" contrac tor,
termination of the contract, or withholding of payment.
PATENT INFRINGEMENT: The contractor selling to the State of Wisconsin the articles described herein guarantees the articles
were manufactured or produced in accordance with applicable federal labor laws. Further, that the sale or use of the articles described
herein will not infringe any United States patent. The contractor covenants that it will at its own expense defend every suit which shall
be brought against the State of Wisconsin (provided that such contractor is promptly notified of such suit, and all papers therein are
delivered to it) for any alleged infringement of any patent by reason of the sale or use of such articles, and agrees that it will pay all
costs, damages, and profits recoverable in any such suit.
SAFETY REQUIREMENTS: All materials, equipment, and supplies provided to the State of Wisconsin must comply fully with
all safety requirements as set forth by the Wisconsin Administrative Code, the Rules of the Industrial Commission on Safety, and all
applicable OSHA Standards.
WARRANTY: Unless otherwise specifically stated by the bidder/proposer, equipment purchased as a result of this request shall
be warranted against defects by the bidder/proposer for one (1) year from date of receipt. The equipment manufacturer's standard
warranty shall apply as a minimum and must be honored by the contractor.
INSURANCE RESPONSIBILITY: The contractor performing services for the State of Wisconsin shall:
Maintain worker's compensation insurance as required by Wisconsin Statutes, for all employees engaged in the work.
Maintain commercial liability, bodily injury and property damage insurance against any claim(s) which might occur in carrying out
this agreement/contract. Minimum coverage shall be one million dollars ($1,000,000) liability for bodily injury and property
damage including products liability and completed operations. Provide motor vehicle insurance for all owned, non-owned and
hired vehicles that are used in carrying out this contract. Minimum coverage shall be one million dollars ($1,000,000) per
occurrence combined single limit for automobile liability and property damage.
The state reserves the right to require higher or lower limits where warranted.
CANCELLATION: The State of Wisconsin reserves the right to cancel any contract in whole or in part without penalty due to
nonappropriation of funds or for failure of the contractor to comply with terms, conditions, and specifications of this contract.
VENDOR TAX DELINQUENCY: Vendors who have a delinquent Wisconsin tax liability may have their payments offset by the
State of Wisconsin.
PUBLIC RECORDS ACCESS: It is the intention of the state to maintain an open and public process in the solicitation,
submission, review, and approval of procurement activities.
Bid/proposal openings are public unless otherwise specified.
issuance of the notice of intent to award or the award of the contract.
Records may not be available for public inspection prior to
PROPRIETARY INFORMATION: Any restrictions on the use of data contained within a request, must be clearly stated in the
bid/proposal itself. Proprietary information submitted in response to a request will be handled in accordance with applicabl e State of
Wisconsin procurement regulations and the Wisconsin public records law. Proprietary restrictions normally are not accepted.
However, when accepted, it is the vendor's responsibility to defend the determination in the event of an appeal or litigation.
Data contained in a bid/proposal, all documentation provided therein, and innovations developed as a result of the contracted
commodities or services cannot by copyrighted or patented. All data, documentation, and innovations become the property of the
State of Wisconsin.
Any material submitted by the vendor in response to this request that the vendor considers confidential and proprietary
information and which qualifies as a trade secret, as provided in s. 19.36(5), Wis. Stats., or material which can be kept
confidential under the Wisconsin public records law, must be identified on a Designation of Confidential and Proprietary Information form (DOA-3027). Bidders/proposers may request the form if it is not part of the Request for Bid/Request for Proposal
package. Bid/proposal prices cannot be held confidential.
DISCLOSURE: If a state public official (s. 19.42, Wis. Stats.), a member of a state public official's immediate family, or any
organization in which a state public official or a member of the official's immediate family owns or controls a ten percent (10%) interest,
is a party to this agreement, and if this agreement involves payment of more than three thousand dollars ($3,000) within a twelve (12)
month period, this contract is voidable by the state unless appropriate disclosure is made according to s. 19.45(6), Wis. Stats., before
signing the contract. Disclosure must be made to the State of Wisconsin Ethics Board, 44 East Mifflin Street, Suite 601, Madison,
Wisconsin 53703 (Telephone 608-266-8123).
State classified and former employees and certain University of Wisconsin faculty/staff are subject to separate disclosure
requirements, s. 16.417, Wis. Stats.
RECYCLED MATERIALS: The State of Wisconsin is required to purchase products incorporating recycled materials whenever
technically and economically feasible. Bidders are encouraged to bid products with recycled content which meet specifications.
MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET: If any item(s) on an order(s) resulting from this award(s) is a hazardous chemical, as
defined under 29CFR 1910.1200, provide one (1) copy of a Material Safety Data Sheet for each item with the shipped container(s) and
one (1) copy with the invoice(s).
PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING / NEWS RELEASES: Reference to or use of the State of Wisconsin, any of its departments,
agencies or other subunits, or any state official or employee for commercial promotion is prohibited. News releases pertaining to this
procurement shall not be made without prior approval of the State of Wisconsin. Release of broadcast e-mails pertaining to this
procurement shall not be made without prior written authorization of the contracting agency.
HOLD HARMLESS: The contractor will indemnify and save harmless the State of Wisconsin and all of its officers, agents and
employees from all suits, actions, or claims of any character brought for or on account of any injuries or damages received by any
persons or property resulting from the operations of the contractor, or of any of its contractors, in prosecuting work under this
FOREIGN CORPORATION: A foreign corporation (any corporation other than a Wisconsin corporation) which becomes a party
to this Agreement is required to conform to all the requirements of Chapter 180, Wis. Stats., relating to a foreign corporation and must
possess a certificate of authority from the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, unless the corporation is transac ting
business in interstate commerce or is otherwise exempt from the requirement of obtaining a certificate of authority. Any foreign
corporation which desires to apply for a certificate of authority should contact the Department of Financial Institutions, Division of
Corporation, P. O. Box 7846, Madison, WI 53707-7846; telephone (608) 266-3590.
University of Wisconsin System
780 Regent Street
Madison, WI 53715
This completed affidavit must be submitted with the bid/proposal.
Proposer Preference: Please indicate below if claiming a proposer preference.
Minority Business Preference (s. 16.75(3m), Wis. Stats.) - Must be certified by the Wisconsin
Department of Commerce. If you have questions concerning the certification process, contact the
Wisconsin Department of Commerce, 8th Floor, 123 W. Washington Ave., P.O. Box 7970, Madison,
Wisconsin 53707-7970,
(608) 267-9550.
Work Center Preference (s 16.752, Wis Stats.) - Must be certified by the State of Wisconsin Use
Board. If you have questions concerning the certification process, contact the Wisconsin State Use
Board, 101 East Wilson Street, 6th Floor, PO Box 7867, Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7867 or 608/2662553.
American-Made Materials: The materials covered in our proposal were manufactured in whole or in substantial part within the United
States, or the majority of the component parts thereof were manufactured in whole or in substantial part in the United States.
Non-Collusion: In signing this proposal we also certify that we have not, either directly or indirectly, entered into any agreement or
participated in any collusion or otherwise taken any action in restraint of free trade; that no attempt has been made to induce any other
person or firm to submit or not to submit a proposal; that this proposal has been independently arrived at without collusion with any
other proposer competitor or potential competitor; that this proposal has not been knowingly disclosed prior to opening of proposals to
any other proposer or competitor; that the above statement is accurate under penalty of perjury.
We will comply with all terms, conditions, and specifications required by the State of Wisconsin in this Announcem ent of Bid/Proposal
and the terms of our bid/proposal.
Authorized Representative
Type or Print
Authorized Representative
Date (mm/dd/ccyy)
Company Name
This document can be made available in accessible formats to qualified individuals with disabilities.
DOA-3027 N(R01/98)
The attached material submitted in response to Bid/Proposal includes proprietary and confidential information which
qualifies as a trade secret, as provided in s. 19.36(5), Wis. Stats., or is otherwise material that can be kept confidential
under the Wisconsin Open Records Law. As such, we ask that certain pages, as indicated below, of this bid/proposal
response be treated as confidential material and not be released without our written approval.
Prices always become public information when bids/proposals are opened, and therefore cannot be kept
Other information cannot be kept confidential unless it is a trade secret. Trade secret is defined in s. 134.90(1)(c), Wis.
Stats. as follows: "Trade secret" means information, including a formula, pattern, compilation, program, device, method,
technique or process to which all of the following apply:
1. The information derives independent economic value, actual or potential, from not being generally known to, and
not being readily ascertainable by proper means by, other persons who can obtain economic value from its
disclosure or use.
2. The information is the subject of efforts to maintain its secrecy that are reasonable under the circumstances.
We request that the following pages not be released
Page #
Failure to include this form in the bid/proposal response may mean that all information provided as part of the bid/proposal response
will be open to examination and copying. The state considers other markings of confidential in the bid/proposal document to be
insufficient. The undersigned agrees to hold the state harmless for any damages arising out of the release of any materials unless they
are specifically identified above.
Company Name
Authorized Representative
Authorized Representative
Type or Print
This document can be made available in accessible formats to qualified individuals with disabilities.
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