AATON cantarem manual

AATON cantarem manual
eight to sixteen
channel Cantar
remote control
Cantarem is a slim portable
control panel offering eight linear
actuators that can be assigned
to any of Cantar’s nine input preamps and six mixdown faders.
Two Cantarem can be ganged
to form a sixteen channel distant
Solos are activated by built-in
keys which also allow the actuators to be assigned on the fly.
Cantarem’s very low profile prevents wrist discomfort, it can be
placed in front of Cantar without
hindering access to the front
panel push-buttons or hiding the
During transport, the swiveling
electronic interface housing protects the actuators.
Closed: 240 x 155 x 45 mm
Open: 240 x 215 x 25 mm
Weight: 790 gr
Actuators: 104mm stroke
Drain on Cantar: less than 25mA
25 mm
CantaRem 2007 April 30
If the Cantar mother-board is Rev-2.6 or higher (ID
shows under the white sheet in the HDD housing), the
CantaRem to Cantar ASCII connection is insured through
the Cantar’s SubD15 pin-2. Use a ‘SubD15 to Lemo8’
cable (ref. 594 4090).
If the mother board is earlier than Rev-2.6, the SubD15 pin-2
is not internally connected to the ASCII port. Use a ‘SubD15
to Lemo8+Lemo5’ Y cable (ref. 594 4191), and connect
the Lemo5 to the Cantar timecode-in socket.
• To gang two CantaRems use the Fisher4-Lemo8 cable
ref. 594 4092. The Fisher4 plug goes to the first CantaRem, the Lemo8 plug goes to the second one.
• The CantaRem USB socket (+5V, 80mA max) can’t
power a PDA; it is made to feed a PS2 keyboard only. But
you can use the +12V delivered by the Fisher4 socket, terminate the PDA car-lighter +12V to +5V voltage converter
cable with a Fisher4 plug (pin-1: Gnd, pin-4: +12V).
Sliders’ assignment
• Set AUDIO.22, ‘CantaRem com’ to ‘Auto’. Press one
of the two CantaRem [Ctrl] keys, ‘Assign’ shows on the
top row of the Cantar rectangular screen. Press a 1 to 8
key, the slider rank shows on the middle row.
[jog] to browse the Cantar faders which successively
show on the bottom row: unassigned - mic n - line n
- lines1+2 - lines3+4 - track n - line-out - foldback. The
assigned fader is the one displayed when releasing the
• The 0.6 sec. latency of Cantar’s Line-in faders is more
apparent when they are driven by linear actuators which,
unlike the small Cantar on-board buttons, can be swept
from 0 to -60dB in a wink.
• Put Cantar on {STOP} to initialize its clock by ASCII
from an OriginC.
• Cantar remote control: [MainSelector] on {PPR}, simultaneously press the two [ctrl] keys, then press 2->
{TEST}, 3->{PPR}, 4-> {REC}.
Design considerations
• Since Cantar is the only audio recorder featuring a wireless PDA link, there is no need for a ‘replica’ display nor a
built-in keyboard on CantaRem.
• CantaRem’s Penny+Gilles actuators are feathersmooth, but not as impervious to the elements as the
Cantar’s magnetically driven ones. That is why CantaRem
is built with structural transparency, allowing sand and water to flow through freely.
• The precise gain value of each fader is displayed on
Cantar’s rectangular screen, the actuators’ 0 to 9 scale is
only a quick positioning aid.
• The assignment of a CantaRem slider already linked to
another Cantar fader cancels the former link. All Cantar
faders are unlinked as soon as CantaRem is disabled (Set
AUDIO.22, ‘CantaRem com’ to ‘Not active’) or the cable
is unplugged. Stored assignments are displayed on AUDIO.23 to 30.
• To control several mic input faders from the same actuator, couple them in the usual Cantar way and assign
the actuator to the master only. The slaved rotary faders
are used for the ‘balance’.
• Press a slider key to activate the solo monitoring of the
Mic, Line or Track fader under its control.
A Lemo 5
PS2 keyboard
C Fisher 4
PDA power – CantaRem ‘1’ to ‘2’
D Lemo 8
Connection to Cantar – CantaRem ‘2’ to ‘1’
CantaRem 2007 April 30
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