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Xtreme PC NG-6600
Powerful Thin Client: with multi-session-support and
modular plug-ins software
Fast – powerful RISC Processor
2 x DVI-I Video: CE-based device offering connectivity to
DVI screens as well as VGA
Multi display support: 2-4 (Dual-to-Quad) Displays
Xtreme PC NG-6600
The NG 6600 is among the highest performing devices
in the Xtreme PC NG series, combining attractive pricing
with great specs.
The NG-6600 was designed to streamline video
presentation on multiple displays. This is perfect for
including widescreen support
users in demanding environments requiring wide
Single & Dual Display resolutions supported up to
working area, such as traders’ desk applications with
1920x1200 px (Reduced Blank) @ 64K (16 bit) colors
high-end applications, also supports widescreens.
Quad (4) Display resolutions supported up to 1024x768
Offering 2 DVI-I Video-outs supporting VGA and DVI
px @ 64K (16 bit) colors Legacy Supported Powerful Thin
monitors, it also provides support for multiple displays in
Dual or Quad mode.
Video and Audio Support - Separate 2x8 MB dedicated
video memory and audio support
Manageable - Chip PC’s Xcalibur Global management
The Xtreme PC Thin Client Family
software utilizes Active Directory (AD) tools and policies
across the AD tree structure and is scalable to manage
The Xtreme PC is the smartest, most compact, family of
hundreds of thousands of Users and devices via a
thin client products on the market today. These server-
standard Active Directory interface
centric computing oriented units function seamlessly
Flexible - Can run a range of applications from local
with various OS platforms: Windows (Terminal Server
printing, to various ICA/RDP/VDI and Terminal Emulation
Edition), Citrix, Legacy and VMware VDI.
The Xtreme PCs, with their small desktop footprint and
Customizable - Fully customizable desktop interface and
low power consumption, coupled with unequalled
modular operating system and plugins to fit user needs
management software, truly form the thin client family of
Plug-and–Play Connectivity - Fast, easy installation and
Data Integrity – Centralized data storage and backup
insures integrity and security
100% Secured - Against viruses, worms, and Trojans,
requires no security patches needed
Branding - Reflect corporate themes, color and logo, in
software screens and hardware printing
Compact - Weights as little as 180gm (6.35 oz) and is
easily mounted to back of monitor or underside of desk;
easy to handle, ship, store, and install.
Power Saver - 3.5W in full working mode; USB port
powering option via Display (optional, see Accessories)
Xtreme PC NG-6600
NG-6600 Hardware Specification Table
RMI - Alchemy Au 1550, 500 MHz RISC (equivalent to 1.2 GHz x86 TC Processors)
128 MB DDR
Mass Storage
64 MB Disk-On-Chip with TFS
Advanced Error Correction and Wear-levelling
Video Memory
• 128-bit 3D graphics acceleration engine with separate 2x8 MB display memory SDRAM
Display Support
Single and Dual Display:
Up to 1920x1200 pixels (Reduced Blank) @ 64K (16 bit) colors
Quad Display:
Up to 1024x768 pixels ) @ 64K (16 bit) colors
Enhanced Display
Widescreen support
Audio Support
Audio Output - 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) Audio-Out Jack; full 16-bit Stereo
Audio Input - 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) Audio-In Jack
Status Lights
• Power ON - Self-Test passed (Green)
• Power STBY - Self-Test failed (Red)
• LAN Link - Activity (Green/Amber)
Smart Card Support
• External PC/SC Smart Card Reader (optional, see Accessories)
2 DVI-I type video
4 USB 2.0-compatible ports
PS/2 ports (optional, see Accessories)
Serial ports (optional, see Accessories)
10/100 Fast Ethernet, twisted pair (RJ-45)
TCP/IP with DNS and DHCP
Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
SNMP Support - allows remote configuration of device settings, reporting of device configuration and
attached devices
Device input: 5V DC 2.4A max.
Work Mode – 3.5W , Sleep Mode - 0.35W
Wall-mount power supply input: Universal 90 – 240V AC, 50-60 Hz (included)
USB port powering option via Display (optional, see Accessories)
Physical Characteristics • Dimensions: 80(W )x158(D)x34(H) mm / 3.15(W )x6.22(D)x1.34(H) inch
• Device weight: 180 gr. (6 oz.)
• Shipping Weight: Per single pack - 0.65 Kg. (1.43 lbs.); per ten pack - 5.85 Kg. (12.9 lbs.)
• Special base attachment
• VESA (optional, see Accessories)
• Anti Theft Lock (optional, see Accessories)
Enclosure Color
Midnight Gray and Silver
• Temperature range: Operating - 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF); Storage - 0ºC to 60ºC (32ºF to 140ºF)
• Humidity: Operating - 20 to 80% non condensing; Storage – 10 to 90% non condensing
• Altitude: 0 to 20,000 ft
Regulatory Compliance
• Safety: UL/cUL60950,EN60 950
• EMI/EMC: FCC Class B, CE Mark, EN55022B, VCCI
Visit our site at www.chippc.com for an updated list
1 year automatic Warranty, additional 2 years pending on product registration
Xtreme PC NG-6600
Firmware Specifications Table
Chip PC’s unique Thin Client Operating System architecture provides a fast, secure, customizable and manageable Operating System
fully able to connect to any type of Terminal/Citrix/Legacy/Virtualization server
Operating system
• Internet Explorer
• Media Player (model pending)
• VPN Client
These Clients are modular and can be added/removed as plug-in to save memory and have only needed
applications available on the device
Server OS Compatibility
Setup and Configuration
• Configuration is policy-based (stored locally and on server)
• Multi-session support
• Fully customizable PC-like desktop interface
• Full policy-based management with Active Directory integration.
• 100% remote manageability; upgrades, device configuration and Users & Groups-based management
Security – 100%
immunity to malicious
• Full immunity to viruses, Trojans and worms. No malicious code can run on the device
Security - General
• Locked-down desktop that can be changed only by administrator
• Security policy applied from central server
• User cannot change settings
Security - USB Blocking
• Full or partial USB blocking as required. The USB ports can be enabled, disabled for all or specified
USB devices such as flash drive, CD-ROM, floppy, and more
User Authentication
• Provide User-based security and configuration settings. Each user will get unique thin Client
configuration and permissions according to his Group membership in the Active Directory.
Smart Card Access
• A User cannot use the client unless a Smart Card is inserted and the proper PIN code is provided.
Removal of the card will lock the device.
• Devices are available with integrated Smart Card reader or supporting external USB Smart Card
• Import SSL certificates to the device for connecting to Citrix Secure gateway or websites requiring SSL
Printers; Local and
• Full support of both local and network printers: LPD,LPR, SMB, LPT, USB, COM
Enhanced Display
• Widescreen support
Enhanced Microsoft Windows CE
Citrix WinFrame, MetaFrame, and Presentation Server 4.5
Microsoft Windows Server 2000/2003
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 – Terminal Server Edition
VMware Virtual Desktop Interface using RDP
Monitor, keyboard and mouse - to be purchased separately
Xcalibur Global & Plugin licenses - to be purchased separately
Above features are supported in latest firmware image version released
Actual display support is dependent on display hardware and cable quality; some of the resolutions and display modes described
above may not be supported by certain displays or cables
Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice
Xtreme PC NG-6600
The Company
Since its inception, Chip PC has been a world leader in
server-centric-computing. A public company with branches in
Europe and the U.S., Chip PC develops and manufactures,
top notch, thin client technology and management systems to
seamlessly with any cloud, server-based or
virtualization environment.
Chip PC’s team of dedicated researchers and developers
have combined their years of experience to yield novel ideas
and deliver an outstandingly innovative family of thin client
With the award winning Xcalibur Global management system
and innovative thin client units, Chip PC maintains a leading
market position with its end-to-end solution.
The End-to-End Solution
Chip PC is aimed at solving the thorny problem of
combining intelligent thin client networking with
sophisticated management and control. Chip PC’s
unique solution constructs a ground-up thin client
network from the revolutionary Jack PC that fits into
a standard wall jack, through the Xtreme PC Series,
miniature Plug PCs and powerful EX PCs.
comprehensively managed by Chip PC’s Xcalibur
Global. The Xcalibur Global Management System
simulates an Active Directory environment with
intelligent usage of its management principles of
policies and tools and offers flexible management
that applies down to the specific needs of every particular client unit or user.
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