Sensor Installation Guide (English) |

Sensor Installation Guide (English) |
Sensor Installation Guide
CAUTION: Before using this equipment,
carefully read and strictly follow the User
Manual (P/N 1100-1000). The user must
fully understand and strictly observe the
Sensor Installation Guide
P/N: 1100-0998
Revision 0
August 11, 2015
specified in that document.
Power down the instrument.
Open the housing. Loosen (2) or (3) as appropriate.
Using a flat-head screwdriver, loosen (4) (3 places)
Carefully remove (5) from enclosure.
Ribbon cable (not shown) may remain connected.
Remove an unused plug from the enclosure, if necessary.
Feed the connector end of the sensor assembly into the
8. For the General Purpose (GP) housing, screw the local
9. Plug the new sensing head connector into the open sensor
connector socket (6) or (7) on (8).
10. Put (5) back into the enclosure.
11. Using a flat-head screwdriver, secure (4) (3 places).
12. Put (1) back on. Secure (2) and (3) as appropriate.
13. Power up the instrument.
14. The instrument will prompt you to start the sensor registra-
15. Acknowledge with [ENTER]. The instrument will then
Enclosure Lid
Sensor Connector J2
Hex Set Screw
Sensor Connector J3
Interface Board
for Enclosure
Enclosure Base
Sensing Head
Bezel with Processor
Board (Electronics)
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