Mini In-Circuit Tester

Mini In-Circuit Tester
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Mini In-Circuit Tester
Data Sheet
The Keysight Mini In-Circuit Tester (ICT) is designed as a modular in-circuit test
unit in a 5U, 19-inch rack mount form to flexibly complement the existing tests in
your manufacturing line to increase your test coverage as well as failure diagnostics
The electronics world is blooming with millions of different printed circuit board
assemblies, and each has its own functionalities. Keysight Mini ICT provides you
scalable, modularized in-circuit test to fit different types of test requirements with
device-level failure diagnostics capability.
Not all kinds of boards can go through standard in-circuit tests procedures. Some of
them can only be tested with simple functional tests due to constraints such as board
size, test access, cost of the board, production yield, etc. However, common defects
such as opens, shorts or component failures are harder to find when only functional test
is used.
The Keysight Mini ICT provides device-level failure information using ICT test
technologies such as enhanced vectorless test, boundary scan, on-board programming
and general digital tests for ease of deployment for a flexible test strategy.
Benefits of In-Circuit Test
In-circuit test (ICT) technologies are invented to provide in-depth failure information to
reduce repair efforts such as repair time and the required engineer qualification levels.
It normally requires bed-of-nails fixtures as well as on-board test pads to provide test
access to the individual components. ICT has been a very successful tool to help all
kinds of electronics boards achieve fast ramp-up with high quality in the manufacturing
Figure 1. Functional test fixture with in-circuit test coverage
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In-circuit test systems normally refer to floor standing systems operated as a standalone, unique test process. Keysight Mini ICT packs the full power of an in-circuit tester
into an instrument-sized box that can be easily and flexibly integrated into any existing
test rack. The products tested on the test rack can immediately benefit from the ICT
technologies to get manufacturing defects removed early and quickly.
Basic in-circuit test features analog component tests, such as opens, shorts, resistors,
capacitors and inductor tests. The Keysight Mini ICT provides modern enhancements
around familiar features, such as intelligent shorts learning, circuit analysis-based
parallel component analysis, and user-friendly tools that show parallel and connecting
devices. These help to ensure that basic in-circuit test is implemented easily and runs
With Keysight’s patented vectorless test suite, VTEP v2.0 Powered, tests such as
functional test will be boosted with significantly higher failure details with accurate
results. With a simple sensor plate on top of the IC and connectors, the mini ICT pumps
in signals to your device and senses the signal back from those sensors. This is sufficient
to tell if the solder joints are open. If boundary scan devices are available, VTEP v2.0
Powered test coverage can be extended to the connecting ICs and connectors, without
the need for test probes or bed-of-nails fixtures.
Figure 2. Keysight VTEP v2.0 powered technology
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Mini But Strong
Furthermore, the Mini ICT supports true powered digital test with per-pin programmable
digital drivers and receivers. With more than five times of back-driving capability
compared to other platforms, the Mini ICT delivers the most stable digital tests. Digital
channels from the Mini ICT are specially designed with signal-to-ground pairs that
guarantee superior signal quality. The real-time driver monitoring mechanism removes
the worries about damages from over-driving. Furthermore, the Mini ICT shares digital
test libraries with the industry leading i3070 systems, enabling you to save time and
effort by leveraging existing libraries that you may already have.
Device under
Mini ICT
Figure 3. Back Driving when upper stream device cannot be disabled
For device programming capabilities, the Mini ICT provides Inter-Integrated Circuit (I 2C) and
serial peripheral interface (SPI) serial programming capabilities as a standard offering, and
it can be easily integrated with other external programming tools to expand the range of
test coverage.
SCPI Command Support
Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI) is a well-accepted industry
standard when controlling instruments remotely. Keysight Mini ICT is the first ICT-based
instrument that come with SCPI command support in the industry. This enables lots of
integration opportunities for the Mini ICT to work with other instruments to complete the
overall test required.
SCPI : Test
Mini ICT 1
SCPI : Test
Mini ICT 2
SCPI : Test
Figure 4. Controlling multiple Mini ICTs with SCPI at one time
Mini ICT 3
05 | Keysight | Mini In-Circuit Tester - Data Sheet
Keysight Mini ICT
Maximum node count
Maximum digital driver/receiver channels
SCPI command support
External power supply control
Keysight VTEP 2.0 Powered
On board programming
Boundary scan
Yes, native with interconnect capabilities
Digital test library support
Keysight VCL/PCF
Analog component test
Resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes,
transistors/FET, and jumpers
Voltage measurement
Max 100 V
Frequency measurement
200 Mhz, 12 sets, with frequency mux card
Digital test engine characteristics
Digital multiplexing
1:1; Un-muxed
Per-pin programmable receiver
0 to 4.85 V
Per-pin programmable driver
0 to 5 V
Max sink current
Peak 500 mA
Max source current
Peak 500 mA
Pattern rate
Maximum 2 MPS
Programmable vector cycle
Programmable vector cycle resolution
50 ns
Programmable receive delay
Programmable receive delay resolution
10 ns
630 mm (L) x 482.6 mm (W) x 222.5 mm (H)
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