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I49-003418 A
August 2002
Scanning the Easy Way
Step into ScanWizard 5’s tutorial guide because we’ve
made each task short and simple. There are several
different scanning activities, with no more than 8 easy
steps for each project. All of the projects concentrate on
the basic scanning functions of ScanWizard 5.
Part A contains the basic features and functions of the
buttons and tools included in the Standard Control Panel
and the Advanced Control Panel.
Part B is a tutorial that covers the following tasks:
scanning photographs and documents, doing multiple
scans, and using the Advanced Image Correction tools.
Before you begin, you may want to go through the
Quick Reference Guide as well as the Online help and
familiarize yourself with ScanWizard 5. Happy scanning !
Inside Step-by-Step Tutorial
Part A
Part B
Functions of ScanWizard 5
Using the Standard Control Panel
Using the Advanced Control Panel
How to scan a photo
How to copy
How to scan a photo, film or slide
for E-mail attachment
How to scan a photo for your desktop wallpaper
How to scan for OCR
Converting scanned documents for editing
How to scan and instantly upload images to the web
How to scan printed material and insert it into a Microsoft
Office application
How to scan and store multiple images
How to adjust color in an image
Part A
Using the Standard Control Panel
The ScanWizard 5 - Standard Control Panel offers a simple and easy way to complete a scanning
session. It has a tutorial that can guide you through the actual steps to help you accomplish your first
scan. To find out more about the functions behind the Standard Control Panel, explore and navigate the
panel below.
Preview window
Prescans and previews your
material before final scanning.
Automatic preview of the scan
material is shown whenever
ScanWizard 5 is launched.
Performs the final scan, and
delivers the output to a
selected application. Click
and hold the mouse to
activate the options menu.
Scan frame
Lets you set the area to be
Switch icon
Allows you to change to
the Advanced Control
Scanner icon
Shows the scanner type,
model, and status.
Help icon
Contains the online help
and follow-me tutorial.
Minimize icon
Minimizes ScanWizard 5.
Exit icon
Closes ScanWizard 5
When you click any of these
tool buttons, a text box and its
current default will appear
which allows you to select
your own scan settings.
Info icon shows detailed settings
and status of current scan job.
Zoom in and
Zoom out controls.
Status bar shows the current
settings, and becomes a Progress
bar during the scanning process.
Panning tool
Pans or moves around a
magnified area.
When you point and leave
your cursor on any button on
the panel, a balloon help will
pop up on the screen giving
you hints and tips about its
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
Part A
Using the Advanced Control Panel
The ScanWizard 5 - Advanced Control Panel provides users the power to control, correct, and
improve the image at the scanning stage. Acquiring the best possible scans should not require a lot of
hard work, and you only need to understand the basic functions behind the Advanced Control Panel to
work like a pro.
Preview window
Menu bar
Allows various options on
customizing the scanner,
software, image adjustment
tools, and access to help.
Overview shows a preview of
the image(s) on the entire
scanning bed.
Prescan gives a high-resolution
view of the area selected by the
Scan frame tool.
Tool buttons
Scan fframe
rame tool
Lets you define a scan
frame area.
Zooming tool
Provides zoom in and
zoom out controls.
Pan tool
Pans or moves around
a magnified area.
Dropper tool
Lets you highlight or
isolate the Black & White
points of a selected area.
Scan to button
Starts the final scan and
delivers the output to a
specified application.
Scan material icon
Provides options for selecting
the type of material being
scanned (reflective, negative
or positive).
Switch icon
Takes you back to the
Standard Control Panel.
Exit button
Closes ScanWizard 5.
Minimize button
Minimizes ScanWizard 5.
Scan frame
Allows you to set the area to
be scanned.
Status bar
Provides hints and tips when
you click any button.
Unit of measurement
Allows you to change the unit
type of the ruler. Options
include inch, cm, mm, point,
pixel, and pica.
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
The Advanced Control Panel, Settings, Info, and Scan Job Queue windows appear whenever the
Advanced Control Panel is activated. Otherwise, click the View menu in the Preview window, then
indow to Fr
ont or Show Scan Job Queue W
select Bring Settings W
Settings window
Scan Job Queue window
Image type and color mode
appears whenever a job has been prescanned.
Check sign indicates job will be scanned when you click any
of the Scan
Scan, E-mail or Copy buttons.
Image size in Kilobytes.
Current scan job is
Function buttons for
controlling scan jobs.
- Duplicate
Up/Down Arrows
Lets you change the order of the
scan job in the list.
One-pass Scan for Multiple Jobs
Reduces your scanning time.
Shows the current scan job
selected in the Scan Job Queue
Scan frame and Scale output
Scan frame options
Advanced Image Correction
(AIC) tools::
- White/Black Points
- Tone Curve
- Brightness and Contrast
- Color Correction
- Filter
- Descreen
Fast JPEG/Digital ICE
For scanners implementing
either Fast JPEG or Digital ICE.
- New
- Delete
- Check
- Load/Save
Info window
Zoom Level Display
Lets you increase or reduce the magnification level.
Mouse Cursor Position
Displays position of the mouse
along the x and y coordinates of the image.
Color Meter Options
Lets you select color info and area of the sample
Color Output Meter
Displays the output pixel values in the selected
area of the overview or prescan image.
Sample Display Area
Shows pixelized display of area in the overview/
prescan image where mouse cursor rests.
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
Part B
How to scan a photo
Microtek scanners provide quick entry into a world of “picture perfect” patterns and textures. With your
Microtek scanner, you can pull out all those photographic memorabilia out of the closet and scan them
for E-mail attachment, desktop wallpaper, digital photo albums, and more. Your first scanning
expedition awaits you below.
Place a color photograph face
down on your
scanner bed.
Double-click the ScanWizard
5 icon on your desktop. This
will launch the ScanWizard 5 Standard Control Panel.
The scanner will automatically
detect, configure, scan, and
show a preview of your
material, enclosed in a “scan
Always check the Info icon
located at very bottom of the
panel to make sure that the
configuration has been set
correctly to match your
If your intended scan does not
comply with the material type
and other settings, click any of
these buttons to configure the
settings accordingly.
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
When scanning a colored
photograph, the configuration
is normally set to the
following default settings.
When you are ready to save
the scanned image, click the
Scan to button.
The Scan T
o: Save As dialog
box will appear. Store the
image in your preferred
folder, key in the file name,
and use .bmp or .jpg as the
recommended file format.
Click Save to complete your
first scan.
Part B
How to copy
Transform your scanner and printer into a convenient copy station. Whether you are in the office,
home or school, you can easily print or copy handouts, memos, research papers, assignments,
photographs-- almost anything within your reach. This module shows you how.
Position the document that
needs to be printed (“copied”)
on the scanner bed.
Double-click the
ScanWizard 5 icon
on your desktop.
The ScanWizard 5 - Standard
Control Panel appears. Check
the Info icon whether any
configuration changes need to
be made, then proceed to the
next step. If not, go to Step 6
ScanWizard 5 will auto-detect
and configure the settings of
your scan material.
You can increase or reduce
the size of any material by
clicking the Scale Output
button. Normally 100% will
suffice for copying purposes.
Click the Scan to button and
hold down the mouse for
about 3 seconds until the
options menu appears.
Select Copy to send the
scanned material directly to
your printer (Notice that the
Scan to button transforms to
When the Copy dialog box
appears, select your default
printer or any alternative
printer from the options, then
specify the number of copies
to be made. When you are
ready to print, click OK
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
Part B
How to scan a photo, film or slide
for E-mail attachment
Share you images over the Internet! Just got back from your vacation and want to share your experience?
or want to send photos to your family and friends just to keep in touch? Don’t just write traditional
E-mail! Add a little zest by including scanned images.
Properly position your photo,
filmstrip or slide on the
scanner bed.
To scan transparent materials,
you should install the
Transparent Media Adapter
before positioning your
material and launching
ScanWizard 5 (Refer to other
documentation on installing
the appropriate accessory).
If JPEG is selected,
it will reduce the
storage space by
compressing the file
size, and it is an
extremely popular
image format used on
web pages and
E-mail attachments.
To activate
ScanWizard 5
click the icon on your desktop.
If you are scanning a film or
slide, click Original
Original, then
select from the menu Positive
(for slides) or Negative (for
negative film from cameras).
If you are scanning a normal
photograph select Photo
ype to select
then click Scan T
the appropriate color mode.
If you wish to enhance the
look of your image before
attaching it to your E-mail,
click the Adjust button.
Experiment with the various
controls (Brightness, Contrast,
Color, Sharpness or
Saturation) until you are
pleased with the result.
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
Click the Scan to button, then hold down
your mouse for about 3 seconds. When the
options menu appears, select E-mail
When the E-mail: Save As dialog box
appears, save the image to your preferred
folder, key in a file name and choose .jpg as
your file format. Click Save to deliver it
directly to your system default E-mail.
Your default E-mail application launches
with your scanned image attached to it. Fill
in the E-mail address, subject, and
message, then click the Send icon to send
your E-mail with the scanned image.
Part B
How to scan a photo for your
desktop wallpaper
Create your own unique desktop wallpaper! Check the steps below -- it’s
not that complicated! Before you begin though, check the resolution of
your screen area and write this down. You will need this information so
that your image fits on the entire screen.
Place a photo that you wish to
scan for your desktop
wallpaper on the scanner bed.
Before you start scanning,
check the resolution of your
Display Screen area from the
Control Panel’s Display
Launch ScanWizard 5
From the Standard Control
Panel, click the Switch button
(located on the upper right
corner) to change to the
Advanced Control Panel
From the Settings window,
change the unit system to
pixels instead of inches
inches; Key
in the resolution of your
Screen area in the Output
box, then select the Fixed
Output Size and Keep
Proportion check boxes. Crop
the image to the desired area
that you want to show for
your output.
Click Prescan to view the
adjustments, then click the
Scan to button when you’re
all ready to save your image.
o: Save As
When the Scan T
dialog box appears, save your
image under: C:\Windows or
your preferred folder, key in
your file name and use .bmp
as the recommended file
Right-click the mouse
to any free space on
your desktop. When
a shortcut dialog box
appears, select
Properties, then click
the Background tab. From the
Wallpaper list, select the
scanned image that you have
just saved.
To finish, click Apply
Apply, then
OK to launch your new
wallpaper background.
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
Part B
How to scan for OCR
Converting scanned documents for editing
The built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine instantly converts a
scanned document into text that can be edited from any word processing
application. Save files as .rtf and .xls for use in common word processing and
spreadsheet applications. For web page viewing, use .htm or .pdf for viewing
on any platform.
The default language for OCR
is English
English. If you wish to
change the language, select
your preferred language from
the OCR Language options.
Place a text document
on the scanner bed,
and then launch
ScanWizard 5
ScanWizard 5 will
automatically detect and
configure your scan material.
If you wish to specify your
own scan setting, manually
click any of the tool buttons on
the Standard Control Panel,
and choose the settings from
options menu.
Select the check box “Send
document to application after
saving” to automatically send it
to the specified application for
editing, or viewing purposes.
Click the Save button to start
scanning your documents,
automatically save and launch
the selected application for
viewing or editing your
Select OCR from the options
Take note of the following file formats:
When the OCR: Save As
dialog box appears, select a
folder, key in your preferred
file name or use the default
file name “Document
Select your required file
format from the options.
See the additional notes
before choosing a specific file
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
File Format Purpose
Best Results
Create documents with a combination
of text, graphics, and tables.
Documents with text images
and/or tables.
Create spreadsheets with text and
Create documents with text only.
Text files where layout and
formatting is not needed.
Compact color document files with text
Sharing color documents over a
that graphics that can be ready by
network or archiving purposes.
Acrobat Reader.
Color document files with text and
graphics to be viewed in all web
For use in web sites or other
programming applications.
Part B
How to scan and instantly upload
images to the web
It’s easy and fun to instantly upload images onto a free
photo-sharing website. Scan, upload and share them
with your family and friends across the globe or even
across town.
Place the material that
you wish to post on the
web, and then launch
ScanWizard 5
The default scan setting under
the Purpose menu has been set
to Onscreen Viewing
For fastest
select Onscreen
Viewing. Or you
can also modify
the settings to suit
your needs.
To activate a registered
account, click the Add button,
key in your username and
password, click Close
Close, and
then carry on to the next step.
Check box option:
Open my web album after
Enable this check box when
you are up to your last image
to efficiently upload them in
one batch.
Click the Save button to
save/store your images to a
default folder as JPEG format
and automatically upload
them to your photo-sharing
album on the Internet. If you
wish to change the name of
the file and folder location,
you can do so in the File
name/Save in box.
It is recommended that you
use JPEG as your file fomat -this is the standard image
format widely used on the
Make sure
that you are
connected to the
Internet before you
activate the To W
button from the options
The Scan to W
eb dialog box
will appear. Click the Account
Manager button to manage
your photo-sharing account.
To register for a new photosharing account, from the
Account Manager window
click Create a new account
and then follow the given
instructions as you register.
After completing the
registration process; close the
browser and return to the
Account Manager window.
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
Part B
How to scan printed material and insert
it into a Microsoft Office application
Add a special touch of creativity to any of your school
projects, certificates, resumés, brochures, press releases,
product launches, etc. You can send your scanned
image(s) directly to any of your Microsoft Office
applications to strengthen your presentation.
Position the printed material
(magazine or newspaper) to
be scanned on the scanner
osoft W
Open your Micr
PowerPoint, or Excel
Excel, then
set the cursor in a specific
area where you want to
position the image that you
are about to scan. (Here we
have opened MicroSoft
PowerPoint 2000).
From the toolbar, click Inser
When the Insert options
menu appears, select Picture
om Scanner
and choose Fr
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
The Insert Picture dialog box
will appear. Choose Device
(Microtek ScanWizard 5)
then click the Custom Insert
button. ScanWizard 5 will
launch automatically.
Switch to the Advanced
Control Panel to set the
Descreen function. This will
remove visible moire patterns
that result when you scan from
magazines or newspapers.
From the Settings menu, select
ype, then choose the color
mode to match your material.
Now select Descreen under
the AIC tools, then select Art
Magazine (This will depend
on the type of material you are
Click Overview to view the
entire image, make any
necessary changes you wish,
then click Prescan for a
higher-resolution view of the
image. When you are satisfied
with the adjustments, click
the Scan to button to deliver
the scanned material directly
to your chosen Microsoft
Office application.
After a few seconds, the
scanned material should
automatically appear as an
inserted image.
Part B
How to scan and store multiple
To scan stacks of photographs or documents
continuously, switch to the Advanced Control Panel,
and follow these simple steps. Also, it’s always a good
idea to create a special folder as a storage specifically
for all your scanned images. That way, you can easily
locate, browse, and retrieve them at any time.
Highlight all your
scan jobs, then click
the Scan to button if you are
ready to store all your scanned
images at the same time. The
scanner will scan all your
images continuously, without
you having to click the Scan
to button for every image.
Place several photos carefully
on your scanner bed for
continuous scanning.
Create a new folder under
C:\Windows\Desktop, or any
preferred folder to serve as a
storage for your scanned
One-pass Scan for
Check the “One-pass
Jobs” option, and all
Multiple Jobs
the selected jobs (same image
type) can be performed in a
one-pass scan.
If you are currently in the
Standard Control Panel
switch to the Advanced
Control Panel
Panel, then click the
Overview button to preview
the entire scanning bed with
all your images.
Crop the first image to the
desired area. Click New from
the Scan Job Queue window,
give the second image a title,
select the image with the Scan
Frame tool, and crop as
necessary. Do this for all
remaining images.
If you wish to change the
parameters for each image, key
in your preferences in the
Settings window.
Once you have set the changes,
highlight all the items from the
Scan Job Queue window, then
click Prescan to scan all the
images continuously. “P
appears on every scan job and
a preview of each photo is
shown whenever an image has
been pre-scanned.
You can store and deliver the
images all at once. When the
Scan T
o: Save As dialog box
appears, key in one file name
and save it to your preferred
folder. You can Rename each
image(s) when you open your
If you have saved the images
under C:\Windows\Desktop
you can double-click your
“folder” icon to view and
retrieve your photo storage
directly from the desktop, or
simply create a shortcut icon
for your folder.
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial
Part B
How to adjust color in an image
The Advanced Image Correction (AIC) tools in ScanWizard 5
features several powerful controls for image adjustment and
enhancement, with “Before” and “After” thumbnails. All changes
are shown in real time on the resizable Preview window. Tools
include: White/Black Points, Tone Curve, Brightness/Contrast,
Color Correction, Filter, and Descreen. Use these tools to get the
desired effect for your images.
When the Color wheel is
adjusted, the Angle and
Radius is calculated
automatically, and the result
may look like this:
To adjust color images, use the
AIC tools. These tools can be
accessed in the Advanced
Control Panel through the
Settings window, or through
the Correction menu in the
preview window.
Click Filter from the Settings
window, then choose from the
options to see the different
effects when a filter is applied:
Original Photo
Original Photo
Color Correction allows you
to add or remove a particular
color cast from an image by
using the dotted pointer in the
center of the color wheel. See
the difference in the image
from the “Before
Before” and “After
thumbnails (in real time).
The After Effect
After Color wheel adjustment
To adjust the saturation of an
image, drag the slider to the left
(to decrease saturation) or to the
right (to increase saturation).
The Picker allows you to select a
color from a particular area of
the image and apply a color cast.
Click OK to apply the current
adjustments or Cancel to ignore
“Before” and “After” thumbnails
Edge Enhancement
For further enhancements,
use the other AIC tools as
Microtek Scanner Step-by-Step Tutorial