PermaBlok Info and Cleaning Instructions

PermaBlok Info and Cleaning Instructions
PermaBlok Info and Cleaning Instructions
PERMABLOK3® from Spradling is a proven vinyl protective coating that's engineered to create a tough, effective barrier against the three biggest problems encountered in healthcare and hospitality
environments. Germs. Abrasion. And stains.
You can't see it. Or feel it. Yet the protection it offers results in extended performance and lasting beauty with a minimum of care.
PERMABLOK3® results in a more hygienic environment, because germ counts can be kept down. Importantly, it also guards against the surface growth of fungus, mold and mildew spores which can cause
unpleasant odors, unsightly pink and black stain, even allergic reactions. Which means vinyls treated with PERMABLOK3® not only keep their good looks, they remain highly resistant to microbial
deterioration which can cause cracking, splitting and loss of flexibility.
So from any standpoint - hygienic, cosmetic or structural, PERMABLOK3® offers superior bacterial protection that healthcare and hospitality industries can really count on.
It takes a tough skin to stand up to the everyday wear and tear that typify today's commercial environments. CFFA standard Wyzenbeek test methods confirm that Permablok³ offers some of the toughest
abrasion protection available for vinyl fabrics today - demonstrating excellent resistance to scuffing and burnishing which can make ordinary vinyls look old before their time.
When caught quickly, most everyday stains like grease, blood, suntan lotion, crayon, ketchup and black felt tip pens can be wiped right off vinyls treated with PERMABLOK³®. Just use mild soap and water.
For more stubborn stains, a variety of concentrated and solvent type cleansers may be used with out damaging the surface. Including alcohol, naphtha and bleach. (Abrasive household cleansers and steel
wool should be avoided - see the cleaning guide for complete care and cleaning procedures.)
PERMABLOK3® offers unsurpassed antimicrobial protection by resisting gram positive and gram negative bacteria, filamentous fungi and yeast.
Step 1: Remove excess spill with damp cloth. Clean with 1:1 mix of Ivory® liquid and water. Rinse with clean water and dry.
Step 2: Use straight application of concentrated cleaners such as Formula 409® or Fantastik® Spray Cleaner. Then wipe with clean cloth.
Step 3: Use a 1:1 mix of ammonia and water or a 1:4 mix of bleach and water. Rinse with clean water and dry.
Step 4: Use straight application of naphtha (lighter fluid). Rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat surface dry.
Step 5: Use 1:1 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water. If stain persists, use straight alcohol. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and pat surface dry. If stains remain, use a 1:1 mix of acetone and water. Rinse
with clean water and pat surface dry.
*Note: For cleaning that requires steps 4 or 5 - use a soft cotton cloth saturated with the cleaning material, rub the stain in circles 10 times. Pat dry with another soft cotton cloth and check results.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The information published in this care guide refers to the performance of Permablok³ products in specific tests conducted under laboratory conditions. Results may vary under actual conditions.
This information is not a guarantee and does not relieve the user from the responsibility of the proper and safe use of the product and all cleaning agents.
Formula 409® is a trademark of the Clorox Company.
Fantastik® Spray Cleaner is a trademark to the Texize Division of Dow Products, Inc.
Ivory® is a trademark of Procter and Gamble.
Permablok3TM of Spradling International, Inc.
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