amination GBC – Roll L GBC Catena 35-65-105 – Roll Lamination

amination GBC – Roll L GBC Catena 35-65-105 – Roll Lamination
Technical Specifications
Roll opening for mounting:
Film Thickness:
Core Size:
Lamination speed:
Preheating time:
Electricity supply:
Machine weight:
Machine Dimensions:
Safety standards:
Product code:
Catena 35 : up to A3; Catena 65 : up to A1; Catena 105 : up to A0
Catena 105
5 mm controlled precision manual opening & pressure handle
25 – 250 micron
Catena 35 & 65 : 25 mm core size; Catena 105 : 57 mm core size
Up to 1.5 m/min
10 minutes
240V/50Hz/13 amp
Catena 35 : 25 kg / Catena 65 : 38 kg / Catena 105 : 69 kg
Catena 35 : 635 (w) x 330 (h) x 460 (d) mm
Catena 65 : 990 (w) x 430 (h) x 460 (d) mm
Catena 105 : 1300 (w) x 1220 (h) x 530 (d) mm
UL/CE/CSA listed
Catena 35 : 1715830 / Catena 65 : 1715841 / Catena 105 : 1715850
• Easy to use: LCD display indicates temperature, speed and ready/wait condition. Silicone rubber
rollers ensure timely clean-up. Interlocking feed tray and magnetic safety shield for safe operation.
▪ Versatile: Designed for thermal or pressure sensitive film. Roller gap adjustment handles mounting
boards up to 5mm / 3/16” thick. Rewind roller peels away pressure sensitive release liner, standard on
the Catena 105, optional extra on Catena 35 and Catena 65.
▪ Superior Quality: Infrared heating coil distributes heat evenly and improved lamination quality. Eightbit microprocessor temperature control guarantees fast response time. Cooling fan ensures smooth,
flat output.
• Safety Shield: The safety shield magnetically locks into place and is much easier to remove for
webbing and un-webbing. The interlock switch for the shield allows the unit to meet all safety
▪ Controls: The control panel allows the operator to easily make adjustments as needed to produce a
quality product. An IR heat sensing system instantaneously detects heat variations on the roller
surface, providing immediate feedback to the heating system.
GBC reserves the right to change specifications without notice. © GBC UK Limited
GBC – Roll Lamination
GBC Catena 35-65-105 – Roll Lamination
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