IMAC Equipment Rental List - Island Media Arts Cooperative

IMAC Equipment Rental List
(Listed prices are for commercial rates. Member rates are 10% of the listed
Sound Dept
1- Nagra 4.2 Kit - a) Nagra 4.2 (w/phantom power on mic
input #2)
b) ATM 117 (ac power adaptor)
c) Porta Brace (padded carrying case
/blue)w/straps and belt.
d) Hard Shell Travel Case (red)
e) Uses Regular & Rechargeable Batteries
(D cells/12).
2- Nagra III Kit - a) Nagra III
b) ATN (ac power adaptor)
c) Beyer DT48S Headphones (2 prong
d) Leather Carrying Case (black)
w/shoulder strap.
e) Outboard Crystal (chocolate bar)
f) Hard Shell Travel Case (aluminum).
g) Uses Regular & Rechargeable Batteries,
(D cells/12).
3- HHB PDR1000TC DAT Recorder Kit
a) HHB PDR1000 (recorder part of unit)
b) HHB Time Code Module of unit,
c) SONY MDR 7505 Professional Stereo
d) HHB AC Adaptor/Charger (w/ac cable)
e) 4 Batteries, Sanyo Cadnica NP-1SB.
f) PAG Adaptor (XLR - 4 socket to NP1
type batteries)
g) Carry straps
h) Soft Carry Case (w/flaps, pocket &
i) One Manual.
j) HHB PDR1000TC Hard Shell Travel
4- Tascam DA88 w/ sync card
Shure FP32 Mixer (w/Shure soft carry carry case, strap,
& manual/uses 3x9volt batteries)
Sennheiser ME 80/K3-U (directional microphone):
a) Front Capsule (ME 80)
b) Off/On/Power Supply Section.
c) Battery (EPX23 - 5.6V).
d) Plastic Case (black w/cut foam).
e) Foam Pop-Filter (black).
Sennheiser ME66 (directional microphone):
a) Front capsule
b) Off/on power supply section #003
c)Black hard plastic case w/fit foam
8- Sennheiser MKH 815T (shotgun mic w/case to be used in N
agra 4.2 phantom power input with
special cable for "T" power)
9- Electro-Voice 635A Omnidirectional Microphone.
10- Dan Gibson E.P.M. P-650 Parabolic Mic
(handle/mic/reflector assembly w/hard
foam supported case, instructions, &
11- Sony ECM-50PS (lavalier) Electret Condenser Microphone:
a) Mic and Power Supply Unit.
b) Pop Filter/Wind Screen.
c) Clips (alligator/pin).
d) Battery (MN9100 size N 1.5V).
e) Plastic Case (padded/black).
12- Sony ECM-55B (lavalier) Electret Condenser Microphone:
a) Mic and Power Supply Unit.
b) Pop Filter/Wind Screen.
c) Clips (alligator/pin).
d) Battery (MN9100 size N 1.5V).
e) Plastic Case (padded/black).
13- Tram (clip-on) Microphone Assembly:
a) Mic (w/mini plug cable)
b) Clip-on Power Supply/XLR Connector.
c) Pop Filter/Wind Screen.
d) Clips (alligator/pin).
e) Plastic Case (black).
14- Lectrosonics Radio Mic Kit "A": 527.500MHz
a) UN190 (UHF belt-pack transmitter w/
felxible wire antenna)
b) UCR 190 (UHF compact receiver w/
flexible"rubber dickie" antenna- BNC)
c) M-119 Electret Microphone (female 5pin w/pop filter & 2 clips).
d) Tram TR-50 Lavalier Mic (female 5-pin
w/pop filter with three kinds of
clips/holders in own black case.
e) CH-12 Power Supply (13.2 VDC)
f) Kit Uses 2 x nine volt batteries.
g) Soft Padded Carrying case (for whole
h) Porta Brace RM-185 Holder (blue).
15- Lectrosonic Radio Mic Kit "B": 554.800MHz
a) UN190 (UHF belt-pack transmitter
w/felxible wire antenna)
b) UCR 190 (UHF compact receiver w/
flexible "rubber dickie" antenna -BNC
c) M-119 Electret Microphone (female 5pin w/pop filter & 2 clips).
d) Tram TR-50 Lavalier Mic (female 5-pin
w/pop filter & three kinds of
e) CH-12 Power Supply (13.2 VDC)
f) Kit Uses 2 x nine volt batteries.
g) Soft Padded Carrying case (for whole
h) Porta Brace RM-185 Holder (blue).
16- Lavalier Mic C Kit- Hardwired Electret condenser mic
- case and accessories
17- Lavalier Mic D Kit- Hardwired Electret condenser mic
- case and accessories
18- Rycote Wind Screen & Shock Mount Assembly for ME 80:
a) Double Bracket Shock Mount.
b) Pistol Grip (w/adjustable tilt).
c) Knurled Edge Lock Nuts (2).
d) Wind Screen (w/end piece & fastening
e) Wind Sock.
19-Rycote Wind Screen & Shock Mount Assembly for ME66:
a) Double Bracket Shock Mount & Tilting
Pistol Grip w/ 6 spare brackets (3
b) Spare Lever-Bolt-Hard Mount (tilt).
c) Rycote Alan Key screwdriver.
d) Wind Jammer & brush.
20- Rycote Wind Screen & Shock Mount Assembly for 815T:
a) Double Bracket Shock Mount & Tilting
Pistol Grip Handle.
b) Wind Screen (w/twist lock end).
c) Wind Jammer (w/brush).
21- Extendible Booms:
a) Kieth Marks (telescopic - 6 ft.).
b) Van Den (telescopic - 16 ft.).
c) Light Wave Audio GT-10
22- Microphone Cables (XLR):
a) 10 ft. x 4 (gray).
-$3.00 each
b) 20 ft. (gray - wired for "T" power).
c) 20 ft. (gray).
d) 25 ft. x 4 (gray)
e) 17 ft. (red).
f) 10 ft. (black).
g) 25 ft. (black)
h) 9 1/2 ft. (double female / gray).
h) 1 ft. (double female) x 2.
i) 1 ft. (double male).
j) 35 ft. (gray).
23- Sound Cables (general):
a) 7 ft. (brown XLR male to banana).
-$3.00 each
b) 25 ft. (1/4 in. phono male to female)
c) 15 ft. (Sony mini / male to female).
24- Miscellaneous (various):
a) Micro Preamp (for Nagra) ser. #BS II
b) ATN-ATN2 (charge adaptor for Nagra
III)ser. #5950.
-$3.00 each
c) Adaptors General (various).
d) Double Bracket Mic Mount (hard).
e) Short Cables and Splitters (various,
i.e.RCA, 1/4 in.mono, stereo, etc.).
f) Head Demagnetizer #088.
g) Bulk Tape Eraser LR6259 - 6T259
h) Bulk Travel Case (for microphones,
mounts,wind screens, cables, etc.)
/black metal.
i) Small Travel Case (w/cut foam).
j) Sound Report Book & Forms.
k) Battery Charger (various sizes)
l) Mallory Battery Tester ser.
25- Stationary Sound Equipment (rack mounted):
a) 16mm Dubber - Model 3000
Magnasync/Moviola Recorder-Reproducer
-no fixed rate
b) 16mm Dubber - Magnatech
Recorder/Reproducer Model MD-436
c) 2 x 1200 ft. Split Reels (for
d) Magnatech Playback Synchronizer
e) Ampex AG440B
f) Power Supply (Bipolar) Model 536.
g) Monitor Selector.
h) Dual Turntable 1209
i) Ward Beck Equalizer
j) Patch-bay (1/4 in. phono x 48)
k) Keldolski Synchronizer & Cable (for
Nagra III sync.
l) Mitsubishi DT-77 Cassette Tape Deck
m) Yamaha Power Amplifier
n) 2 x Yamaha Speakers (R+L) NS-10M
o) Spare 100 ft. Speaker Cable (w/ 1/4
p) Phillips Systems Power Amplifiers.
q) Rack Mount Cabinets x 3.
26- Fostex Distribution Amp.
-no fixed rate
27- 1 x Fostex Headphones #T20RP (in PD170 kit)
28- 4 x Sony MDR Headphones #7505
Camera Department
29- 5 x Super8 cameras
-$10.00 each
30- Quick Charger/discharger Model
31- DC Utility Lamp (for camera batteries) w/4 pin canon.
32- Bolex Camera Kit #1:
a) Bolex H1 (for use on
animation stand).
b) Switar 25mm Lens (for animation)
c) Bolex Battery Power Supply Unit
(w/grip & off-on switch)
d) Bolex ESM 12V DC Motor (for H16).
e) Kern-Pollard Vario-Switar f=18-86mm
f) Filter Pack (5 slides).
g) Tripod Mounting plate.
h) Travel Case (blue).
33- Bolex Accessories (and parts box):
-include with Bolex
a) Bolex 400 ft. Mag #1.
b) Matte Box.
c) Sync Pulse Generator (for Bolex
H16EBM Electric).
d) Battery Charger (for Bolex H16EBM).
e) Bolex Mag Motors (x2).
f) 7-Pin cable for H16EBM Motor (x2).
g) H16EBM 4-Pin to 2-Prong.
h) Spindle to Roller Adaptors (x4).
i) Turret Lens Mount Covers (threaded).
j) Kodak Adaptor Ring Series 6 (33mm 1
5/16 in. (plus Kodak 85 filter).
k) Fuses for ESM.
l) Bolex Matte Box Foot (for attaching
matte box to camera).
m) Spare Parts (for motor, fuse
n) Masks (for matte box).
o) Bolex Gate Prism.
p) Walz 80C Filter.
q) Rewind Crank.
r) Pizar Lens f=25mm
s) Manuals - H16 and EBM Motor.
34- Bolex Camera Kit #2:
a) Bolex H16 SBM
b) Kern Vario-Switar Zoom Lens (f=1785mm w/lens hood)
c) Hard Shell Case (black w/cut foam).
35- Cooke Prime Lens Kit (Arri mount):
a) Kilfitt Tele-Kilar f=300mm
-$10.00 per lense b) Cooke Kintel 12.5mm
-$6.00 per filter c) Cooke Kintel 17.5mm
d) Cooke Kintel 25mm
e) Cooke Kintel 37.5mm
f) Cooke Kintel 75mm
g) Cooke Kintel 9mm
h) Filters - Tiffen #85 Series 6 (x3)
- Kodak #85 Type-A series 6
- Kodak # 85 Series VIII
Type-A (x1)
- Kodak 85 N3 (2in. x
2in.)series 8 (x1)
- Kodak 85N3 Series 6 (x1)
- Kodak 85n6 Series 6 (x1)
i) Arri to "C" Mount Adaptor.
j) Case (aluminum w/cut foam).
36- Sachtler Tripod Kit:
a) 3+3 Head (w/mounting plate & handle)
b) Regular Legs (metal).
c) Adjustable Spreaders (rubberized).
d) Tube Case (for reg. legs)
e) Baby Legs (metal).
f) High Hat.
g) Hard Shell Travel Case (for baby legs
& high hat / red)
37- Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
a) Manfrotto Legs
b) Manfrotto 501 Head
37B- Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
a) Manfrotto Legs
b) Manfrotto 501 Head
38- Glidecam 2000 Pro
39- O'Connor Tripod & Head:
a) O'Connor 50 (Mitchel mount)
b) Tripod (Mitchell) (wooden legs)
40- O'Connor 1030B Fluid Head w/arm
41- Sekonic Studio Deluxe (light meter mdl L-398)
42- Sekonic Studio Deluxe II (light meter mdl L398M)
43- Camera Utility Kit:
a) Change Bag.
b) Mitchel Vest.
-goes with cameras c) Lens Cleaning Kit.
d) Lens Cleaning Tissue.
e) Lens Cleaning Fluid.
f) Halogen Falshlight.
g) White Camera Tape.
h) Exposed Film Tape.
i) Gaffer Tape.
j) Marker Tape (1/2 in. yellow).
k) Masking Tape (regular & black).
l) Camera Report Pads.
m) Slate.
n) Magnifying Glass.
o) Air Bulb & Dust-off.
p) Markers.
q) Hard Shell Case (red).
44- Animation Motor/Frame Counter/Drive Shaft Assembly:
a) Bodine Animation Motor (type KC1 2
b) Veeder Frame Counter.
-no fixed rate
c) Shutter Drive Shaft.
d) "Canada" Off/On/Function Control Box.
e) Multi Cable (from control box to
45- Animation Discs:
-no fixed rate
a) J-S Animation Disc
b) Oxberry Animation Disc
c) 3 Metal Peg Bars (Acme).
46- Acme Paper & Cell Punch (w/Acme registration for
-no fixed rate
47- Rotoscope & Animation Desk (w/Bell & Howell Filmsound
285 projector, frame counter, manual frame foreward cable
assembly, metal leaf mirror, mount port for animation disc).
-no fixed rate
48- JK Optical Printer
-no fixed rate
K105 (components):
Bolex Rex 5
MCPU-OPSQ Optical Printer Sequencer.
Lathe Bed (w/lens & camera
Projector Gate & Transport Mechanism
W/Motor BM1 3105
EL-Nikkor 75mm Lens
Hurst Camera Motor (w/ Rex 5 mount
JK Quartz Halogen Lamphouse (ELH
Remote Switch & Cable (c & p).
2 x Multi Pin Motor to Sequencer
Modified Work Bench.
IMAC Instruction Manual.
49- Double Motorized Display Tunrntable Unit.
-no fixed rate
Lighting & Grip Equipment
50- RDS Uni Kit UK-30-1 :
a) 2 x 1000 watt Unifocus 1000 Mdl UF10A(w/barn doors,
safety glass, scrims, & spun
b) 2 x 650 watt Unifocus 650 Mdl UF-6A
(w/barn doors, safty glass, spun
frames & one scrim).
c) 2 x Spigot Clamps.
d) 1 x Pair Leather Work Gloves.
e) Hard Shell Travel Case (blue).
51- RDS Uni Kit UK-30-2:
a) 5 x Compact Stands Mdl CX-2.
b) Hard Shell Travel Case (blue).
52- 2 x LTM - LT650/1000w (w/fresnel lens & barn doors)
53- Pepper 200/420 (w/fresnel lens & barn doors)
54- Pepper 100 (w/fresnel lens & barn doors)
55- Ac Utility Lamp.
-no fee
56- Hard Shell Travel Case (for items 49, 51, 54) (blue)
Light Kit].
-no fee
57- 2 x Pepper "650" (w/fresnel lens & barn doors)
58- 4 x Manfrotto ART 004 Master Light Stands.
-$6.00 each
59- 2 x Manfrotto ART 052 Light Stands.
-$6.00 each
60- 2 x Danbel "Brite Lite" 500w (unfocused security
-no fee
60A- Tota/Omni Core 55 Lighting Kit
e)rifa light
f)assorted items
61- Electric Cable & Clamp
a) 1 x
-$3.00 each
c) 1 x
d) 4 x
f) 4 x
l) 1 x
m) 1 x
n) 2 x
100 ft. AC Extension Cord.
25 ft. Extension Cord.
Small "C" Clamps.
Large "C" Clamps.
30 ft. yellow AC extension cord.
30 ft. orange AC extension cord.
power bars.
62- Flex-fill (silver/white w/nylon travel bag).
63- Flex-fill Holder Mdl FH1.
64- 6 x Avenger C-Stands (40 in.) Mdl A205
-$13.00 each
65- 3 x Magic Arm - Manfrotto ART 143 (143/CL).
-$5.00 each
66- 3 x Friction Arm - Manfrotto ART 244 (244/CN).
-$5.00 each
67- 12 x Super Clamps
-$3.00 each
68- Hard Shell Travel Case (for items 62, 63, 64).
-goes with items
69- Matthews Butterfly
Kit (12 ft. x 12 ft.):
4 Section Frame.
Single Scrim.
Double Scrim.
Solid Black.
Artifical Silk.
Storage Bag.
2 x Clamps.
70- Matthews Flag Kit (18 in. x 24 in.):
a) 2 x Scrim Simple Mdl 149066.
b) 2 x Scrim Double Mdl 149061.
71- Gels & Diffusion
2 x Scrim Triple Mdl 149070.
1 x Artificial Silk Mdl 149545.
1 x 1/4 Stop Silk Mdl 149549.
3 x Opaque Flag Mdl 169059.
Hard Shell Case (black).
(85, ND, Blue, Frost, Spun).
-free with light kit rentals
72- Manfrotto sandbags x 8
72A- Losmandy Spider Dolly and Track System:
a)4 wheel track dolly (with seat)
b)camera post
c)2x40 ft. flexible track
d)track support system
e)additional floor support (wooden)
Film Editing Room Equipment
73- MagnaSync Moviola Editor:
a) UL-20-S Base
b) L-20 Head
-no fixed rate
74- Steenbeck ST928 (8-plate)
-$350 weekly rate
74A- Super-16 Steenbeck (6-plate)
-$350 weekly rate
Projection Equipment
-no fixed rate for projection equipment
75- Phillips Pedestal Projector (16mm w/zenon lamp)Mdl LCB
0019/16 (NB: Magnatech MD-436
will follow this projector for double system
76- Control Box - Media Commuications Ltd. (for LCB 0019/16
& Magnatech MD-436).
77- XE Tron Solid State Power Supply (for LCB 0019/16)Mdl
78- Canon PS-1000 Super-8 Sound Projector
79- EIKI EX-3500S-1 (16mm - NFB A 48707)
80- Bell & Howell, mdl. 1592C,
81- DUKANE Micromatic II (35mm strip projector w/cassette
player), mdl. 28C81-5,
Video Equipment
82- Sony Hi-8 Handycam Vision Kit:
a) Camera Handycam Vision Mdl. CCDTRV72,
b) AC Power adaptor Mdl. AC-V316,
c) receiver mdl. WCS-990R,
d) transmitter mdl. WCS-990T,
e) lavalier mic & ear plug.
f) Battery case L7
g) Rechgargeable Battery mdl. NP-F530,
Remote Control - VTR RMT-708.
Triple cable (RYW).
2 x straps
Hard travel case (silver).
83- JVC GY-DV500U Camera Kit (mini-DV):
a) JVC GY-DV500U Mini-DV Camcorder,
b) Fuji 14x Lens,
c) Viewfinder mdl. VP115P,
d) on board mic
e) Dual Putput Power Supply Mdl PC1 BA513PS
f) Camera DC Cable (orange curly/6 ft.)
mdl. PCI.
g) Red Eye .7x wide Angle Adapter,
w/Adapter Ring.
h) 4 x Aspen NP1B Batteries (1.9 amp/hr)
i) Aspen ROQ4 Sequential
(4 Port), w/ manual
j) JVC GY-DV500U manual.
k) Head Cleaning Tape.
l) Spare Lithium Batt.
m) JVC Soft Camera Carry Case.
n) quick release SCU2034-006,
84- JVC GR-D32U w/adaptor mdl #AP-V14U #001B manual.
85- Sony PD-170 Kit.
85A- Sony PD-170 Kit.
86- Sony Handycam DCR-HC32
86A- Sony Handycam DCR-HC32
87- Field Monitor and Stand
87A- 3 light-weight tripods for handicams
-$3.00 each
Video Edit Suites
88- Mac G5 with Final Cut Pro Studio, ProTools 7.1, and
assorted Software.
-$250 per 24hr. day (commercial) (8 day time hours + $10
for all additional hrs up to 24)
-$30 per hour (commercial)(up to 8 hrs.)
-$1 per hour (independent)
Also in Edit Suite:
a) Mackie 1202 VLZ Audio Mixer
b) Yamaha Active NearField Monitors
c) various cables & adaptors.
Digi Design MX002 RK Rack w/Protools
Two comuter montiors
three external Lacie 160G Harddrives
one 750G internal harddrive
89- G5 Mac w/Final Cut Pro 4, After Effects, Photoshop,and
assorted Software.
-$250.00 per day
Also in Edit suite:
a)2 x 19" Monitor
b)APC XS 1000 backup power
c)Toshiba 20" Monitor
d)Acoustic Authority Speakers system.
e)two external Lacie 160G Harddrives
f)one 750G internal harddrive
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