Vocera Communications® System

Vocera Communications System
Wearable Instant Voice Communication
Instant Communication
The Vocera Communications System enables instant, wireless
voice communication that users control with naturally spoken
commands. This easy-to-use system is ideal for hospitals, hotels,
retail stores, and other in-building environments where mobile
workers need to stay in contact to perform their jobs.
Organizations with in-building mobile workers waste huge
amounts of time and money each year due to inefficient
communication. Productivity diminishes when employees
are unable to locate co-workers in a timely manner. These
delays reduce an organization’s ability to be responsive,
causing customer satisfaction to suffer.
(10.6 cm)
The Vocera Communications System is a cost-effective tool for
increasing staff productivity and customer satisfaction in all kinds
of enterprises including hospitals, retail stores, hotels, and service
organizations. Using voice prompts, Vocera instantly connects
users to the people they need, thereby reducing phone tag,
overhead paging, or the need to physically search for a person.
(3.5 cm)
[ Actual Size ]
The Vocera Communications Badge:
simple to use, lightweight, wearable
(P/N 220-00983)
The Vocera Communications System consists of two key components:
the Vocera System Software that controls and manages call activity,
and the Vocera Communications Badge, a lightweight, wearable,
voice-controlled communication device that operates over a wireless
LAN (802.11b). Together, the Vocera System Software and Badge
allow users to instantly communicate with others throughout
a building or campus environment. Optional Vocera Telephony
Solution Software enables users to make and receive telephone
calls directly from their Badge through the PBX.
w w w. v o c e r a . c o m
System Benefits
System Overview
The Vocera System Software
platform runs on a standard Windows*
server and contains the system intelligence,
including managing calls, call connections,
and user profiles, as well as the Nuance 8.5
speech recognition and voiceprint verification
software. User preferences are configured on
the server via browser-based Administration
and User Consoles. The entire Vocera
Communications System can be upgraded
with new features and improved functionality
from one central location. The server
architecture is highly scalable and can
adapt to changing customer environments.
The Vocera Communications Badge
is a small, lightweight, wearable, wireless
device that provides a voice-controlled user
interface to the Vocera Communications
System. The Vocera Communications Badge
enables instant, hands-free conversations
among people throughout the workplace.
It contains a speaker, microphone, wireless
radio, and a backlit LCD that shows caller ID
or text messages.
Saves time
• Instant communication between people
allows decisions to be made on the spot.
• Eliminates the need to “page and wait“
and reduces the time it takes to assist
customers and patients.
Saves money
• Works with standard 802.11b (Wi-Fi) WLAN
networks, reducing additional wiring cost and
leveraging current investment in wireless LAN.
• No recurring monthly service fees, unlike
cellular phones and pagers.
Improves productivity and employee satisfaction
• Intelligent system software eliminates the
need to memorize extension numbers,
allowing workers to find associates by
name, function, or group.
* See System Specifications for specific operating systems.
• Provides person-to-person communication
and group communication with the individuals
you need to reach.
• One-to-one and one-to-many messaging
options reduce the need for noisy overhead
paging, which can disturb customers and staff.
• Wearable Badge allows users to multi-task
while communicating.
• Network design allows the system to provide
coverage within buildings where mobile phones
might experience dead spots.
Enhances customer satisfaction
• Instant communication enables fast response
to customer and patient needs.
• Find-by-function or find-by-group features allow
service professionals to find answers to customer
inquiries on the first call for assistance.
Vocera Communications Network Diagram
Wireless Access Point
Wireless Access Point
Vocera Messaging Interface
Public Telephone
Outside Phone
Vocera Communications Server
and Vocera Telephony
Solution Software
Patient Monitoring Systems
Supply Management Systems
System Features
Optional Solution Software
Vocera System Software
Vocera Telephony Solution Software
Vocera Messaging Interface (VMI)
The Vocera System Software is the
centralized command center for the
Vocera Communications System.
The Vocera Telephony Solution Software provides
communication options beyond the 802.11b
wireless network. The Vocera Telephony Solution
Software works with either an analog or digital
T1/E1/PRI line card1 installed in the Vocera server
to allow Badge users to place and receive
calls from traditional phone systems including
outside calls and calls from internal extensions.
Vocera Messaging Interface2 (VMI) allows thirdparty software application providers to integrate
the Vocera Communications System with thirdparty applications that have the ability to send
text messages. The VMI programming interface
enables two-way text messaging between the
Vocera Communications System and third-party
applications, such as nurse call systems, patient
monitoring systems, point of sale terminals,
network management software, HVAC,
security, and other enterprise applications.
• Highly accurate, user independent
speech recognition
• Call by name, by function, by group
• Broadcast calling
• Push-to-talk mode
• Call blocking and call screening
• Conference calling and group messaging
• Call transfer and call forwarding
• Call to/from PBX extensions, voicemail and
the public telephone network
• Outgoing digital paging with direct callback
to the Vocera Badge
• Voicemail and text messaging
Vocera Report Server Software
• Audio playback of text or email messages
Vocera Report Server is a powerful reporting
tool that enables customers to analyze system
performance, usage, and call patterns. Vocera
Report Server is an add-on software module
that embeds Crystal Reports® to allow
system administrators to:
• Support multiple geographic sites from
a single centralized server
• System and Badge configuration via browserbased Administration and User Consoles
• Group based user permission structure
• Biometric voiceprint verification
Vocera Communications Badge
The Vocera Communications Badge is
a lightweight, hands-free, wearable
communication device.
• Voice controlled
• Weighs less than 2 oz. (53.9 g)
• Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
• Do Not Disturb button
• Re-engineer workflow by performing
call flow analysis by user, group, department,
or address book entry
• Analyze call volume charts to determine
usage patterns
• Analyze speech recognition results by user,
department, location, or Badge
• Track lost or unused Badges
The Vocera Report Server Software must
be installed on a separate server from the
Vocera System Software.
• Backlit LCD screen for call status, caller ID,
text messages, and alert notifications
• Multiple wearing options
Customers can expand the use of new or existing
messaging systems with the addition of the
Vocera Messaging Interface. Using VMI:
• Text messages and alarms can be sent
from messaging applications directly to
the Vocera Badge
• Users receive notification of new text
messages even while on another call
• Text messages on the Vocera Badge can
be read and played out loud
• Messages can be escalated to a secondary
staff member if the primary staff member
is busy
The Vocera Messaging Interface and software
integration services are provided by authorized
Vocera resellers, solution providers, approved
developer partners, or third-party middleware
application providers.
Third-party telephony line cards sold separately.
Your reseller can identify the recommended card
or visit www.vocera.com.
See the Vocera Messaging Interface data sheet for
additional product information.
• Headset jack
User Console allows individuals to manage their own
user preferences.
The Administration Console allows system administrators to set
global preferences and permissions for users.
Optional Report Screens
System Specifications
Wireless Specifications
Network Standard
IEEE 802.11b
Frequency Band
2400-2483.4 MHz
Data Rates Supported
1, 2, 5.5 and 11 Mbps
Wireless Medium
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
Media Access Protocol
Carrier sense multiple access with
collision avoidance (CSMA/CA)
• DBPSK@ 1 Mbps
• DQPSK@ 2 Mbps
• CCK@ 5.5 and 11 Mbps
Operating Channels
• 11 channels (FCC)
• 13 channels (ETSI)
IEEE 802.11b compliant
WLAN Security
Vocera supports standard and vendor specific
security suites.Vocera supports Wi-Fi Protected
Access (WPA) and the Cisco LEAP Security Suite.
The following modes are supported:
• Encryption: 64-bit and 128-bit WEP, TKIP,
• Authentication: Open, WPA-PSK, WPA-PEAP
w/ MsCHAPv2 and Cisco EAP (LEAP) using
802.1x framework.
Server Specifications
Minimum Hardware Server Specifications
• Intel P4, 2.6 GHz Microprocessor with Hyper-threading
• 2 GB RAM
• 20 GB Hard Drive
Operating Systems Supported
Microsoft® Windows 2000® Server (SP2-SP4),
Windows 2003, Windows XP Professional
Web Browsers Supported
Microsoft Internet Explorer (Versions 6.0 and higher)
Server Modules
• Administration Console: provides controls
for system configuration, user permissions
and system monitoring
• User Console: controls user preferences for
Badge operation
• Nuance 8.5 speech recognition and voiceprint
verification software
• Business Objects® Crystal Reports 9 Developer
Additional Hardware Required for Telephony
• Analog PBX Integration
– Intel Dialogic D/41JCT-U (North America)
– Intel Dialogic D/120JCT-LSU (North America)
– Intel Dialogic D/41JCT-LS-EURO (Europe)
– Intel Dialogic D/120JCT-LSU-EU2 (Europe)
• Digital PBX Integration
– Intel Dialogic D/240JCT-T1 (North America, T1 only)
– Intel Dialogic D/480JCT-1T1 (North America, T1/PRI)
– Intel Dialogic D/480JCT-2T1 (North America, T1/PRI)
– Intel Dialogic D/600JCT-1E1 (Europe, E1)
Third-party telephony line cards sold separately.
Your reseller can identify the recommended card
for your installation.
Vocera Communications, Inc.
20600 Lazaneo Drive
Cupertino, CA 95014
tel :: + 1 408 790 4100
fax :: + 1 408 790 4101
toll free :: + 1 800 331 6356
web :: www.vocera.com
Vocera Communications, Ltd.
Atlantic House
Imperial Way
Reading, Berkshire RG2 OTD
United Kingdom
tel :: +44 0 1189 036160
fax :: +44 0 1189 036100
Available Accessories
Additional Requirements for
Vocera Messaging Interface
• Emergin WirelessOffice® 6.0.4 Integration
25-pack Lanyards
25-pack Universal Clips
25-pack Pocket Clips
Badge Specifications
Physical Dimensions
4.2 x 1.4 x .6 in. (10.6 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm)
1.9 oz. (53.9 g), with standard battery
LED Indicators
Two Indicators: single and two-color
• Backlight
• Supports 4 lines of text, 14 characters per
line, up to 150 characters per message
• Call button
• Hold/Do Not Disturb button
• Volume/Menu Selection buttons
Headset Support
• 2.5 mm gold plated jack
• Visit www.vocera.com for a list of
Vocera approved headsets
Speaker Horn
Protective Sleeve
RF Output Power
75mW typical, 100mW maximum
RF Coverage Recommendation
-65 dBm
Microphone Frequency Range
350 Hz to 3.75 KHz
Microphone Directionality
Unidirectional cardioid response
Speaker Frequency Range
950 Hz to 3.75 KHz
Peak Speaker Loudness
75 dBSpl at 25 cm
Peak Speaker Loudness with
Optional Speaker Horn
85 dBSpl at 25 cm
• Standard Battery: Lithium Ion, 660 mAh typical
• Extended Life Battery: Lithium Ion, 800 mAh typical
Battery Life
• Standard: 2 hours of talk time, 44 hours
of standby time
• Extended: 2.5 hours of talk time, 53 hours
of standby time
Headset-Ready Lanyard,1,2
Single-bay Battery Charger1
Operating Ranges
• Temperature Range: 0˚ C to 40˚ C
• Humidity Range: 5 to 95% relative humidity
Storage Ranges
• Temperature Range: -20˚ C to 40˚ C
• Humidity Range: 5 to 95% relative humidity
Drop Specification
1.5 meters onto concrete
Protective Holster1
Standard Battery
Extended Life Battery
Eight-bay Battery Charger1
RF Certifications
For a list of all certifications, visit www.vocera.com
Badges sold separately
Headset sold separately.
Contact your Vocera reseller for
compatible headsets
Contact your Vocera Representative
or Value Added Reseller to order
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