UB 8106 Creative Solutions Accounting software update v.2014.0.0

UB 8106 Creative Solutions Accounting software update v.2014.0.0
Creative Solutions Accounting, v. 2014.0.0
User Bulletin 8106: Software Release
March 19,2014
Users of the Creative Solutions Accounting™ (CSA) software.
This user bulletin explains changes made for this release of Creative Solutions Accounting.
Important! Please first download and apply updated license files via CS Connect™ prior to retrieving and
applying application updates for CSA v.2014.0.0.
All CSA products
Important! If you are running Creative Solutions Accounting from a network installation, you will be
prompted to run the desktop setup on each workstation the first time CSA is launched after applying this
update. In a Terminal Server environment, you must run the desktop setup from each terminal server that
runs CSA.
Note: You must log in to your computer as an administrator to download and apply software updates via
CS Connect™ and to run the desktop setup. Be certain to restart your computer after running the desktop
setup to insure that all components are installed correctly.
Payroll form and filing information
To determine the status, availability, and filing methods for payroll tax forms, refer to the Payroll section of
the CSA Home Page. Click the + sign next to a jurisdiction to display the list of available forms. Click the
+ sign next to any form to display the status and filing methods available.
Payroll Compliance module
We have updated the following federal forms to the latest versions available from the agencies.
 Forms W-2 and W-3 (except the black-and-white versions of Copy A and Form W-3)
 Forms 941 (including electronic file), 943-X, 944-X and 945-X
Nevada. We have updated the Nevada Unemployment Rate dialog in the File > Client Properties >
Payroll tab to include a Bond Surcharge field.
 We have addressed an issue that caused the application to truncate the last digit of the
Wisconsin state withholding account number when importing it into UltraTax CS.® The application
now removes spaces from the account number when creating a datasharing file.
 We have updated the state tax tables for 2014. If you have not configured the application to
update your payroll tax information automatically, choose Setup > System Configuration > Payroll
Tax Information > Update.
Copyright 1998 –2014 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 8106
State Payroll Tax modules
We have updated the following forms to the latest versions available from the agencies and also made
the following changes.
 Alaska – Form TQ01C
 Arizona – Form A1-QRT
 Connecticut – Effective January 1, 2014, per the 2014 Connecticut Circular CT Employer’s Guide,
the State of Connecticut now requires all employers to file Form CT-941 electronically and will no
longer accept paper copies of quarterly reports. Because of this, the facsimile paper type is no longer
available. For information on filing options, see Connecticut e-filing in the Help & How-To Center.
 Delaware – Form W1Q 9701
 Florida – We have updated the scan line on Form RT-6 for 2014.
 Georgia – Forms G-7(M) and G-7(Q)
 Illinois – IL-941
 Indiana
 Form UC-5A SUTA file
 We have updated the paper type for Form IN WH-3 to Non-submittable. This form is automatically
filed via the InTax website when uploading the Form IN W-2 file.
 Before you begin processing 2014 Indiana UC-1 forms for first quarter, be sure to restart your
computer. This will help ensure that the form’s scan line is displayed correctly before you print the
report and send it to the state.
 Kentucky – Form UI-3
 Maine – Forms 941ME, 941-C1-ME, Schedule 1, Schedule 2, Schedule 1(C1), and Schedule 2(C1)
 Maryland – Forms DLLR/DUI 15 and 16
 Michigan – Forms 160 and 165
 Missouri – Form MODES-4-7
 Nebraska – Form 941N
 Nevada – Form Bond Report
 North Dakota – Form SFN 41263
 Oklahoma – We have updated Form WTH-10004 to include monthly payments.
 Oregon – Forms OQ, 132, and Schedule B
 Pennsylvania
 Effective January 1, 2014, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry now requires all
employers to file Form UC-2/UC-2a electronically and will no longer accept paper copies of
quarterly reports. Because of this, the facsimile paper type is no longer available, and we have
combined the SUTA files for Forms UC-2 and UC-2a into one file that includes both the tax and
employee wage listing.
 Form REV-1667
 Rhode Island – Forms TX-17 and TX-17 (Continuation)
 Virginia – Forms VEC-FC-20 and VEC-FC-21
 Washington, DC – Form FR-900Q
 Wyoming – We have updated the Quarterly Average Workers Compensation Wage amounts for
Officers on Forms WYO056 and WYO078.
Forms pending approval
The following 2014 forms are pending approval. Once the forms have been approved, they will be made
available in a subsequent software update via CS Connect.
Quarterly forms
 Montana – Forms UI-5 and UI-5G. The state will continue to accept prior versions until approval has
been received.
Copyright 1998 –2014 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 8106
Help & How-To Center
For answers to questions on using CSA, access the Help & How-To Center by choosing Help > Help &
button on the toolbar, or by pressing CTRL+Y. For more information, including
How-To, by clicking the
sample searches, see Finding answers in the Help & How-To Center.
Product support
From the Support Contact Information page on our website, you can complete a form to send a question
to our Support team. To speak directly with a Support Representative, call (800) 968-0600, press 2 for
Product Support, and listen to the available options. Normal weekday support is available from 9:00 a.m.
to 8:00 p.m. eastern time. For additional details (including extended support hours for tax season and
hours for other applications), visit the Support section of our website. You can also access the Support
section from within CSA by choosing Help > Additional Resources > General Support Information.
Website resources and email subscriptions
Visit our website to access the ARNE Community (an online user forum), to learn about training courses,
to view blogs and articles, and more. You can access the website from within CSA by choosing Help >
On the Web > CS Professional Suite Home Page.
We issue software update notices via email. You can sign up to receive these notices by visiting the My
Account section of our website. You’ll need to create a web account (if you don’t already have one) and
then sign up for the Email Subscription service where you can indicate which notices you want to receive.
Copyright 1998 –2014 by Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.
UB 8106
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