06.04.2005: cablecom introduces new approaches to customer service

06.04.2005: cablecom introduces new approaches to customer service
cablecom introduces new approaches to customer service
Zurich, April 6, 2005 – cablecom is committed to meeting the needs of its customers as quickly
as possible and is continuously looking for ways to enhance customer service. Many cablecom
customers are already taking advantage of the tools cablecom provides for accessing and
updating their own accounts and product preferences. Beginning today, cablecom customers
will also have free access to the "cablecom assistant," new software that provides quick and
precise assistance with questions relating to Internet connections, e-mail settings and
In order to make contact with cablecom as easy and specific as possible for its customers, the company
is now offering this new software free of charge.
Customer-friendly administration of accounts
Cablecom introduced its online customer center in December 2004, in order to simplify the customer
service process. Since then, many customers have enjoyed the opportunity to access and update their
accounts at cablecom. For example, customers can make address changes, add or change services, or
request billing information on their own. The new Customer center is accessible 24 hours a day, seven
days a week at: www.cablecom.ch/customerservices. The customer center also offers an e-shop, for
easy and convenient ordering of accessories for cablecom services, such as telephones or routers for
wireless surfing. Payment is simply added to the customer’s next bill.
“cablecom assistant” helps quickly and reliably
Rapid help with such issues as Internet connections, e-mail settings or security is very important to
customers. Therefore, in conjunction with highly regarded provider of management software "Motive,"
cablecom has also developed the "cablecom assistant." This software is installed locally on the
customer’s home computer and will solve initial problems with e-mail settings or Internet connections. It
also provides "offline" answers to frequently asked questions and provides instructions for solving
problems. If problems persist, the "cablecom assistant" then analyzes the configuration of the customer’s
computer, to search for the problem. The "assistant" can then immediately solve certain problems, such
as those related to e-mail settings or Internet connections. If the case is somewhat more complicated, the
"assistant" provides a unique numerical code for the customer, based on its analysis. The customer can
then contact a cablecom customer adviser by phone and provide this code. With this information, the
customer adviser can very quickly determine the cause of the problem and offer appropriate and precise
assistance. For customers who are just setting up their accounts, this software is now available on
cablecom’s installation CD. Existing customers can download "cablecom assistant" free of charge at
For more information:
cablecom Media Relations
Stephan Howeg, Head of Corporate Communications
Tel. +41 1 277 99 99
Fax +41 1 277 95 88
E-Mail: [email protected]
With approx. 1.5 million households and around 1500 employees, cablecom is the leading cable network operator in Switzerland.
Cablecom is a multi-service provider offering solutions in the fields of analog and digital cable TV and radio, broadband Internet,
telephony and business applications
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