Wall Sensor as a Part of the Interior Design

Wall Sensor as a Part of the Interior Design
Wall Sensor as a Part of the Interior Design
The building interior design
is planned with great care.
After that automation
steps in. Plastic boxes of
various shades of white and
grey used for controlling
ventilation, temperature, and
other building operations are
installed onto the premium
wall spots. Not exactly what
the architect intended? Read
on – Vaisala now has a
solution that combines sensor
functionality with design.
Decorative Cover for
Vaisala GMW90
and HMW90 Series
The decorative cover for the Vaisala
GMW90 and HMW90 series carbon
dioxide, humidity and temperature
transmitters helps to camouflage
the transmitter to the surroundings.
Transmitter location can be chosen
with optimal measurement in mind
without compromising aesthetics.
There are three alternative ways to
use the decorative cover:
Cut a piece of wallpaper and
place it under the lid to fade the
transmitter to the background
Paint it to match the wall color
Use it to share information
Here are some ideas that we realized.
We invite you to develop more!
Vaisala transmitters available with the decorative cover:
Vaisala GMW90 Series CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide, Temperature, and Humidity Transmitters
www.vaisala.com/GMW90, Vaisala HMW90 Series HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
The decorative cover is available as a set of 10 pcs. Item number 236285.
Please contact us at
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