RD1000Plus Brochure

RD1000Plus Brochure
G r o u n d P e n e t r at i n g R a da r
RD1000™+ Ground Penetrating Radar
P o r ta bl e r u g ge d G P R fo r t h e u t ili t y in d u s t r y
RD1000+ Utility GPR
The RD1000+ Ground Penetrating Radar is a powerful complement to Radiodetection’s
electromagnetic locators, enabling operators to detect non-conductive pipes and ducts,
and to position multiple utilities in context to one another with a single pass.
Featuring an advanced radar sensor and powerful digital image processing, the
RD1000+ can detect buried infrastructure and voids at depths of up to 8 m (27').
Lo cat e a n d m a r k u t i l i t i e s
Specifically designed for the subsurface utility industry, the RD1000+ provides
Lo cat e M o d e
operators with a quick and accurate data set designed to make surveys faster. Once a
Simply reverse the RD1000+ to
utility is detected, the operator can simply reverse the cart to switch the RD1000+ into
enter Locate mode and establish the
Locate Mode and determine the utility’s depth and position.
position and depth of a buried utility.
The RD1000+’s high-contrast LCD enables operators to easily locate buried utilities.
Contrast and gain controls alongside advanced filtering tools simplify detection of even
small cross section utilities in the context of differing subsurface materials and soil types.
I n t u i t i v e a n d e r g o n o m i c to u s e
The RD1000+ is mounted in a non-metallic cart designed for easy handling over terrain
and comfortable use during lengthy surveys. The waterproofed keypad and intuitive
menu system provides operators with easy access to the advanced digital features of
the RD1000+.
I n t u i t i v e o p e r at i o n
Advanced features accessed with
straightforward controls and menus.
R e c o r d m a n ag e m e n t
The RD1000+ features one-touch image capture to assist in documenting surveys.
Locate images are saved to standard Compact Flash cards, which can be removed from
the system to allow the files to be transferred to a PC.
The RD1000+'s ImageView software allows operators to view and export RD1000+
image files for use in reports and business databases.
The Compact Flash card interface also allows users to update the RD1000+ software
as upgrades are made available.
P o r ta b l e a n d d u r a b l e
Built from durable, weatherproof materials, and supported by a range of wheel types and
accessories, the RD1000+ can operate in almost any terrain. The modular design also
makes the system quick to service and repair.
The RD1000+ can be broken down for shipment or storage, and re-assembled on-site
P o r ta b l e
in less than two minutes. Weighing only 22 kg (48lbs), the system is designed to be
Breaks down for easy transportation
transported and assembled without requiring specialist equipment.
and can be assembled on-site in
less than 2 minutes. Case options
Key components can be packed in hard or soft travel cases, and a flight case is also
protect the system during shipment.
available to protect an entire system during transportation.
RD1000+ display and controls
Sharp, high contrast screen allows
use even in direct sunlight
Position indicator
Depth indicator
I m ag e V i e w S o f t wa r e
Modify function
Control cursor
for different
format and position
soil types
Enables operators to retrieve and
manipulate images tagged with
distance and cursor readouts from
Configure color
the RD1000+ to create detailed
palettes and filter
survey reports.
Optimize contrast and
Take and save screenshots with
brightness for differing
a single button push, then create
light conditions
reports using the ImageView
PC software
High contrast real time display provides clear instant updates in almost any
light condition
Multi-language and non-lingual icon support
RD 1000 + Syste m Sp e ci f i cati on s Dimensions (H × W × D)
115 cm × 70 cm × 90 cm
45.3" × 27.6" × 35.4"
22 kg (48lbs)
Sensor frequency
250 MHz
Ultra-Wide Bandwidth (UWB)
E rgonom ic d e s ig n
Digital Equivalent Time Sampling (DETS) – real time/stop-start capability
Comfortable to use and handle
Signal Enhancement
DynaQ, optimized to cart speed
across terrain; and over lengthy
Signal compensation
Temperature / input voltage
7.25" color LCD, daylight optimized
Image export format
Cart material
12V, 9Ah Lead Acid, mounted on-board
Environmental protection
Operating / storage temperature
Sensor: -40°C to +50°C / -40°F to 122°F
Display: -5°C to +50°C / -58°F to +122°F
Spatial interval
5 cm / 2"
DynaQ signal processing optimizes
Depth range
Up to 8 m / 27' maximum*
sensor readouts based on the cart
Display depth scale
1 m - 8 m / 3' - 30'
Memory: Capacity
Type 16 GB standard, 64 GB maximum
Compact Flash, removable
Use digital gain, filters and color
Standard warranty
1 year
Languages supported
Non-lingual icons, English, Chinese (simplified) Spanish, French, Dutch,
German, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Czech, Polish
palettes to clarify readings and filter
* Ground conditions dependent
survey periods.
D i g i ta l S i g n a l
e n hance m e nt
speed, providing real-time image
updates and enhanced resolution.
out interference and ground layers.
RD1000+ Accessory System
A comprehensive range of accessories complement the RD1000+, broadening its application range, and to provide extra protection
during transport.
The product's modular design also allows for replacement of a number of the key component parts without requiring specialist tools.
Wh e e l s ets
RD1000+ GPR cart handle assembly
Large wheel set for use on rough or
Part No: 10/RD1000+HANDLE
uneven terrain
RD1000+ GPR cart base assembly
Part No: 10/RD1000LGWHEELS
Part No: 10/RD1000+CART
Set of four replacement standard wheels
Part No: 10/RD1000WHEELSET
RD1000+ replacement battery pack
Part No: 10/RD1000+BATTERY
Tran s port option s
Battery Charger – 100V-240V for global use
Hard case for display unit
Part No: 10/RD1KCHARGE
Soft case for display unit
Part No: 10/RD1000+DISPBAG
Mains leads for battery charger
Part numbers:
US / CAN type: 04/MC-1020
European type: 04/MC-3020
Flight case for complete RD1000+ system
UK type: 04/MC-5020
Part No: 10/RD1000FLIGHTCASE
Australia type: 17/GP3071-C13-25-BK-10A-I
Battery connection cable
S o f t wa r e
Additional licence for RD1000+ GPR Image
View Software
Part No: 10/RD1000+SOFTWARE
Display to sensor connection cable
Odometer assembly & cable
R e p l ac e m e n t pa r t s
RD1000+ GPR sensor assembly
Part No: 10/RD1000+SENSOR
Battery Strap
Replacement sensor skid pad
Part No: 10/RD1000SKIDPAD
Sensor support strap
Part No: 10/RD1KSTRAP
RD1000+ GPR display assembly
Part No: 10/RD1000+DISPLAY
Cart assembly pins × 2
Part No: 10/RD1KPIN
Display mount assembly
Part No: 10/RD1KMOUNT
RD1000+ key features
Compact Flash card for data storage and transfer
Large, bright, real-time display
optimized for use in daylight
Intuitive one-touch controls
Advanced on-board filtering enables operators
to identify small or shallow utilities
Non-metallic cart breaks down without tools
Ergonomic, manoeuvrable
for easy transportation
design for comfortable use
Light weight, ruggedized and weatherproof
system designed for use across terrain
Long-life battery allows for extended periods of use
Advanced wide-band 250MHz
GPR sensor allows accurate surveys
utilities buried up to 8 m / 27' deep*
Integrated odometer provides
automatic distance measurement
for surveys and mapping
Large wheel option
for use on rough
or uneven terrain
Use the dedicated GPR
ImageView software to extract
screen capture images for use
in analysis and survey reports
* Ground conditions dependent
RD1000+ Ground
Penetrating Radar
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