HID Lamps

HID Lamps
Warranty Information
HID Lamp Limited Warranty
Howard Industries, Inc. – Lighting Products Division (“Howard Lighting Products”) warrants HID lamps to
be free from defects in material and workmanship. Howard Lighting Products’ HID lamps with greater than
12,000 hours average rated life are warranted for a period of one year from date of purchase based on max
operation of 6,000 hours per year (minimum 10 hr/start for lamp). If lamps fail to operate for the warranty
period, Howard Lighting Products’ sole warranty obligation is to provide a free replacement lamp (no labor
Terms and Conditions
1. Howard Lighting Products warrants the
lamps to be free from defects in material
and workmanship.
2. Howard Lighting Products’ HID lamps
must be operated on ballasts designed to
operate the lamps. The ballast should be
marked with the same ANSI lamp code
designation as the lamp. The electrical
values depicted on the HID ballast label,
as well as the lamp and lighting equipment
instructions must be adhered to. The
lamp must be operated within the normal
specified operating range, orientation,
and environmental conditions for the HID
system. Lamps operated in any system
that has been subjected to abnormal
stresses, such as, but not limited to,
excess temperatures, mechanical stresses,
excessive switching cycles or under or over
voltage conditions or on ballasts, control
gear, or electrical systems that are outside
of the defined ANSI parameters in the
appropriate ANSI standards are excluded
from coverage under this Warranty.
3. This warranty excludes any product
damaged from misuse, faulty installation,
inadequate maintenance, damage,
negligence, accident, or tampering.
4. Howard Lighting Products reserves the right
to examine all failed lamps and reserves
the right to be the sole judge as to whether
lamps are defective and covered under this
5.This Warranty shall be the sole remedy
of the Customer and the sole liability of
Howard Lighting Products to Customer.
TO BE IMPLIED. Howard Lighting Products
will not under any circumstances whether
as a result of breach of contract, breach of
warranty, tort, strict liability or otherwise be
liable for consequential, incidental, special
or exemplary damages including, but not
limited to, loss of profits or revenues, loss
of use of lamps or any other goods or
associated equipment or damages to any
associated equipment, cost of capital, cost
of substitute products, facilities or services,
down time costs, or claims of claimant’s
6. After contacting Howard Lighting Products
and receiving a return authorization number,
the user/customer shall promptly return the
product at the user/customer’s expense to
Howard Lighting Products after receiving
instructions as to when and where to ship
product. Failure to follow this procedure
shall void this warranty.
7. Howard Lighting Products reserves the
right to change the warranty period without
8. Lamps and applications that have average
rated life of 12,000 hours or less will be
warranted for 6 months from date of
purchase based on max operation of 4000
hours per year (minimum 10hr/start for
lamp). Lamps and applications with rated
average life of less than 7,000 hours are
excluded from this warranty.
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