OUS Warehouse Password Guidelines

OUS Warehouse Password Guidelines
OUS Warehouse Password Aging
Users of OUS Warehouses are now required to change the password on their database accounts
every 180 days. This requirement is enforced at the database level – this means the Oracle
password will expire, and the user will be unable to log in to the database.
The applications which enforce password aging are:
• HR Datastore
• BudMart
• Security Model
Users have a single account used to access all applications to which they have privileges. You
will have only one username and password to manage, regardless of whether you use one or all
of these applications.
Most users access OUS warehouses using BI Query. When a user’s password expires, BI Query
passes along the Oracle message in a popup that looks similar to the image below.
(Unfortunately, BI Query does not pass through the Oracle messages informing the user that the
password will soon expire.)
Password Guidelines
Passwords must adhere to the following guidelines:
1. The password must contain at least 7 characters. It can include any letter, any digit, and
the special characters "_", "#" and "$". A letter must be used as the first character of the
password. That is, the password cannot begin with a digit or a special character. The
other characters can be used after that.
2. There must be at least one digit (0-9) and at least one alphabetic character in the
3. You may not reuse a password that you have used before. (Oracle considers upper- and
lower case letters to be the same. Therefore, the password ‘try2Remember’ will be
considered the same as the password ‘TRY2remember’.)
4. The password must differ by at least 3 characters from any password you have used
before. (Again, remember that Oracle considers upper- and lower-case letters to be the
OUS Password Aging
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If you do not follow the password guidelines, you will receive an error message. Most error
messages are clear, but some are cryptic. For example, if you try to create a password containing
an illegal special character, you will receive the error:
After three (3) unsuccessful attempts to log in to Oracle or to change your current password,
your account will be locked. The account will remain locked for 15 minutes. You may access
your account again to change your password, after 15 minutes has passed.
How to Change Your OUS Warehouse Password
Use the web-based Password Change Application to change your Warehouse password, whether
expired or not. The application is available from the BI Query model home window, from the
OUS Warehouse web site, or by manually entering the URL. Follow these simple steps (detailed
instructions follow in the next section):
1. Access the Password Change Application in a web browser. You can load the
application by selecting the Change Password button on the home window in the BI
Query Model. The button is in a similar position on all the BI Query models. Here is a
screen shot from the FIS Model:
OUS Password Aging
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There is also a link to the application from the OUS Warehouse web page
Finally, you can paste the following URL directly into the address bar of your browser.
You may add this link to your bookmarks if you wish.
2. Connect to the application and fill in the fields as prompted.
a. If your password is expired, you will be prompted to change it. You will enter
your old (expired) password, and then enter your new password twice.
b. If you are changing an unexpired password, you will connect to the application
and complete the form provided.
OUS Password Aging
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Detailed Instructions For Using the Password Change Application
1. Changing an Expired Password
a. Access the password change application by pressing the Change Password button
in a BI Query model, or directly in a browser (IE or Firefox) at
https://inb.ous.edu/ous_warehs. Press OK on the dialog window. Then press the
Connect button on the form.
b. You will be presented with a login dialog box. Enter your username and (expired)
password in the text fields. Do not change the Database field. Press Connect.
c. You will receive a dialog box saying your password is expired. Press OK.
OUS Password Aging
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d. In the “Changing password” dialog, enter old password and new password twice:
once in the New Password field, once in the Retype New Password field.
e. Press OK to change. Get message that password changed. Press OK in this
f. Exit application by pressing Exit button.
g. You can now log on to Oracle using Hummingbird BI (or your favorite
OUS Password Aging
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2. Changing a Currently Active Password
a. Access the password change application in a browser (IE or Firefox) at
b. Press Connect to access password change application. Log in using your current
c. When you have connected to the application, press OK.
d. Complete the text fields on the form, then press Change Password:
OUS Password Aging
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e. Receive “Password Changed” message. Press OK.
f. Press Exit to leave application.
OUS Password Aging
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