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In selecting the application site for any style of electrode, care should be taken that:
1) Electrode site is dry and free of excessive hair.
2) Electrode is not placed over scar tissue or on an area of established erythema or with a lesion of any kind.
3) Skin is properly prepared. (Prepare the skin at the electrode site. Use the ELPAD to lightly abrade the skin
surface. Use a brisk dry rub to prepare the application site. Avoid excessive abrasion of the skin surface.)
EL160 Gold Cup
Reusable gold cup electrode with 10 mm cup diameter and 1.2 m cable.
One electrode per package.
• EL160 with black cable
• EL160-R with red cable
• EL160-W with white cable
The leadwire terminates in a standard 1.5 mm Touchproof connector. Use with MEC
Series Module Extension Cables for MP150 Systems or SS1LA 1.5 mm Touchproof
Electrode Lead Adapter for MP3X Systems.
EL160-Ear – Ear Clip Electrodes
This pair of gold-plated ear clip electrodes has 1.2 meter Tefloninsulated leadwires ending in standard 1.5 mm Touchproof
Use with MEC Series Module Extension Cables for MP
Research Systems or SS1LA 1.5 mm Touchproof Electrode
Lead Adapter for BSL Systems.
Before use, check the electrode for damage and excessive wear.
If in doubt, replace it.
Also available as individual standard gold cup electrodes: EL160 with green cable, EL160-R with red cable, and
EL160-W with white cable.
Please do not use these electrodes unless you have been trained in the proper use and placement of these devices.
Cleaning Earclips and Surface Electrodes
After each use clean with warm water and a mild detergent. Use a soft cloth or Q-tip. Then disinfect with 70%
alcohol or a water based disinfectant. Do not soak in water for prolonged periods, it causes deterioration of the
EL160-Ear Specifications
Au Cup (gold plated discs)
Ear Clip Electrodes
1.2 meter Teflon-insulated leadwires
leadwires terminate in standard 1.5 mm Touchproof connectors
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Updated: 12.14.2015
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