Microsoft Windows Vista
Installation Guide
1. Microsoft Windows Vista Installation
System Requirements
Computer with an available PCI slot Version 2.2
CPU: 800MHz or Above
Memory: 512MB RAM or above
Hard Drive Space: 4MB or above
Important! DO NOT install the modem in the computer until instructed to do
1. Insert Driver CD-ROM into your
computer's CD-ROM drive.
2. Click Run setup.exe.
3. Click Install Modem driver.
4. Click Windows Vista. If you
have 32-bit Windows Vista, click
Windows Vista under the 32-bit
column. If you have 64-bit
Windows Vista, click Windows
Vista under 64-bit column.
5. Click OK.
6. Shutdown your computer.
7. Open your computer's case.
8. Insert PCI Card firmly into an
available PCI Card slot of desktop
PC and then turn ON the computer
and wait until the Windows desktop
9. Drivers will install automatically
Your installation is now complete.
For detailed information regarding the TFM-PCIV92A configuration and
advanced settings, please refer to the User's Guide included on the Utility &
Driver CD-ROM or TRENDnet's website at www.trendnet.com
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