C rescendo We've been VERY busy this year.

C rescendo  We've  been  VERY  busy this year.
C rescendo
We've been VERY busy this year.
Check-out our latest improvements!
New Movie Server
Via our new Plex Server and
Plex SmartApps, our 1065+
movie library can stream to
EVERY TV at Crescendo (and
we add more movies monthly).
Our movies additionally have
legs, in that you can also stream
our movies to the tablets we
provide for your use at our
home (and to your own tablet or
New Samsung Smart TVs
We've replaced EVERY TV in
the house with Samsung Smart
TVs. From EVERY TV, you
can access our Movie Server
and any non-subscription
internet streaming service.
New Music Server
We continue to provide music
streaming house-wide, via XM
Satellite Radio. Now, though,
you can stream your own music
from your own phone/tablet, as
well (by mirroring to our
Apple TV Box).
New Indoor Amenities
First thing in the morning, I just
gotta have it; I can't get enough
of it; and I gotta have it without
any delay. I'm referring to my
morning coffee, of course. If you
share a similar sentiment, you're
going to love our new instant ondemand boiling Hot Water Tap.
Perfect, also, for hot chocolate
and Après enjoyment.
Amenities &
Our new Great Room lighting is
pretty cool, too. Via a customdesigned (of course) cabling
system, the LED equivalent of
450 Watts is suspended over our
seating area. Sadly, Christopher
(yes, you), no more
supposedly accidental discards
of that blue card, when the Uno
up-card is clearly green.
New Outdoor Amenities
For years now, many of our
guests have enjoyed
Crescendo not only during the
ski season, but during the
summer season, as well.
Now that Big White is open
during the summer,
vacationing at Crescendo
during that has become even
that much more memorable.
This year, then, we added
outdoor furniture to the North &
South deck/patio, along with a
fire pit/table. Plans are also
already in place for next
summer, though, to more than
double our outdoor decking
(patio and pool areas), with a
built-in 38" Napoleon Prestige
Pro BBQ, with counter and
bench seating, and more.
Needless-to-say, we're
extremely excited about that
Since I mentioned our pool, I
may as well note that we just
changed over to a mostly
non-chlorinated system. We
think your skin will thank you
immensely, as it’ll be sure to
notice that most (if not all) of
the unwanted effects caused
by chlorine have been
eliminated at Crescendo.
Our pool covers are brand
new, as well. No longer
being water-logged, the
covers are easy to remove,
once again. Of course, even
when water-logged, the
covers are easy to remove
when following our YouTube
instructional video.
A New Look
A New Feel
We’re phasing in our new look,
which includes new window
coverings and new paint colors
throughout the entire home,
along with textured wallpapers
in the bedrooms (at minimum).
One of the wallpapers, entitled
Core of Corrosion, is shown
here. Our five paint colors are
also shown. You'll be surprised
by which of those colors we
plan to use on the majority of
our ceilings.
Yes, we're also saying,
"Goodbye" to our black blinds.
Instead, Hunter Douglas roller
shades and gliding panels will
adorn each window pane.
Especially in the common
areas, the shades will
simultaneously block the sun
without obstructing any of
Crescendo's incredible views.
September ushers in this new
change. Look for update photos
in Crescendo's blog and on
Crescendo's Facebook page.
Be it for a Ski Vacation, for a Wedding, for a Family or Corporate Retreat,
or for you & your Golfing buddies, allow us to help you create a lasting,
memorable experience. Wishing you the best for another great year.
Mitch & Dixon
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