Proven Result: Water Treatment Facility Meets Environmental Guidelines with Open Channel Flow Measurement

Proven Result: Water Treatment Facility Meets Environmental Guidelines with Open Channel Flow Measurement
Water Treatment Facility Meets Environmental
Guidelines with Open Channel Flow Measurement
• Accurate level reading communicated digitally
• Low cost installation
• Reading accuracy verified on a regular basis
Open channel flow measurement
Reading accuracy is verified
on a regular basis, fulfilling
environmental requirements
A UK water treatment works
As a result of environmental regulations, the volume of water
discharged by water treatment plants must be measured and
recorded. This measurement must be in accordance with ISO4359
(BS3680), which takes into account boundary effects due to the
surface roughness of flume walls. The overall system accuracy
must be better than 8% of the total daily volume, and the
instrumentation must be checked on a regular basis.
A Rosemount 3107 ultrasonic level transmitter and 3493 flow logger
were installed, along with a Head Verification Device. The HVD is
mounted on a support over the flow.
The 3107 is powered by the 3493 logger which is mounted in a
nearby field cabinet. The level reading from the transmitter is used
by the logger to calculate the flow in the channel, which is logged at
regular intervals together with totalized flow through the channel.
To reduce error, communications between the transmitter
and control unit are digital HART, eliminating any transmission error
and allowing accurate computation of flow by the 3493 controller.
It is a requirement to check that the installation remains accurate.
The HVD target plate can be lowered and rotated around under
the transmitter to provide a fixed target at a known height. The
target level and flow reading for this simulated level is calculated
and compared to theoretical values stamped on a calibration plate
alongside the 3493 controller. Inspectors can thus visit the site and
check the installation easily and quickly.
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MSL600 mounted over the settlement tank
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