Catalog No. MG01
Read these directions very carefully. This product uses flammable
material and is for professional use only. The manufacturer is not
responsible for any injury or liability that is the result of the user's
failure to follow the specific instructions stated below.
Take the Gun and insert an 'AA' alkaline battery (not included) in the battery holder. It doesn’t matter in which direction the
battery is turned. Without loading the gun, press the red firing button and look into the barrel. You’ll see a glowing coil similar
to the one in an automobile cigarette lighter. This glowing coil is the glo-plug. The fact that it glows tells you that the battery is
operational and the glo-plug is in good working order.
To prevent accidental firing while loading, remove the glo-plug clip from the glo-plug now. (The glo-plug clip is a black clip at
the end of a thin wire.) Be sure not to lose the tiny plastic insulating washer that fits between the glo-plug and the glo-plug clip.
Take a pinch of Flash Cotton, fluff it up, and insert it into the brass barrel. Use a blunt instrument to press the cotton against the
glo-plug coil. (The eraser end of a pencil works well for this.) Don’t use a pointed instrument because the glo-plug coil can be
easily damaged. Now take a piece of Flash Paper 3" or 4" square, loosely ball it up, and insert it into the brass barrel. Use a blunt
instrument to gently push the Paper up against the Cotton.
Grip the gun by the finger clips with the brass ears between the middle two fingers of the right hand. Bend the ears to fit the
shape of your hand. Replace the glo-plug clip on the end of the glo-plug. Be sure to use the insulating plastic washer. The Gun is
now ready to fire. From this time forward, do not point the Gun at any person or flammable object. Use your thumb to press the
button and fire the Gun. Depending on the strength of the battery and the condition of the glo-plug, you may have to hold the
button down for up to a full second to ignite the Cotton. A ball of fire streaking out of the barrel will result.
Always remove the glo-plug clip before loading.
NEVER USE FLASH POWDER IN THIS DEVICE !! An explosion will result.
Never fire at people, animals or flammable objects.
Never stick your finger in the barrel.
Conduct a preliminary test in a safe location. The fireball can travel up to 20 feet.
Make sure the insulating washer is in place or the Gun may not fire.
If Cotton is unavailable, a small wad of Flash Paper can be substituted.
If the glo-plug burns outs, it can be easily replaced by screwing it outward from the brass barrel (counter-clockwise) with a
small wrench. Don’t over-tighten the new plug.
The brass barrel can be slid forward or back to suit your hand. The finger clips can be trimmed for a more comfortable fit. If the
Paper shoots out without lighting, you used too much Cotton.
Read these directions carefully and follow them exactly. Misuse is dangerous. The manufacturer is not responsible for
any injury or liability that is the result of the user's failure to follow the specific instructions stated above. This product
is manufactured without any warranties, express or implied. It is for professional use only. It is not sold to minors. For
more information, consult the technical manual "Special Effects with Fire and Smoke" available from us or your dealer.
NFPA 1126 Compliance Statements:
This product is intended for indoor use.
It creates a streaking flash of fire with no smoke.
An MSDS is not applicable.
It is manufactured by Theatre Effects, Inc., 642 Frederick St., Hagerstown, MD 21740 (301) 791-7646
World's largest manufacturer of handheld pyrotechnics • Since 1976
Here is vital information on how to keep your glo-plug working at peak performance, and what to look
for if a malfunction occurs.
1. There are two types of glo-plugs: 1.5 volt and 3 volt. The 1.5 volt is for use in all single battery
devices and the 3 volt is for use in all double battery devices. (The number of barrels is imaterial.) If the
wrong glo-plug is installed in a device, it will either burn out, or burn very dimly - inadequate for
ignition. (The 1.5 volt plug has a gold colored body, and the 3 volt plug has a silver colored body.)
2. We’ve found that alkaline batteries last the longest and give your glo-plug the most firing power usually 30 to 40 firings before your glo-plug grows dim and battery replacement is necessary.
3. Our glo-plugs usually last 20 to 30 firings before replacement is needed (due to corrosion and/or
crushing of the inner wire). To remove the glo-plug, first unplug the wire. Then turn out the glo-plug
counter-clockwise with a small wrench or pliers. Theatre Effects glo-plugs have a special size threading
and hobby store ones won’t fit. Replacements are available from your magic dealer or directly from us.
4. If your device doesn’t fire, first extract the paper and check the glow coil. A dim glow indicates weak
batteries or that your glo-plug may have been crushed. To correct the problem, remove the glo-plug, and
with a straight pin, carefully lift the center coil upward so that it’s level with the top surface. If the
platinum wire breaks, a new plug is needed.
5. Flash Cotton is an excellent primer for all glo-plug devices. Take a pinch of Flash Cotton, fluff it up,
and insert it against the glo-plug coil before inserting Flash Paper. NOTE: If your Paper pops out
without lighting, you’re using too much Cotton. Since Cotton ignites more easily than Paper, your gloplug and battery will last much longer when Cotton is used as a primer.
6. For the best reliability, use only Theatre Effects/Pyrowizard brand Flash Paper in your device. Don’t
use Flash Strips - use one piece of Flash Paper instead of many small pieces. If your first firing yields
only a small puff of smoke, it’s an indication that a larger amount of Paper is needed. Flash Powder will
destroy your glo-plug. (That’s why Flash Cotton is used as a “fuse” in battery-powered glo-plug Flash
Pots.) Never use Flash Powder in a glo-plug device. (And never ever use Flash Powder in a handheld
7. Barrel cleaning is a must if you want good results from your product. Burnt Flash Paper builds up a
sticky residue inside your device’s barrel. This buildup causes slow lighting and great restriction to your
projecting fireball. To clean, remove the glo-plug and brush out the barrel with a stiff wire brush. Round
wire brushes can be found at most gun, plumbing, and hardware stores; buy one that fits your barrel size.
Twist the wire brush inside your barrel until the inside becomes clean and shiny. When your barrel is
clean, it will use less paper and shoot much farther. Re-install the plug, and you’re ready to go.
8. There’s a plastic insulating washer that fits between the glo-plug and the glo-plug clip. It prevents the
glo-plug clip from touching the “nut” of the glo-plug. The nut is the electrical “ground” for the glo-plug,
while the center shaft is the “hot”. If the hot and the ground are shorted together by the clip, your device
won’t fire. If you lose your plastic insulating washer, request another from us. Meanwhile, your device
will still work if you don’t push the clip on so far that it touches the base (nut) of the glo-plug (i.e., the
clip should only make electrical contact with the glo-plug’s center shaft).
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