Quick Start Guide
for Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit Storage Expansion x8 Edition
Congratulations on your purchase! With the installation
of the Storage Expansion x8 Edition Mobile Rack Device
Mounting Kit to your Echo™ Express III-R or xMac™ Pro
Server, you can connect up to eight of your own 2.5" SSDs
or HDDs to your computer. The instructions in this guide
offer an overview of the steps necessary to install the kit
and PCIe card to your Echo or xMac enclosure. Detailed
instructions are contained in the user's guides you received
in this package and with your Echo or xMac system.
Package Contents
One Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit Assembly (bracket
with attached power supply and fan, 2.5" drive cages)
Installation Overview
1.Remove the Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit
assembly, PCIe card package, cables, and hardware
from the outer box.
2.Locate the cable passthrough opening next to the
assembly’s fan, and then remove the plastic grommet
by pushing it out from inside the assembly.
3.Route the two mini-SAS-to-4x internal SATA cables
through the cable passthrough opening in the Mobile
Rack Device Mounting Kit, and then plug the eight
smaller connectors into the drive cages’ ports.
One External 8-port 6Gb/s SAS/SATA PCIe 2.0 Card
Two Mini-SAS-to-4x Internal SATA Cables
4.Wrap the grommet around the cables, and then
reinstall the grommet into the bracket.
5.Referring to the Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit
user’s guide, install the assembly and the included
PCIe card into your Echo Express III-R (Chapter
III – Installation Steps, B – Echo Express III-R Kit
Installation Steps).
6.Referring to the 2.5" drive cage installation guide,
install your 2.5" drives into the drive cages.
Mobile Rack Device Mounting Kit User’s Guide
2.5" Hard Drive Cage Installation Guide
Packages of Drive Mounting Screws
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