2000 RVTEC Annual Meeting Agenda

2000 RVTEC Annual Meeting Agenda
OCTOBER 18,19,20 2000
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
of Columbia University
Palisades, New York
Directions to the LDEO Campus are posted at:
Wednesday, October 18, 2000:
Monell Auditorium
8:30 am Informal Discussion Period
9:00 am Meeting Called to Order
Welcome by L-DEO
Introductory Remarks by John Freitag, Chair
Intro to Breakout Sessions – Dale Chayes
9:15 am Participant Introductions
9:30 am Accept Minutes - Accept the 1999 RVTEC Annual Meeting Minutes
9:35 am Agency Reports:
10:00 am Break
10:20 am UNOLS Reports
Summary of UNOLS Activities
Report on Quality of service issues, Mike Prince, UNOLS Executive Secretary
RVTEC liaisons with UNOLS Subcommittees:
11:20 am USCGC HEALY Science Systems Testing - John Freitag will report on the outcome of the
Science Systems Testing program on the USCGC HEALY and plans for the future.
11:30 am ADCP Update on Phased Array ADCP systems – John Freitag will provide an update on the
status of testing the Phased Array Technology.
11:45 am SeaNet Update - Discussion on the installation and use of SeaNet Systems on UNOLS vessels,
future plans for the SeaNet system and the present state of the art on satellite connectivity. (Dale
Chayes/Andy Maffei)
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Report on ISM issues and discussion - Bill Martin (UW) and Paul Ljunggren (LDEO)
1:30 pm Report from MATE on activities during the past year and future directions.
1:45 pm Discussion of Base levels of Technician/Instrumentation support provided on UNOLS
ships - Moderated by Sandy Shor, NSF
2:45 pm Break
3:00 pm High speed data communication
Conducted at L-DEO Lab facility (Dale Chayes)
5:00 pm Adjourn Day 1 Business
Evening: Dinner/Activity (to be announced)
Thursday, October 19 ,2000
8:30 am Informal Discussion
9:00 am Call to order and announcements
9:15 am Report from INMARTECH 2000 by Tony Amos and other attendees.
9:30 am Break out sessions:
Workshop session on 0.322 electrical wire termination techniques
Salinometer techniques – Hands on interactive session with Bruce Huber (LDEO)
SeaNet Tutorial Session
12:00 Noon Lunch
1:30 pm Break out sessions:
Workshop session on 0.322 electrical wire termination techniques (Repeat)
SeaNet Tutorial Session (Repeat)
4:00 pm Group discussion of Break out sessions, specific points
5:00 pm Adjourn Day 2 Business
RVTEC Dinner -October 19, 2000
The River Club, Nyack, NY
Please RSVP John Diebold at [email protected]
Friday, October 20, 2000
8:00 am Informal Discussion
8:30 am Data Logging
NOAA/SCS user group session and presentations – Dennis Shields, NOAA
Demo of latest NOAA SCS software
Discussion of use of SCS on UNOLS and USCG ships
9:30 am Show and Tell session
OSU Data display system – Toby Martin, OSU
Winch instrumentation recording – Bill Fanning, URI
Data Network modules – Rich Findley
10:00 am Break
10:20am Subcommittee Reports
Online Resources Subcommittee; Tom Wilson
Data Interchange Subcommittee; Steve Poulos/Bill Martin
Wire and Cable Specifications Review Subcommittee; Rich Findley
Training and education committee; Bill Martin
11:40am New Business
Nominations and Election of Chair
Selection of 2001 meeting site
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