L 2015 v1 RELEASE NOTES Vulcan Software Version 2015 v1

L 2015 v1 RELEASE NOTES Vulcan Software Version 2015 v1
Vulcan Software
Version 2015 v1
Revision A_ENG
New Features/Enhancements
Trimble Navigation Limited
10427 Cogdill Road, Suite 700
Knoxville, TN 37932
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Release Notice
This is the Vulcan Release Notes (Revision A). It applies to release
2015 v1 of the software.
The topics within this document are subject to change without
written notice. Companies, names, and data used in any examples
are fictitious. Screenshots included in the topics may not be
exactly as in the software application.
Vulcan Release Notes
Part # Vulcan8071.08.0115_Release Notes 2015 v1
Tuesday, January 20, 2015 9:44 am
Vulcan Software Release Notes
This document provides basic information about new features and modifications in
release 2015 v1 of the Vulcan software.
What You Receive With Release 2015 v1
One Vulcan Installation DVD
One Vulcan Let's Get Started foldout
Upgrade Procedure
Please refer to the Vulcan Update Installation Instructions document on the
installation DVD for information on installation requirements. Trimble recommends
that you print this document to help ensure proper operation of the software
application after installation.
Compatibility/Technical Support
Operating Systems
This version of the Vulcan software is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows®
XP Professional* (Service Pack 2 or later), Windows Vista Business (Service Pack 2),
and Windows 7 operating systems. For a more complete listing of System
Requirements, please go to our website under Products / Fabrication / Vulcan.*
*Beginning with the 2015 fourth-quarter release, Trimble will no longer support the Windows XP
operating system for the Vulcan office software. This is in accordance with Microsoft ending
support/updates, leaving your computer system vulnerable. Please click the link below for additional
Note: Trimble will continue to support Windows XP for the Controller software.
Trimble Software Integration
The Vulcan software includes the ability to import data from other Trimble MEP
software applications. Refer to the online help in the following applications for
information in creating the export files.
Trimble® DuctDesigner 3D®
Trimble® AutoBid® SheetMetal
You can import files created in these applications into Vulcan by going to the main
menu, Function / Import.
Vulcan Software Release Notes
Instructional Videos
The Vulcan Installation DVD includes instructional videos that provide
demonstrations of the various features in the software. Trimble recommends that
you use this resource whenever possible. These can be viewed directly from the
installation DVD.
On the main Vulcan Installation screen, click Vulcan Video Training.
Click on the video you want to view. It launches on your computer in your
default media player. When you are done watching it, close the video screen
and select another from the screen or click Back to Main screen.
Note – The videos also install on your computer. Click the Vulcan Video icon
your Desktop to open the folder, then click on the video file you want to view.
Vulcan Software Release Notes
New Features/Enhancements
This release of the Vulcan software includes the modifications and enhancements
listed below.
Software Compatibility Enhancements
Bentley® Systems i-model Import
The Vulcan software now accepts fittings from Bentley Systems i-model. You must
first export these from i-model to the Vulcan format.
Tracking for Vulcan
The Vulcan software now includes an option to turn on the Tracking for Vulcan
software when you want to start using this application.
Additional Tracking for Vulcan Features
This release allows you to use the tracking software with a smartphone (iPhone®
and Android™) with an inexpensive Bluetooth® scanner (as well as hand-held
scanners). Using a smartphone allows you to track items anywhere (shop, field,
and so on).
Note – Tracking for Vulcan requires additional licensing. Please contact your Trimble
MEP sales representative for more information.
Vulcan Software Release Notes
Vulcan Software
Mapping Editor
This release of the Vulcan software includes a new mapping editor. This allows you
to easily map/edit values to the equivalent item in the Vulcan database.
Note – Mapping items to existing Vulcan items when importing data provides more
accurate information in your Vulcan database.
You can open this editor in the Import Files screen by clicking Edit.
Items Grid
The Items Grid in the Vulcan software now includes a length column. This
column provides easier location of length fittings for selection or editing.
You can now edit instructions for an item in the Items Grid. This eliminates the
need to reprocess the job (as required in previous versions).
Vulcan Software Release Notes
Purchased Accessories
You can now add weight and cost for accessories items while importing
information for a job. This saves you time by eliminating the need to need to
edit the item at a later time.
This release of the Vulcan software allows you to delete purchased accessories
no longer needed.
Vulcan Software Release Notes
Automatic Selection/Transition Style
The Vulcan software will now automatically selects the transition style based on the
perimeter of the fitting.
Note – This automatic selection is done similar to the way duct is handled.
Operational Enhancements
Additional fonts sizes have been added for Sheet Review.
Project or Company Specification tags now display Name field in the Pressure
Specifications window.
The project tree now displays red folder icons if the project is using a company
Vulcan Software Release Notes
Additional Modifications
To reduce the amount of setup, the Vulcan software now retains the last
selected Copy Specifications.
The ability to copy a seam has been added to Shop Data.
The ability to modify and save the grid’s layout has been added to the fitting
audit trail.
Vulcan Software Release Notes
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