AN_New generation high maintainability NVR

AN_New generation high maintainability NVR
New generation high maintainability NVR
Application Notes
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NVR with large capacity and RAID protection are the trend for the megapixel CCTV projects. However,
most of the SIs relay on the standard Server, or COTS solution without considering the real CCTV
application scenarios, like the reliability, maintenance or installation issues. The NVR5000 series is the
first NVR in the market with huge capacity, high performance RAID and many more features to fit in the
CCTV applications for the megapixel surveillance trends.
This article will introduce some key megapixel RAID NVR application scenarios and will explain how
Surveon NVR5000 series helps to deliver an easy maintenance for the system integrators and
end-users in those scenarios.
Key scenarios of the megapixel CCTV projects
1. Installation site: Unlike the standard server product in a IDC center or server room, the CCTV or
the building automation equipment are usually installed in the light current engineering room with
shorter rack which has lessen space and might have dust and thermal concerns. And all the
maintenance tasks would have to be done in a smaller working space.
2. Capacity requirement: A 64 channel and 30 days recording project would require 80TB of the storage
capacity. This kind of project requires basic data protection but with limited budget.
3. Operation ability: Unlike the professional IT installers, the CCTV installers usually have limited IT,
networking and storage knowledge.
4. Maintainability: The system might encounter software or hardware failure but the field site cannot
tolerate any surveillance break.
Surveon NVR5000 Series
The NVR5000 is designed to help partners to solve problems. You can refer to the table below to see
the benefits of using NVR5000. And detailed explanations will be addressed in the next page.
NVR5000 Solution
Installation site
Short depth NVR chassis design
Cable-less design
Capacity requirement
Large built-in disks and expandable design
RAID protection
Operation ability
Installation wizard
Status indicator
Hot swappable Modular design
1. Short depth NVR chassis design
Compared to the standard 3U NVR storage server, the NVR5000 has much lower 3U height and shorter
chassis. Users can install the NVR5000 on the standard rack and avoid the long chassis compatible
2. Cable-less design
When you dismantle the NVR5000, you will find its cable-less design. With this unique cable-less design,
NVR5000 provides neat and professional overview, delivers good signal quality, minimizes the
interference of airflow for effective system cooling and benefits system integrators with easier diagnosis
and maintenance. The COTS server is not prepared for the thermal issues since it’s an assembled
product. Besides, the cable-less design can reduce the dust problem caused by too many cables.
Chassis front
Chassis rear
Controller and
power/fan view
3. Hot-swappable design
When the system is running and encountering some components failures, the best way is to replace
the problem component and keep the system running. In order to meet this, the NVR5000 supports
hot-swappable hard disk and power/fan module.
It can avoid the downtime and ensure the NVR can record 24/7.
Hot-swappable disk
power/fan module
4. Modular design
In general, when the NVR encounters serious hardware problems, you need to send the NVR back to the
vendor for repair. Since the NVR5000 is modular designed, instead of sending whole NVR, you only need
to send the failure component back to the vendor. It can help system integrators to reduce the
transportation fee and allow system integrators to stock spare parts to do quick repairs and lessen the
NVR down time. The NVR modules are listed below:
 Power/FAN module
Controller module
Chassis module
Non-Modular design
Modular design NVR
5. System indicator
The NVR5000 has multiple system LED and beeper for indications of the severe errors.
This design helps users to identify the problems and take corresponding actions.
 Power error
 Fan error
 Internal temperature error
System error
Disk error
6. RAID protection
The NVR5000 supports RAID 0/1/5/6. Users can choose the preferred RAID level to protect the video
data when the NVR encounters fatal disk problems.
7. Installation wizard
The NVR5000 has a built-in installation wizard which can help partners to setup the
RAID/Network/Time/Recording plan/Camera scan/Liveview. It can be easily done by any user.
NVR 5000 Installation wizard
8. Large built-in disks and expandable design
The NVR5000 has 16 SATA disk slots and each slot can support 6TB SATA disk. It can provide 96TB raw
capacity in maximal. Besides, it has built-in two SAS expansion ports and can be expanded to 64 disks
via 3 JBODs.
Built-in 16 x SATA slots
Built-in 2 x SAS expansion ports
NVR5000 series is a high maintainability system which can meet megapixel CCTV projects
requirements. Users can be benefited from this high maintainability NVR to provide a non-stop
recording surveillance system in every project.
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