P/N: C2046
This mount is designed to rigidly mount the top of coil-over shock absorbers in vehicles with fabricated
rear frames. The round tube design allows you the flexibility of mounting the upper shock mounts at any
angle to ease installation and clear obstructions.
1) 40" Mount Tube
4) Mounting Tabs
4) Shock Mount Spacers
2) 1/2"-20 x 2-1/4" Bolts
2) 1/2"-20 Locknuts
4) Washers
1. Level the chassis from front to back and side to side.
2. Place the rear end housing in its proper position and at the correct ride height.
3. Measure the inside width of the frame rails in the location where you plan to weld the mount tube.
4. Cut the tube to length.
5. With the coil-over shock units mounted on the lower shock mounts, position the so that they are as
close to straight up and down as possible. Both shocks should be at the same angle.
NOTE: Make sure to allow sufficient clearance between the chassis and the coil-over throughout full
suspension travel. The upper and lower mounts should be in line and parallel to each other. The
distance from the lower shock mount and the axle flange should be the same.
6. Bolt the mounting tabs to the top of the shocks with the supplied bolts and locknuts. The wings on
the mounting tabs should face away from the shocks. Spacers have been supplied to adapt older
style shocks to this kit.
7. Line up the mount tube with the tabs installed in Step 6. Make sure that the mount tube is level and
that the shocks are both at the same angle. Shocks should not be more than 30° off of vertical.
8. Tack weld the mount tube to the frame and the mounting tabs to the tubes.
9. Check all dimensions and finish weld.
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