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Exposé Falcon Video Digitizer
True Color Video Digitizer for the Falcon030
What Is Exposé?
Exposé is an advanced video digitizer
for use with the Atari and C-Lab
Falcon030 series of computers. It provides a means to “capture” live video
images, either as a single frame or a
sequence of images, from a camera or
VCR in real time, with a resolution of
512x512 in true color.
What Does This All Mean?
The image from the camera or VCR is
automatically processed by the RGB
Splitter and divided into three separate,
analog signals: red, green and blue (commonly referred to as RGB). The RGB signal is then diverted down an interconnecting cable to Exposé, where it is converted to a digital format that the Falcon
can interpret. Exposé then passes the
image across the Atari Falcon’s internal
expansion bus where it is displayed onscreen at whatever resolution is selected
within the software. All this happens in
“real-time” – that is, “so quick you won’t
notice it’s happening!”
Exposé permits this digital image to retain
a 16-bitplane true color palette (or in
other words, a picture containing 65,536
colors per image), thereby retaining near
photographic quality. In addition, the
supporting software, APEX Media
(sold separately),
further boosts this
capability to realize
even higher resolution in 24 bit color
(16,777,216 colors
However to realize
this resolution and
number of colors,
method can only be
used to capture still
images with the camera mounted on a tripod or with the VCR paused (preferably
digital freeze frame).
Using Exposé and APEX Media to capture
live video on the fly allows a sequence of
images to be compiled into an animation,
which can then be played back within
APEX Media or stored as a FLIC file.
Picture in Picture (PiP) utility provides
on screen, live video images within any
GEM program. Watch while you work!
FalCAM Tripod
Enhanced video capture software for capturing high quality, 24 bit images.
Variable exposure and resolution settings, output to JPEG, GIF, TGA, and PPM
file formats.
Videobox: Amazing Demo!
Demonstration program which texturemaps the live digitized image directly onto
the surface of a cube which can in turn be
spun, rotated and zoomed in real-time!
Works With Any Falcon030!
The Exposé Video Digitizer hardware is
designed for operation on any Falcon030
computer and should be compatible with
all hardware modifications or software
Easy to Install
Installation of the hardware into the
Falcon is simplicity itself. The Exposé digitizer card plugs onto the internal expansion connector and is connected to the
RGB Splitter via an interface cable.
Includes 3 Software Utilities
Exposé can capture an amazing level of detail! Use with still video
shots to get 768 x 576 in true color or capture 16-bit true color animation at 512 x 320! Dollar for dollar, Exposé provides the most
powerful video capture on any platform!
Card Installs Easily
Into Your Falcon030!
• Maximum Resolution (rostrum work) up to 768x576 in 24-bit true color
• Maximum Resolution (real-time capture) 512x320, 16 bit true color
• Animation Resolutions (data transfer rate)
– 512x320 (6fps)
– 256x160 (17fps)
– 128x80(25fps)
• Memory
512KB of Static RAM
• Interface
Falcon internal bus
• Inputs
S-Video, Composite
• Signal Type
• Control
Brightness, Contrast, Color Sync & NTSC Hue
• Output
Exposé: True Color Video Digitizer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$399.00
Exposé with Apex Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$548.00
Orders: 800-448-8623
Word Processors
Papyrus: The Next Level of Document Processor
What is Papyrus? Papyrus Gold is the easyto-use document processor that puts the
control and the fun back into writing with
your Atari! Supports Speedo GDOS (and
NVDI 3) so you don’t have to reconfigure
your whole system! Advanced features
include mail merge, forms design,
embedded spreadsheets, graphics, character kerning, drag and drop operation,
undo facility, and much more! The printed output looks great – even on color
printers! And the user interface is super
intuitive! Papyrus Gold is the application
that Atari users have been looking for!
You’ll be amazed at the power and flexibility of Papyrus. From pamphlets to
posters, newsletters to novels, Papyrus
can do it all. Imported by Oregon
• Creates Tables and Forms
• Read and Write RTF Format
• Complete WYSIWYG Operation
• Prints to printer or IMG file
• Mailmerge into letters or on labels
• Outliner
• Drawing Tools
• Complete hyphenation tools
• Includes “DTP at a Glance”
Guidebook for Creating Documents
Papyrus supports outline fonts under
Speedo GDOS or NVDI 3 so you can use
all the fonts you already have. Papyrus
runs on two floppy drives, but a hard
drive is strongly recommended. 2MB and
Either Speedo GDOS or NVDI is also
required for printing.
Le Redacteur
Word Processing Savvy
Because of the affordable pricing of the
Atari ST computers, they became very
popular as low-cost document word
processing work stations at French
newspapers. Guess which program they
use? You got it – Le Redacteur.
Loosely translated, Le Redacteur means
“The Editor” or “The Writer”. This is a
good analogy because these are exactly
what Redacteur is best at – fast, efficient
writing and editing.
Le Redacteur includes fast printing by
using the fonts built into the printer, yet
allows you to use different fonts than
those which are built into your printer if
you so desire.
Le Redacteur also includes a formula
editor for mathematical work. It exports
MS Word, Word Perfect (4), and First
Word Plus formats, and includes a 650
page manual!
If you want a word processor that’s fast
and easy to use, try Redacteur. 2MB, a
hard disk and mono monitor are recommended, but it runs in color.
Supported by A&D/ST Informer.
Le Redacteur: Word Processor Just $129.95!
That’s Write: Fast Word Processing with Speedo
MultiWriter began as a text-based word processor ST
writer which was released back in 1986. While it does
not use outline fonts, it does have a nice print preview
capability and other powerful functions. Even works
under MultiTOS (and other multitasking systems) and
runs in a window in all resolutions. Includes the ability to switch to large-type mode for the visually
impaired. Imports and exports ST3 Writer Elite, 1st
Word v.1.06, Word Writer ST, and Atari WordPerfect
v.4.1 files. Supports PICA, Elite, Condensed, Elongated,
Italics, Bold, Sub/Superscript, Underline, Draft & LQ
printer output. MultiWriter requires at least 512K RAM
and a monochrome or color monitor. Works on all
versions of TOS! Written by Dr. Bruce Noonan.
MultiWriter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$34.95!
1st Word Plus
It also includes a mail merge capability. Another special
features is that foreign language dictionaries are available upon request. Supported by Compo.
First Word Plus is a powerful yet simple word processor. WISYWIG display with a wide range of on screen
type styles, 40,000 word spell checker, integrated graphics and text, and
mail merge. It is compatible with all
ST/TT and Falcon machines and will
work with or without a hard disk
drive. It uses built in printer fonts for
fast text printing and also allows the
inclusion of graphics within documents. Runs on machines with 512K,
but 1MB and a hard disk drive are
recommended for best performance.
That’s Write . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$149.95!
1st Word Plus: $79.00!
If you’re looking for something that will take advantage
of Speedo fonts but yet provide fast and efficient text
handling, you should look into That’s Write.
That’s Write supports virtually all popular printers and
comes with a 110,000 word English dictionary,. It allows
for multi column printing with user definable gutters.
That’s Write handles automatic generation of your Table
of Contents and Index, and also allows importing and
scaling of IMG graphics.
Text editors are great for working with
programming source files, regular ASCII
files, or anything where you just don’t
need the overhead associated with a word
processor (fonts, spelling correction,
STeno is a powerful and easy-to-use, window based text editor for the Atari ST,
STE, and TT030. With STeno you can easily edit any standard ASCII or plain text
file. It even has powerful text formatting,
search & replace, and auto wrapping features found in more expensive packages.
Edit Plus edits anything: text, data, binary
Information: 410-544-6943
Papyrus: Just $179.00!
files, disk sectors and RAM, and can run
as a program or a desk accessory. So
easy and yet so powerful.
Edith Professional is a new text editor
from the Netherlands. All operations can
be confined to text selections of arbitrary
complexity, such as columns and square
areas. Includes a unique search and
replace system and a great user interface!
Runs in color or monochrome.
Tempus II. . . . . . . . . . $45
STeno 2 . . . . . . . . . . . $29
Edit Plus . . . . . . . . . . $29
Edith Professional . . . $54
Edith Professional is the latest entry
in the text-editor arena. Its fun &
friendly user interface, unique features (like ‘kurzel’ macros), and colorful amodal dialogs make it a joy to
use on any ST – even in MagiC or
Word Processing Tools
Helpful Programs To Help You Get Your Work Done
Spelling Sentry
Grammar Expert
WP Switch
Spelling mistakes
and typographical errors are
easy to make,
and not all programs have spell
checking facilities. Ar yu the
knd of purson
hoo is cawnstantly makng spelling
errers? Or is it just important that errors
get caught? Consider Spelling Sentry. It
acts as a constant spelling watchdog in all
your GEM applications and will either
give you a warning beep when you make
a mistake, or will actually correct the
mistake for you. It also has a built in
abbreviation / macro facility, similar to
that found in Abbreviator ST. Spelling
Sentry is FAST, and comes with a
100,000+ word spelling dictionary. Some
features include:
•Checks documents produced by most
major word processing programs
•Check and correct the contents of the
•Check your spelling while you work
•Checks the spelling of a single word on
•Offers up to eight suggested spellings
when it detects a misspelled word
•You can “teach” Spelling Sentry new
words, so it can check family member’s
names, your business’s name, the
names of local towns, etc.
Grammar Expert provides online help for
the English language. Suppose you’re
writing your new mystery novel, and you
get stuck. Do you need a comma here, or
not? Does this sentence have a verb? Am I
a bedbug? Well, just call up Grammar
Expert and ask it. As a desk accessory, it
gives you instant access to your third
grade teacher. Just ask it, “Do I need a
comma here?” It’ll weigh things and say,
“Billy, don’t you remember last week’s
lesson about appositives?” Oh yeah.
Appositives. Appositives? Grammar
Expert. Get it.
WP-Switch is an amazing piece of software that will allow your Atari ST software, namely WordPerfect 4.2 and
Calamus, to read PC Word Perfect 5.1
files. How many times has it happened to
your? Someone your working on a project
with hands you a disk, with his longwinded text on it, and says, “It’s in
WordPerfect 5.1 format. You can handle
that can’t you?” You make funny mule
noises under your breath, hoping that the
person will go away so you can be left
alone to sit in a dark room for a few
hours, so you can sort out this damned
file. Even if you sort out their WP file, (or
even if they save it in a 4.2 compatible format, which incidentally is very hard to
do), the file will still not be formatted
correctly when you import it into your WP
or Calamus. Now, WP-Switch will correctly convert from WP 5.1 to WP4.2 or
Calamus. No fuss, no muss.
catches over
1,200 embarrassing grammar and writing style problems – before
G r a m S l a m ’s
writing style statistics show you how readable and effective your writing is. All you
have to do is feed your text from your
favorite word processor into GramSlam
and it will do all the rest. It offers suggestions on how you can spruce up your
writing, catches common mistakes (do
you mean it’s or its?), and checks for
“PC” problems (political correctness).
You don’t have to take its advice, but isn’t
it nice to have a second opinion?
WP Switch . . . . .Just 29.00!
GramSlam . . . . . . .$29.00!
Spelling Sentry . . . .$39.00!
Thesaurus . . . . . . .$29.00!
Grammar Expert: . . .$39.00!
Your search for
the perfect word
is over with this
one! Thesaurus
will allow you to
get the maximum
usage out of your
writing tools.
Installed as a
desktop accessory, Thesaurus is easy to use and provides
a wealth of information just a mouse click
away. Works with all ST programs.
Thesaurus displays all word categories in
the Meaning list box. You can scroll
through this list and select categories at
will. You can use Thesaurus to locate synonyms and antonyms. Thesaurus, a treasure of a writing tool.
OutBurst Version 3.3!
If you have a high speed laser or inkjet printer such as the Hewlett Packard Deskjet
or Laserjet printers, you may be wondering why it won’t print faster. Well, it turns out
that the bottleneck is not in the ST but in the operating system, and OutBurst does a
great job of fixing it! Works great with PageStream or Calamus!
OutBurst . . . . . . .$29.00 (See Pg 19 for more info)
Printer Initializer
This is the easy way to send complex control codes to your printer in an easy to understand way. If you’ve ever needed to set up your printer with control codes, this program is for you.
Printer Initializer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$18.95
Stop addressing your envelopes
by hand! Add the professional
look and feel of printed
GEMvelope was developed to work
hand in hand with most word processors and desktop publishing programs
to provide a complete solution to your
envelope printing needs.
• Import allows extracting an address from a letter in
almost any word processor format (or from the
GEM/Atari clipboard).
• Mail merge/browse allows printing one or many
envelopes with an address imported from a database
file such as Tracker/ST or Cardfile.
• Adjustable positioning for different size envelopes.
• Load-able and save-able addresses and configuration.
GEMvelope for the Atari ST allows you
to print envelopes on just about any
Most printers will not feed an envelope
so that you may print across it.
GEMvelope solves this problem allowing you to print even legal size
envelopes on virtually all laser, ink jet,
and dot matrix printers, including the
HP DeskJet series.
Finally, quick and easy printing of
envelopes on your printer!
• POSTNET bar code printing for speeding your mail.
(May also save two cents per letter in the future
according to the US Post Office!)
• Includes a desk accessory version.
• Includes Swiss, Dutch and Typewriter fonts. Fully compatible with Speedo, FSM and bitmapped GDOS fonts.
Works with Inkjet and Laser
Printers! Order your copy of
• GEMvelope uses and includes GDOS and drivers for the
following printers: Atari SLM804/605, HP LaserJet
compatible, HPDeskJet, Epson FX80/LX compatible 9pin, Epson/Panasonic compatible 24 pin, NX1000,
Okimate 20.
• Compatible with all Atari ST,TT, and Falcon computers
with 1 meg RAM. Atari SLM laser printers require 2
megs of RAM.
Orders: 800-448-8623
The Best Way to Get The Most from your DTP System
The Epson ES-1000C and 1200C are flatbed color
scanners that produce spectacular results with
your Atari, Mac, or PC. Simply connect it to your
machine and you’re ready to start scanning high
quality images for use in desktop publishing, multimedia presentations and even games!
The Epson 1000C 24 bit color scanner pictured above
The Epson 1200C 30 bit color scanner pictured below
On an Atari, you’ll need to be using the GT-Look
program. It allows your Atari to communicate
with the Epson scanner by way of either a special
MIDI and parallel cable, or through SCSI on a TT
or Falcon. It’s easy to use!
The 1000C is capable of scanning images at 1600
dpi interpolated with a color depth of 24 bit (16.7
million colors). The 1200C is capable of scanning
at 2400 dpi interpolated with a color depth of 30
bit (10 bits per pixel, converted to 8 bits per
pixel), providing better shadow detail rendering.
Then you can start scanning high quality images –
in either true color, grayscale, or line-art modes at
resolutions of 50 through 2400 dpi. Color scans
are single pass, so registration is always accurate.
Saves as TIFF and TGA format graphics. Imports
easily into Pagestream and Calamus SL.
Epson 1000C (PC or Mac Version) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$799.00
Epson 1200C (PC or Mac Version) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$999.00
Atari GT-LOOK II Software . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$149.00
MIDI / Parallel Combo Cable (for ST) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Call
Studio Photo (Works on any ST) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$79.00
Page Size
Image Data
The Toad Hand Scanner is the obvious choice for
those of you on a budget. For just $109 you get a complete hand scanner that’s identical in specifications to
the Migraph and Golden image scanners. There is
however one difference! The Toad Hand Scanner has
PC Version Includes: Scanner, Twain Driver,
SCSI cable, SCSI interface card, SCSI terminator, Photoshop LE.
See pages 8, 9, and 11 for these and other
great photo manipulation packages!
a cartridge port pass-through, so you can leave your
favorite cartridge plugged on even with your scanner
The Migraph hand scanner is also a good deal. If
you’re looking for OCR (optical character recognition) capability, this is what you want. For the single
low price of $179, you get the scanner, Touch-Up
(Migraph’s Award Winning image editing software that
saves in 5-bit grayscale TIFF’s), as well as Migraph's
OCR Jr. software. Simply scan in an image of a block
of text and save it to disk as ASCII text! It's that easy!
Toad Hand Scanner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$109.00
Touch-Up 2.5 Software Upgrade . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$39.95
Migraph w/Touch-Up & OCR Jr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$179
Want to get involved with color scanning but don’t want to spend a lot? Consider the
Migraph Colorburst scanner. Scan at up to 200 dpi in 262,144 colors. That’s 18-bit
color! To increase resolution to 400 dpi, go down to the 64 level grayscale mode. This
is a terrific mode for black and white publishing. While 200 dpi may not sound like
much, it is actually as much as you need to get good color reproductions – whether it’s
on a color printer or on a printing press. Most images in this catalog were scanned at
180 dpi. Works great with PageStream and Calamus. Includes Migraph’s ColorKit software that picks up all 262,144 colors in a single pass. Whether you have a TT030 or
Falcon030, there's a version for you. Be sure to specify which you need.
Scanning pages larger than the width of your
hand scanner can be a real test of your
patience. The scanning tray solves this problem, allowing you to scan two halves of a full
page and then merge them together, producing the quality normally requiring a flatbed
scanner. Insures perfect alignment every
time. Great for OCR or for use with STraight
FAX!. Comes with Coalesce software!
ColorBurst (Falcon030 or TT030 Version) . . . . . . . . . .$339
Scanning Tray . . . . . . . . .$49
Information: 410-544-6943
600 dpi
600 dpi
2400 dpi
30 bit
16 sec
50% to 200%
Noble Gas Fl.
26 lbs.
1 year
Mac Version Includes: Scanner, Photoshop
LE, SCSI cable, SCSI terminator.
Black & White Hand Scanners
If you’re interested in scanning black and white and
grayscale images for use in desktop publishing and
other applications, you should consider a hand scanner! We have two that are comparably priced and have
comparable features. The biggest difference is that
they come with different software.
400 dpi
800 dpi
1600 dpi
24 bit
60 sec
50% to 200%
Noble Gas Fl.
26 lbs.
1 year
Name Brand Solutions
To Improve Your Image
HP Laserjets:
Fast 600 DPI
Printing Power
The Laserjet 5L is an affordable 600dpi laser!
HP Deskjet 600C . . . . . . .$319
The lowest cost Deskjet is a great way to get quality 600 dpi black and white printing
and color capability! Includes the $39.95 color kit that is optional for the Deskjet 600.
As with all of the Deskjets, it’s compatible with your DTP programs and easy to set up!
HP Deskjet 660C . . . . . . .$399
Take advantage of 600dpi printing in black and white and brilliant, vivid color! The
Deskjet 660 features breakthrough inks for sharper blacks and more brilliant color
on ordinary paper, HP’s exclusive Resolution Enhancement technology for even
sharper output, and crisp, clear black output at 600 dpi! Compatible with ST publishing and printing programs like PageStream and Imagecopy!
HP Deskjet 855C . . . . . . .$559
HP’s newest Deskjet, the Deskjet 855C is the answer to all of your printing needs.
Provides true color graphics at 600 dpi and print speeds of up to 7 pages per minute
(black and white) and 3 pages per minute (color). Same great quality of the 660C
with more color, more speed, and more built in fonts! Compatible with Atari and PC
computers and ST publishing and printing programs like PageStream and Imagecopy!
Ink Refills for HP Deskjets!
If your Deskjet ink cartridge has run dry, there may
not be any need for you to buy a new ink cartridge.
Why not just add more ink? Most cartridges can be
refilled two to five times with no decrease in performance! These bottles have a special needle-like tip
for refilling the Deskjet cartridge.
3 Color Refill . . . . . . . . . . . . .$29
Reg. Capacity Single Color . . . .$15
Red, Green, Blue, Purple. Great for Holidays!
Black Refills - indelible ink
High Capacity (#51608A) . . . .$21
Reg. Capacity (#51626A) . . . .$15
HP Laserjet 4+ . . . . . . . .$1399
The HP Laserjet 4+/4M+ offers full 600 dpi text and graphics with resolution
enhancement technology. compatible with Calamus, Pagestream and many other
Atari software as well as all PC software. Print up to twelve pages per minute. Add
$499 for the 4M+ which includes Adobe Postscript interpreter and Appletalk.
HP Laserjet 5P . . . . . . . . .$879
The HP Laserjet 5P provides full 600 dpi output but at a lower speed than the
Laserjet 4+. Prints up to four pages per minute. Add $149 for the 5MP which
includes Adobe PostScript interpreter and Appletalk interface.
HP Laserjet 5L . . . . . . . . .$499
The HP Laserjet 5L is HP’s most economical laser printer. Provides true 600 dpi
printing and with resolution enhancement technology provides up to 210 levels
of gray! Works great with Atari Desktop Publishing programs such as
PageStream and Calamus! You won’t believe your eyes!
Citizen GSX-220 24-Pin Printer
The Citizen GSX-220 is a compact and fast
24-pin dot matrix printer that’s Epson
compatible. It works great with
Speedo GDOS, NVDI, Imagecopy,
PageStream, Calamus, and other
publishing programs. Great for
mailing labels, continuous form paper
(good for banners with Printmaster
Plus). Driver compatible with the Epson LQ-570 and
the IBM Proprinter X24E. 240CPS printing draft, 80CPS printing in letter quality
mode. 360dpi resolution. Optional color kit is available. Call for details. ST
printer cable is just $9.
Citizen GSX-220 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$179
Laser & Dot Matrix Supplies!
OutBurst 3.3!
SLM804 Toner . . . . . . . . . . . .$39.00
SLM804 Drum . . . . . . . . . . .$189.00
SLM605 Toner . . . . . . . . . . .$29.00
SLM605 Drum . . . . . . . . . . .$129.00
Canon SX Cartridge . . . . . . . .$89.00
Canon VX Cartridge . . . . . . .$109.00
XMM/SMM . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10.00
If you have a high speed laser or inkjet printer
such as the Hewlett Packard Deskjet or Laserjet
printers, you may be wondering why it won’t print
faster. Well, as it turns out, the bottleneck is not in
the ST itself but rather in its operating system, and
OutBurst fixes it! Works great with PageStream,
Calamus, and many other Atari ST software. Print
at speeds of up to 30 times faster! JetSpeed Laserjet specific GDOS driver also available just $19!
Any Panasonic Dot Matrix . . . . . .$10
Panasonic Dot Matrix - genuine . .$14
Star NX-10 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10
Star NX-1000 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10
Citizen GSX-220 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$10
Star Color . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$16
Samsung 24 or 9 pin . . . . . . . .$9.95
Toad Computers is your source for all Atari
SLM Laser Printer Supplies!
OutBurst Accelerator . . . .$29
Orders: 800-448-8623
Everything You Need to Access Cyberspace!
Supra Fax Modem 288 v.34
The Supra Fax Modem 288 is the best modem you can buy toaday! It’s got all the features, from the aluminum extruded case
to the LED display to Class 2 FAX and FlashROM! The FlashROM technology means that your modem can be upgraded by running a program, rather than having to buy a new ROM to install. For this reason, your Supra 288 should remain compatible
with standards that haven’t even been finalized – like color FAX and 28.8 FAX! Great for use on your Atari, Mac or PC.
The Ultimate in Features:
• Flash ROM – Upgrade your modem instantly by downloading a program from Supra.
• Silent Answer – Allows you to receive fax and voice phone calls.
• Adaptive Answer – Distinguishes between incoming fax and data calls.
• 28,8000 bps data speeds – the fastest dial-up modem speeds available today!
• Perfect for exploring the internet
• Automatic rate negotiation – achieves the highest speed possible for modems and phone line used.
• 14,400 bps Class 2 Fax Capability – the highest possible fax speeds with the best compatibility.
Supra Fax 288 v.34 Internal/External . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$189/$219
Supra Express 288
If you’re looking for a less expensive high speed modem yet not willing to give up the high end features, check out the Supra
Express 288 modem. It includes many of the same features as the Supra Fax Modem 288 except for Class 2 fax support. Modern
gray beveled case with status lights. Supports Class 1 FAX and works fine with STraight FAX!.
Supra Express 288 v.34 Internal/External . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$159/$169
Supra Express 144
If you want Supra quality but are on a budget, consider the high-speed Supra Express 144! Get onto the infobahn at speeds up to
14,400 baud! Supports class 1 FAX and works great with STraight FAX! A great starter modem!
Supra Express 144 v.32bis Internal/External . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$89/$99
Flash II ver 3
Flash II is the successor to Flash – the best selling
communications program for the Atari ever! Flash
II has new features that make it easier to use than
ever, including automatic dialing, background file
transfers, X/Y/ZMODEM protocols, VT100-300
emulation, macros, scripting, IBM character sets,
online display of GIF pictures, and now a complete
text editor (with search and replace capability). It
also keeps track of online charges! A great, full
featured package for the serious or beginning
user! Updated July 1995!
Flash II v3 . . . .$44.95
• Works with Class 1 & 2 and
SendFAX Modems
• Drivers for PageStream,
Calamus, Speedo,
Atariworks, and others!
Fax communications have become an essential part of
the business world – if not of life itself – over the past
few years. This has been largely because of the explo- • Easy User Interface
sion in the numbers of FAX modems and FAX
machines, and the ease of the FAX medium compared • Send and Receive FAXes
with mail or any other written form. STraight FAX! 2
allows your Atari to be a part of the FAX revolution and • “Broadcast” FAXes to
multiple destinations
works with any FAX modem we sell!
STraight FAX! . .$69.95
• Many other advanced
STalker 3
Steno 2
If you’re looking for a complete terminal program
for your Atari, you should check into Stalker! It’s
compatible with all Atari computers, has a complete
programmable scripting language, and includes built
in support for CompuServe and GEnie! Here are a few
of its many features:
Steno 2 is a powerful and easy to use, window based, text editor for your Atari ST, STE, and TT030. With STeno you can easily edit any ASCII or plain text. It even has powerful text formatting, search and replace, and auto wrapping features usually
found only in more expensive word processing packages. A
beautiful companion to STalker 3.
• Full GEM Interface – Runs as a Desk Accessory or
• Full Background Operation
• VT52, VT100, PC-ANSI Terminal Emulation
• XModem, YModem, and ZModem File Transfer
• Virtual Screen Size (from 40 x 24 to 200 x 2000)
• GDOS Support for Different Terminal Fonts
• Powerful Autodialer with Up to 30 Numbers Per List
• 20 User-Definable Function Keys
• Cut and Paste Text to GEM Clipboard
• Support for NeoDesk 3 Desktop and Shadow File Transfer
• Supports All Known Serial Ports!
STeno 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$29
STalker 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$34.00
Mountain Reader II . . . . . .$38
Information: 410-544-6943
Mountain Reader II
The Finest Offline Message Reader
Stop wasting valuable online time reading mail and
newsgroup postings! Mountain Reader II is the perfect
program to compact and download all of your electronic mail and newgroup messages from BBS’s for you to
read offline! Supports QWK and BUEWAVE formats.
STraight FAX! FAX Software
With STraight FAX!, sending
a FAX with your Atari is as
easy as point and click!
You might think that FAX is just another fad, but the facts
are that FAX has changed the way the world communicates. Now, any printed page can be transmitted anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.
STraight FAX is incredibly easy to
use! Just choose the ASCII, First
Word, PCX, IMG, GEM or Degas
file you wish to send and tell it
where you want it to be sent. You
can even send the same FAX to
multiple destinations!
Businesses use FAX to send all kinds of information –
purchase orders, invoices, product descriptions, advertisements, technical drawings, legal documents and
much, much more! Our TOADFAX service is used to keep
customers up to date on products and prices. Anything
on paper can be instantly re-created at another location!
But even when you’re using the
STraight FAX direct to disk drivers
for PageStream, Calamus, and
GDOS (and other popular applications), STraight FAX is still easy to use. To prove it, we’ll go
through the FAX process, step by step, and show you how easy it is to fax a custom document (created in PageStream) with STraight FAX!
A typical FAX machine consists of three parts: a modem,
a scanner, and a printer. Because you have to buy these
components together, FAX machines can cost between a
few hundred and a few thousand dollars! Dedicated FAX
machines also work best with a dedicated phone line!
First, create the document in PageStream, using whatever fonts and graphics you like. Then, load
the special STraight FAX direct to disk printer driver. Just choose “print” from the file menu and
your document will be converted into a 200 dpi special bitmap graphics FAX file. Now you’re ready
to run STraight FAX!
You’ve probably heard people complain about the flimsy
thermal paper that standard FAX machines use, or about
the low-quality scanners that somehow manage to always
feed pages crooked or add extra streaks and lines. Well,
with your Atari and a fAX modem, your FAXes will look
perfect every time!
STraight FAX, the premiere FAX package for the Atari
ST,TT and Falcon030 will allow you to use a remote FAX
machine as if it were your own high resolution printer!
Quickly send ASCII, IMG, Degas, and GEM files at 200
dpi! Or, with our unique FAX to Disk printer drivers, FAX
output created by your favorite DTP package, whether it’s
AtariWorks, Speedo GDOS based, PageStream, Calamus
(Standard/S/SL), Calligrapher, That’s Write, or
Timeworks Publisher. We support them all.
Receiving incoming FAXes and print them on your own
printer. Dot matrix, inkjet, and laser printers are all supported through GDOS. This is truly a plain-paper FAX system!
Received FAXes may also be converted into IMG and
Degas formats, for use in desktop publishing. Convert
them to smooth vector graphics with a program like
Avant Vektor. Or, convert them into ASCII text with
Migraph’s OCR package! No matter how you use it, one
thing is certain: a FAX stored on a computer is more valuable than on flimsy, heat-sensitive paper.
Upon loading STraight FAX, the STraight FAX Manager will recall that you have printed a file using
one of the special FAX drivers. It will prompt you to send the file you’ve just created. Specify
whether you want to add a cover page, and the number or numbers where you’d like the FAX to
be sent. Then feel free to leave the room! STraight FAX! takes care of the rest.
All the other “print-to-disk” drivers work the same way! It’s really easy!
• Send and Receive FAXes Using any Class 1, Class 2, or 2.0 FAX Modem
• Print Received FAXes (using GDOS) or Convert to IMG, PCX, or EPS Formats
• Send FAX, ASCII, IMG, Degas, PCX, and GEM Metafiles Directly
• FAX First Word/Word Writer ST Files – Keep Special Text Effects!
• Drivers for Speedo GDOS, PageStream, Calamus, That’s Write, and Calligrapher
• Broadcast FAXes to Multiple Locations – Even Schedule them at a Later Time
• Caller ID/FAX ID Support Allows Automatic Screening of Unwanted Faxes
• Scanning and Automatic Merging with ScanLite (19.95) and Hand Scanner
• View up to Seven FAXes Simultaneously – Scale them to Fit Your Monitor
• 3D, Customizable, Color Interface on Falcon OS and MultiTOS
• FAX Manager (under MultiTOS) allows FAXing Directly from Applications
• Enhanced Send and Receive Log Gives Detailed Information about Every FAX
• Supra Silent Answer Support for FAX and Voice Calls on Same Line
• Enhanced Clipboard Support and Much, Much More!
$99.95 Retail, Just $69.95 Direct to You!
STraight FAX! is developed by NewSTar Technology Management and is exclusively marketed by Toad Computers. Dealer
inquiries are welcome!
Orders: 800-448-8623
Page Description Here
Find Atari Information on the Internet!
As the popularity of the Internet has skyrocketed over
the past year, a lot of Atari related information has
begun to appear on the World-Wide-Web and elsewhere. To connect to the Internet & the Web, you can
use the new Web browser for the Atari ST which can
be downloaded from Toad Computers’ Home Page!
Atari Sources on the Internet
Toad Computers Home Page
Atari Corporation
Mark Stephen Smith’s Atari Page
HENSA/micros Atari Software Archive
ZFC Software (Edith Pro)
Unofficial Atari Jaguar Home Page
ST Format Magazine Homepage
Jeff Minter's Yak Page (Jaguar Related)
A World-Wide-Web Browser
Package for the
ST is Available
Now for FREE!
So, How Do You Access The Internet
With an Atari Anyway?
1. First, you need a modem!
2. Join GEnie, Delphi, Compuserve (Prodigy & America Online too for PC & Mac)
• Advantages: Provides ftp, WWW, news, telnet plus proprietary services.
• Disadvantages: Cost. Text only access on the Atari.
3. Get an Account with a Local Internet Service Provider
• Advantages: Inexpensive. Full Internet access.
• Disadvantages: Less technical help available. May not be available in all
areas. Requires client programs for the Atari.
4. If you are a college student or employee of a company offering Internet services
• Advantages: Service may be free or reduced in cost.
• Disadvantages: May be limited in hours of usage and service area.
5. Explore the many FTP, WWW and news resources for Atari on the net!
A new world-wide-web browser
package is now available for the
Atari ST! Download it for free
This package consists of three parts which will allow you
to browse the web and even participate in IRC.
• The CAB, by Alexander Clauss (Germany). This will be
considered the main program by most people.
• STiK, by Steve Adam (Australia). This actually does the
low-level networking stuff to the Internet.
• CAB.OVL, by Tim Newsome (USA). This is the missing
link between the parser and STiK.
If you aren’t able to download the browser from our ftp
site, as a service we offer it on disk for just $10.00! Or,
ask a friend to download it for you.
Right now, the browser requires a SLIP account with a
local Internet service provider, but PPP and CSLIP support
are coming soon! Watch our home page for details!
Get Information at Toad Computers’ Home Page or send e-mail to!
Download PDF