How to Add Computer?
How to Add Computer?
This document serves as a guide to add new computers and how to associate your software license
in the Self Service Licensing Center.
Step 1
: Log on to the Altera Self Service Licensing Center. Navigation:
Step 2
: Enter your logon name and password
Step 3
: Click the Self Service Licensing Center link
Step 4
: Select Computers and License Files tab
Step 5
: Click Add Computer button
Step 6
: License Type (Fixed or Float) select either one.
Enter Computer Type. <Click the Question Mark icon and click How to determine the
Computer Type link for more information.>
Enter Computer Name
Enter Primary Computer ID <Click the Question Mark icon for more information.>
Enter Companion ID 1 (if any)
Enter Companion ID 2 (if any)
Step 7
: Click Submit button
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