"New to District Enrollment Online Instruction Guide"

"New to District Enrollment Online Instruction Guide"
Enrollment Online Instructions
Parent Module
Enrollment Online allows a parent or guardian of a new-to-district
student to electronically begin the enrollment process by completing a
seven part application online.
Please note, parents/guardians of all new-to-district students must also
visit the school the student will be attending in person to complete the
final registration steps. This process will include Document Review.
The Enrollment Online module will allow the parent to complete the
basic student information with the added benefit of copying basic
contact information from one form to another when enrolling multiple
After setting up a user account with a password, the parent can log on at
any time to start a new form or complete a form that was previously
A user account must be created in order to access the Enrollment Online
website. A valid email account is required in order to establish an Enrollment
Online account.
To create a user account, click on the Enrollment Online link on the
district webpage or enter the following URL:
Once you have clicked on the Enrollment Online link you will be directed
to the Online Student Enrollment webpage.
The Existing User
Login box will
display. Use the
dropdown option to
select a language:
Click on the link for
Register New
Revised: 03/2013
Enrollment Online Parent Instructions
Page 1
The Register New Account link will navigate you to the following page.
All of the items with a red asterisk (*) are required fields and must be
completed in order to submit the Register New Account form. This form
requires the user to create a Login ID and a password. Once all fields are
entered click on the
button. Clicking on the
button will take you back to the prior page and login box.
After submitting the Register New Account information, the Online
Registration home page will appear. You will also receive an email
indicating that you have registered for the Online enrollment account
and it will include your login ID and password. You can refer to this
email in the future if you forget your login information.
The Online Registration Homepage allows you to complete the
Enrollment forms for each new student that you wish to register. The
Revised: 03/2013
page header indicates that applications
can have two different status
Page 2
Enrollment Online Parent Instructions
The Online Registration Homepage allows you to complete the
Enrollment forms for each new student that you wish to register. The
page header indicates that applications can have two different status
* Submitted - the form (application) has been submitted and
the school can now review it. You can review it but you are
not able to make changes.
* Saved - the information has been saved but has not been
submitted to the school. You can still make changes to the
form. The form will not be acted on by the school until you
choose the Submit option at the bottom of the form.
Click on the New Application button, select the appropriate application
and then the Go button to complete the form for the child you wish to
To add a form (application) for another student, click on the New
Application button. You will have the option to copy information, such
as address and phone, from the student you select to the new form by
selecting the "Copy basic information from" option.
The Enrollment Online Student Registration Form will display. Notice
that the form has several sections and you can Show All Sections or Hide
All Sections by clicking the appropriate link. This will open or collapse
the different sections. Click on the + sign on each section to open only
one section at a time.
Important: You must click the
button when you have a
completed the entire form for the information to be saved. There will
be a Submit button at the end of the entire form. If you have to exit the
application before completing it, you must fill in information in all of the
fields with the red asterisk before the form can be saved.
In each section all of the items with a red asterisk (*) are required fields
and must be completed in order to save that section of the form. Other
fields are either optional or not being used by the district at this time.
Revised: 03/2013
Enrollment Online Parent Instructions
Page 3
There are tips for completing the information in each field call Tool-Tips.
These appear by simply hovering or holding the cursor in place over the
specific field.
In the example shown above, the user hovered the cursor above the
field for First Name and the Tool-Tip "The student's legal first name as it
appears on the birth certificate." appeared.
You can view the tool-tips as many times as needed by just moving the
cursor and then moving it back to hover over the field again.
It is important to read the Tool-Tips for instructions on how to enter the
data. Also, there are some fields that are displayed that are not being
used by the district at this time.
Fields and information from the different sections of the form will be
explained below.
In this section you will enter demographic information about the
student you are registering.
School Year: Select the school year for which you are enrolling your student.
The current year is displayed on the left and the next school year is on the
Entry Date: The day your child will begin attending class. This date can be
adjusted by the campus if the entry date is after the first day of school.
Grade: Use the drop down to select the grade your child will be entering in the
school year you are registering for (current or next year).
First Name: Enter the student's full legal first name as it appears on the birth
Middle Name: Enter the student's full legal middle name as it appears on the
birth certificate.
Last Name: Enter the student's full legal last name as it appears on the birth
Generation: Use the drop down to select a generation if appropriate: Jr., III, IV,
etc. Leave blank if generation is not part of legal name.
Nickname: Optional
Gender: Click the radio button beside male or female.
Birth Date: Click the calendar to select the birth date of the student as
indicated on the birth certificate. You may also enter the date: mm/dd/yyyy.
Revised: 03/2013
Enrollment Online Parent Instructions
Page 4
Social Security Number: Enter the student's social security number without
hyphens: 123456789 and not 123-45-6789. Please see the registrar if an ID #
other than the Social Security # is used.
Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity: This field, along with the Race field, is required by
the United States Department of Education. Please choose Yes or No for this
field. Is the student of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity? If they are a person of Cuban,
Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or
origin, regardless of race, they are of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity. Please refer to
the required Ethnicity/Race form for more information.
Race: Select at least one race. Multiple races may be selected. Hold down the
control key and click all races that apply. This must match the Race/Ethnicity
The Address and Phone section is for the Student address and phone.
Parent information will be entered in the Contact Information section.
Please enter or verify the address information that has defaulted into
the form from the account registration process. If the student mailing or
physical address differs from the information that is listed on the screen
then please enter the correct information.
If the Mailing Address is different than the Physical Address, for example
a PO Box, then uncheck the box "Same as Physical Address" and enter
the information as PO Box 123 (with no periods) in the Street Name
Please add the student phone number. The Phone Type should indicate
Primary (preferred # and can be land-line or cell), Alt 1, 2, etc. The celltext option is for Guardians only and is for text messages only.
Contact information should be entered for the Parents, Guardians, and
other contacts. Please note: If you wish to make someone other than a
parent or legal guardian a Guardian for educational purposes, you must
complete a Power of Attorney and have it notarized. Please see your
campus or the Documents section of the EO application if you need this
form. Please remember this form MUST be signed in front of a notary.
Important: In order to save the form and enter multiple contacts, you
must complete all required fields (*) before saving the form. Then you
will be able to return to the Contact section to add the additional
contacts. You must save the form after each contact.
Revised: 03/2013
Enrollment Online Parent Instructions
Page 5
Click Save after each contact to begin entering a new contact. More
than one person is usually entered as a contact. The person enrolling the
student should be listed first, followed by additional parent or legal
guardian, then other contacts you authorize to pick up your student in
case of emergency or illness. (Photo ID is required for anyone picking up
a student.)
If the contact's physical address is the same as the student's physical
address click the
box. If not, enter the
address information.
Click on the Add Phone link to add phone numbers for the contact.
Phone numbers are necessary for at least the Parents/Guardians. The
Phone Type should indicate Primary (preferred #), Alt 1, 2, etc. The celltext option is for Guardians only and should be entered if you wish to
receive text messages from the district.
Please remember to click the
button when you have entered
information for one contact in order to enter information for another
Please answer/complete the questions listed using the dropdown
options. These questions must be answered to SAVE the form. A nurse
may contact you based upon answers to the health-related questions.
There are additional questions which are important for enrolling your
student in Northwest ISD. Please answer each question/request and
make note that some questions require a virtual signature (TYPE YOUR
NAME IN THE BOX) or additional information instead of a YES/NO
This area contains forms you may download, complete, and take with you to Document
Review or the campus will have copies on hand for you to complete. Completion of the
Home Language, Student Residency, and Race/Ethnicity, and Allergy forms are required
by the State of Texas. The Student Residency (homeless) questionairre and Restriction
of Information form are there if you need or wish to complete them. The Verification of
Receipt and Signature Page are for your review and you will indicate your agreement
within the application. There is also a Power of Attorney in this section if you need it.
Please remember that form must signed in front of a notary.
You can leave the application incomplete and return to it at a future
time if you need to. In order to save the form, all required fields must
have information entered in them. Required fields are marked with (*).
You may have several applications in various stages of completion. You
may continue to make changes until you submit the form and the status
indicates "Submitted".
Revised: 03/2013
Enrollment Online Parent Instructions
Page 6
When you have completed and saved the application, you will need to
click the "I Agree " box. This is an electronic signature indicating you
agree to the following statement:
By checking "I agree" you have provided an electronic
signature and indicated that you agree to the following
statement: "I affirm that I am a resident of the Northwest ISD
and all above information is true and correct. I further
understand that a child must be enrolled by and reside with
the child's parent, guardian or other person with legal control
under court order (TEC 25.002). I understand that presenting
false information or records for identification is a criminal
offense under Penal Code 37.10 and under TEC Code 25.001
(h). If required Identifying Documents are not provided the
district is obligated to contact the police department and/or
the Missing Children's Clearing House. (Please see Northwest
ISD Policy FD (LEGAL, LOCAL, or Administrative Regulations)
for complete admission requirements.)
After checking "I Agree " the Print and Submit buttons will become
active. You may print or save a copy of the form for your records.
You must click the Submit button to officially submit your registration
form to the district. The registrar from the your campus will review the
information. This process can take 5-10 business days to complete due
to the volume of submitted online registrations. (Please note that
campuses are closed during parts of June and July and no registrar will
be on duty to accept applications during this time.) Once the review
process is complete, an email will be sent to the email address you
provided. The email will state that the enrollment documents submitted
for your student are in PENDING status and the campus will need to
review the Required Documents (Student's Birth Certificate and Social
Security Card, Proof of Residence in Northwest ISD, Immunization
Records, and Parent/Guardian Driver's License/Photo ID) or DENIED and
the reason for denial (wrong campus, not age-appropriate for grade
level, etc.). If an application is denied and you have received an email
stating such, you will be able to edit that application and re-submit.
After you have submitted a student's application form, you can copy the
basic common data into a new form for another student that you are
enrolling or into a new form for the same student (for example, if errors
APPLICATION FORM were made in the original form). Simply click on the New Application
button to begin the Pupil Registration Form for the next student.
Revised: 03/2013
Enrollment Online Parent Instructions
Page 7
You will have the option to begin an entirely new application or to
create an application in which you copy the basic demographic
information from an existing application with the option to select which
application should be copied.
When you have completed the application process you should log out of
the Online Enrollment page. In the upper right-hand corner of the
screen you will see the option to update your profile information,
including changing your password, and the link to logout. Click the
Logout link and then close the web browser.
Revised: 03/2013
Enrollment Online Parent Instructions
Page 8
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