Bayside Coin Table Assembly Manual

Bayside Coin Table Assembly Manual
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Bayside Dollar Bill Acceptor Pool Table
Manual & Instructions
Bayside DBA Pool Table Features
Part Numbers / Descriptions
Battery Installation & Connection
Programming Buttons
PC Board Connections / Programming Button
Bayside DBA – Programming Flow Chart
Programming The PC Board
Setting The Clock
Standard Game & Timed Game
Implementing Happy Hour “Zones / Time Periods”
Cash Limits
Free Play
Section-1: Introduction
The Bayside DBA Pool Table incorporates one of the most advanced control systems custom made for the
battery pool table industry. Rack play, time play, speed pool, varied pricing, discount pricing, free play, and
game audits are a few of the many features of this control system.
The control system is connected to a 16 character by 2 line LCD display that allows the pricing structure to
be viewed by the players. The same LCD display is used in conjunction with 3 programming buttons to show
and input program set-up.
The control system will give advanced warning of low battery power, enabling the operator to be prepared for
battery replacement or charging. If the battery falls lower than 11.5 volts the warning “Battery Low” will be
displayed on the LCD. Charging of the 12-volt battery takes place by connecting the retractable power cord
to a 110-volt wall outlet. A fully automatic 12-volt. 1.5 amps. Battery charger maintainer insures that the
battery cannot be over charged.
The Bayside DBA Pool Table will accept multiple denominations of bills, quarters in the roll down coin
mechanism or quarters in the manual quarter chute. In the unlikely event that the electronic side of the pool
table does not function properly the pool table can still be played using the manual quarter push chute.
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Section-1: Bayside DBA Pool Table Features
Standard Game Play
Timed Play
Speed Pool at Any Time
LCD Display
Low Power Consumption (100uA)*
Battery Low Indication
Multicoin Operation
3 Levels of Price & Credit Settings
3 Levels of Price & Minute Settings
3 Independent pricing Zones / Time Periods Per Day
Electronic Meter
12volt Battery
12volt 1.5 amp. Fully Automatic Battery Charger Maintainer
Pull-Out Retractable 110volt Power / Charger Cord
Motor Jam Timeout (prevents motor burnout)
Maximum Cash Limit Setting
Game Audits
Power Saving (sleep mode)
Onboard or Remote Free Play Mode
DBA / Roll Down Quarter Mechanism / Mechanical Coin Mechanism
Mechanical Coin Mechanism Operation
PC Board Battery Back-up To Save Programmed Settings If Not Connected To The 12-volt Battery
*Display dependant.
Section-1: Shelti, Inc. Bayside DBA Pool Table
Part Numbers / Descriptions
Complete Coin Door Assembly Bayside DBA Pool Table
Coin Door Assembly With DBA Mounting Hardware
$.25 Roll Down Coin Mechanism, 8 Degree Bezel & Lock
LCD Display Board
LCD Display Housing
LCD Harness With Ferrite
Set Buttons With Micro Switch & Harness
Free Play Key Switch, Lock, & Harness
$.25 Roll Down Coin Mechanism Harness
ICT-S625-FOP-US4-II Bill Acceptor Low Voltage With Up Stacker
ICT Bill Acceptor Power Harness-ICT-W/9-Pin Molex Connector
Motor-Bayside DBA Pool Table
Motor Crank Arm Assembly
Motor Crank Arm Only
Plastic Round. Unthreaded Spacer 1/2" O.D.,.260 I.D., 1/4" Length
1/4"Bore Set Screw Shaft Collar 1/2"O.D.-9/32" Thick 6432K12
To Purchase This Item, Visit BMI Gaming | | (800) 746-2255 | +1.561.391.7200
Loop End Lanyard Cable-Drilled 1/16" Diameter Cable x 6" Length
6"Bungee Cord Battery Hold Down
12V18AH Rechargeable Battery #831153 UB12180
Pool Table Battery Disconnect Harness
PC Board - Bayside DBA Pool Table
Pool Table Electronic Meter
20' Ret. Cord W/Mounting Hardware Male Pull Out Cord - Female Plug Fixed Cord
SE-1-12S 1.5Amp Onboard Battery Maintainer Charger Fully Automatic
Master Wire Harness-PC Board Power-Motor Power-DBA Power Electronic Meter
Battery Charger / Rechargeable Battery / PC Power Connector Harness
Section-2: Battery Installation & Connection
Step-1: Unlock the metal DBA door and remove the wooden cash box from its shipping location behind the
battery bungee cord. Place the wooden cash box behind the roll down quarter coin mechanism.
Step-2: Remove the rechargeable 12volt battery from the push chute cash box and install it in the battery
hold down area securely fastening the battery in place using the bungee cord. (See Below Picture)
Step-3: Connect the Battery Disconnect Harness to the PC Power / Battery Charger harness. Positive (red) to
(red) and negative (white) to (white). Once this has been completed the PC board should go through its test
sequence and the LCD should read (1.00 Per Game). The DBA should also go through its test sequence and
two green lights on the front of the DBA should flash four times.
Step-4: Standing at the Ball Box End of the Bayside DBA pool table reach under the table and pullout the
retractable 110-volt power cord. Plug this power cord into the nearest grounded wall outlet to fully charge
the 12volt rechargeable battery. Once the battery is fully charged the full automatic 12-volt charger will shut
down to make sure that the battery is not over charged. The Bayside DBA pool table is now ready for play.
402-0019-0 PC Power /
Battery Charger Harness
402-0016-0 Battery
Disconnect Harness
12V18AH Battery
Quarter Drop Cash Box
6”Bungee Cord
To Purchase This Item, Visit BMI Gaming | | (800) 746-2255 | +1.561.391.7200
Section-2: Programming Buttons
The Bayside DBA pool table can be programmed by the 3 vend buttons.
The PLAY button is used to go up through menu options,
and when data is flashing, pressing this will increment
that data.
The TIME button is the ENTER button and is used to go
into the selected menu option, and ultimately initiate
data edit. It is also used to skip editable digits and
finally store data.
The SPEED POOL button is used to go down through the
menu options, and when data is flashing, pressing this
will decrement that data.
Section-2: PC Board Connections / Programming Button
LCD Harness With
Programming Button – Press
& hold for 2 seconds to
enter programming mode.
DBA – Credit
Free Play Key
Switch Harness,
orange 2 wire.
Quarter Mech.
Button Harness.
PC Board – Bayside
DBA Pool Table.
Master Wire HarnessPower-Motor-DBAMeter.
On Board-Free Play
To Purchase This Item, Visit BMI Gaming | | (800) 746-2255 | +1.561.391.7200
402-0021-0 Loop End
Lanyard Cable
205-0086-0 Set Screw
Shaft Collar
201-0044-0 Plastic
Round Spacer
402-0013-0 Motor Crank
Arm Only
402-0012-0 Motor
402-0007-0 Free Play Key Switch,
Lock & Harness
402-0012-0 ICT-S6 Dollar Bill
Acceptor- Up Stacker
402-0005-0 Set Buttons
W/Switch & Harness
SP-DBX-0-00-01 Complete Door
Assemble – Bayside DBA Pool Table
402-0006-0 Pool Table Electronic
402-0017-0 20’ Retractable Cord
With Mounting Hardware
Change Settings
Not Implemeted
Start Day
Level 2 Minutes
Set New Day
Set Time 24 Hour
Happy Hour Time Play
Happy Hour Game Play
Zone Two
Zone One
Set Clock / Date
Set Happy Hour
Setup Standard Pricing
Zone Three
Set Max Cash
Single Game Play
End Day
Set New Date
Speed Pool
Standard Game
Timed Game
1st Bonus Level
1st Bonus Level
Standard Game
2nd Bonus Level
Level 1 Game
1st Bonus Level
How Many Games
Game Price
Level 1 Minutes
1st Bonus Level
How Many Minutes
Timed Game Price
Level 2 Game
Game Price
2nd Bonus Level
Level 2 Minutes
Timed Game Price
How Many Minutes How Many Games
Level 1 Game
Level 1 Minutes
2nd Bonus Level
Level 2 Game
Start Day
End Day
Start Time
Finish Time
Timed Game
2nd Bonus Level
Start Time
Set New Month
Free Play
Finish Time
Set Year
Not Implemeted
Timed Play
Bayside DBA - Programming Flow Chart
To Purchase This Item, Visit BMI Gaming | | (800) 746-2255 | +1.561.391.7200
To Purchase This Item, Visit BMI Gaming | | (800) 746-2255 | +1.561.391.7200
Section-3: Programming The PC Board
Pressing the Program button for 2 seconds will allow you to enter the “Programme Mode” displayed on the
LCD display. Pressing any button once will go into the first menu option, “Change Settings”. For example, at
“Change Settings” pressing “Enter / Time” button will take you into the “Change Settings menu”.
Alternatively pressing the “Up / Play” button will move up to the “Audits” option, again pressing the “Enter /
Time” button will go into the “Audits menu”.
To “Escape” from a menu continue to press the “Up / Play” or “Down / Speed Pool” button until the word
“Escape” is displayed, pressing the “Enter / Time” button now will take you back to the previous menu, or
alternatively take you back to game mode if you have “Escaped” all of the way back to the first menu.
Once a selected location is reached – example – “Game Price” press the “Enter / Time” button once and the
current price of play will be displayed, if this price is suitable press the “Up / Play” or “Down / Speed Pool”
buttons to move on. If not, press the “Enter / Time” button again and the left hand digit will flash,
indicating that you can edit this value. By now pressing “Up / Play” or “Down / Speed Pool” button the
flashing digit will be increased or decreased in value. Once the desired value is displayed press the “Enter /
Time” button to move the flashing digit one step closer to the right, repeat the sequence until the display no
longer flashes. At this point pressing the “Up / Play” or “Down / Speed Pool” buttons will allow you to move
through the menus.
This procedure applies to all editable value. Note that coins will be rejected during this “Programme Mode”
Section-3: Setting The Clock
The clock has been preset at the factory for Eastern Standard Time Zone. It may be necessary to adjust the
clock based on your time zone and or daylight savings time. The clock may be adjusted as follows: Enter the
Programme Mode & Select “set time 24 hour” (See the “Bayside DBA programming Flow Chart”) pressing the
“Enter / Time” button at this point will display the current time, press “Enter / Time” then use the “Up /
Start” or “Down / Speed Pool” button and “Enter / Time” buttons to set the correct time in 24 hour mode.
The day of week, date, month, and year may all be set in the same manner.
When setting a new day enter 1 for Monday and 2 for Tuesday etc.
Section-3: Standard Game & Timed Game
The Bayside DBA pool table comes programmed directly from the factory at $1.00 per Standard Game with the
Timed Game feature set inactive. This Standard Game - Game Price and How Many Games for a specific price
may be modified or programmed by entering the Programme Mode and following the Programming Flow Chart.
The Timed Game Price and How Many Minutes for a specific price may also be programmed in this manner.
Standard Games and Timed Games can also be programmed to utilize a bonus feature. You can bonus the
number of games in the Standard Game format or the amount of time in the Timed Game format. Two
separate bonus levels can be programmed for each Standard Game or Timed Game format.
To Purchase This Item, Visit BMI Gaming | | (800) 746-2255 | +1.561.391.7200
Section-3: Implementing Happy Hour “Zones / Time Periods”
Happy hour pricing, bonus and credit settings are completely independent to the standard price and unique
to each of the three zones. A zone is a specific Happy Hour time period. This means that the operator is
able to discount or increase the pricing for Standard Games and or Timed Games for three different unique
time periods or zones during the week. Bonus standard games or timed games may be included in this
special pricing. See the Programming Flow Chart for more details on setting up these Happy Hour Pricing
The default settings for each happy hour zone are as follows: Single game $1.00 play with no bonus.
Happy hour times are set to 00:00 start and 00:00 finish so as not to take effect. These times can be moved
to suit your requirements. To program a Happy Hour zone enter your required pricing then the start and
finish times, finally enter the start and finish day.
Please note, when zones overlap zone 2 overrides zone 3 and zone 1 overrides zones 2 and 3.
All time settings are programmed using the 24-hour clock mode.
Section-3: Cash Limits
This is the maximum cash that can be inserted at any one time. Once this limit is reached the coin validator
is disabled therefore preventing more cash from being inserted. The cash limit can be set between $0.00 $99.99.
This feature can be useful to prevent players from staying on the table too long in one session.
Section-3: Free Play
The Bayside DBA Pool Table may be placed on “Free Play” by either of two methods. The on board free play
switch located on the PC board may be activated to place the pool table on “Free Play” or the “Free Play Key
Switch” located on the face of the coin door may be rotated to the on position.
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