Chromebook Use Handbook and User Agreement

Chromebook Use Handbook and User Agreement
The Hale Area Schools recognize that computers are used to support learning and to enhance
instruction. Computer interaction networks allow people to interact with many other computers
and networks. It is a general policy that all computers are to be used in a responsible, efficient,
ethical and legal manner.
This applies both at home and at school. In the Winter 2016, students grades 7-12 will be
provided a personal electronic device. A signed User Agreement will be required before the
device is issued.
All students using the Hale Area Schools local area network (LAN), Internet, E-mail and standalone computers are governed by the following rules:
1. I recognize that all computer users have the same right to use the equipment; therefore, I
will not use the computer resources for non-academic purposes. I will not attempt to gain
access to resources that I am not authorized to use. I will not waste or take supplies such
as paper or CDs. I will not alter a computer’s system settings or files in any way. I will
not delete any files on a computer that were not created by me. I will not attempt to
damage any equipment that is part of the Hale Area School’s computer network physically
or electronically. When using a computer, I will talk softly and work in ways that will not
disturb other users. I will keep my computer work area clean and will not eat or drink
while using a computer.
2. I recognize that copyright laws protect software; therefore, I will not make unauthorized
copies of software and I will not give, lend, or sell copies of software to others. I
understand I will not be allowed to bring software applications, games, CD-ROM disks, or
other software media to the school to be used on school equipment without the prior
written permission of the Technology Department.
3. I recognize the work of all users is valuable. Therefore, I will protect the privacy of others
by not trying to learn another user’s passwords or attempt to access another user’s
account by any means. I will not copy, change, read, or use files from another user
without the prior permission from that user. I will not use computer systems to disturb
other computer users or use inappropriate language in my communications.
4. I will honor the school district’s procedures for the storage of information. I understand I
am expected to save files I want to keep within the confines of my assigned server space.
I realize after prior notice has been given, files may be deleted from the system to protect
the integrity of the network or because of space limitations on the server’s hard drive. I
will also undertake the appropriate procedures to stop the spread of computer viruses.
5. The use of the Internet must be in support of education and research consistent with the
educational objectives of the school. Any other use of the internet shall be considered a
violation of this policy. I will not attempt to download any music, games executable files,
instant messengers, zip (compressed) files, or any other files not required by an
assignment. I will not attempt to access email unless it is supplied to me by Hale Area
6. As a user of a network, I will not use bulletin boards, chat software/rooms, or social
networking sites for personal use. In addition, I will not reveal my personal information,
home address, or personal phone number or those of others.
7. I will not transmit any material in violation of any US regulations. I understand this
includes, but is not limited to copyrighted, threatening and/or obscene material. I
understand the use of school computers and networking resources for commercial activities
is not permitted.
I understand the computer network utilizes software and/or hardware to monitor activity of
students to restrict access to pornography and other material that is obscene,
objectionable, inappropriate and/or harmful to minors. I understand this software may not
protect me from seeing some material I, my parents, or other users of the network may
find inappropriate. I understand I am responsible for not pursuing material that could be
considered offensive to me, my parents, or those around me. Further, I will not attempt to
disable, remove, change, or bypass the filtering software in any way and agree to report to
the teacher if this software appears to be non-functional.
I understand the use of the computer is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will
result in the cancellation of my privileges. I understand vandalism will result in the
cancellation of privileges and/or school disciplinary action. I understand the school
reserves the right to seek financial restitution for any damages caused by me directly or
indirectly. The system administrators will deem what is inappropriate use, and their
decision is final. The Technology Department may close my account at any time. The
school may request the Technology Department to deny, revoke, or suspend specific user
privileges. I understand breaking these rules will be dealt with seriously and I will be
subject to loss of computer privileges.
Users who disregard this policy and its accompanying guidelines may have their use
privileges suspended or revoked, and disciplinary action taken against them in accordance
with the Student Handbook. Users of the Board’s Education Technology are personally
liable both civilly and criminally, for users of the Education Technology not authorized by
this Board policy and its accompanying guidelines.
Even though this Acceptable Use Policy includes many rules and regulations, it is by no
means to be considered all-inclusive, but rather a policy in progress.
Students Kindergarten-12th grade will be assigned a school email account that they are
required to utilize for all school-related electronic communications with limited access to
staff members and students inside the district with whom they are communicating for
school-related projects and assignments. Students as directed and authorized by their
teachers, shall use their school-assigned email account when signing-up/registering for
access to various online educational services, including mobile applications/apps that will
be utilized by the student for educational purposes.
Damage determined to be excessive will be dealt with according to the school policy on
damage to school property at the highest level. This includes removal of identification
materials and factory seals. As this will void warranties and you will be held responsible for
full replacement costs.
Signed Student __________________________________________
Signed Parent ___________________________________________
Student Device Handbook
Hale Area Schools
1: 1 Student Mobile Device User Agreement
Student Mobile Device Agreement
Student Mobile Device Use
Student Mobile Device Care
Parent/Guardian Responsibilities
Policy Liability: Loss, Theft, and Damage
Student Mobile Device Signature Form
1:1 Overview
Hale Area Schools (HAS) views the use of student mobile devices as essential educational
tools for preparing the students of HAS for career- and college-readiness. At grades 9-12, the
device will provide students with access to the Web, Google Docs, Google Groups, Google
Sites, and other Web 2.0 tools. 1:1 access will make these educational tools readily available
to students at both school and at home.
Technology as an Instructional Tool
The primary goal of the teachers of the HAS is to get students to become career- and
college-ready. Teachers strive daily to effectively teach the curriculum while developing
independent motivated learners who collaborate, communicate, problem-solve, and think
critically. Technology puts information at each student's fingertips while allowing him/her to
access information, research and communicate with peers and teachers anywhere at any
Technology will be used in a variety of ways by teachers to enhance instruction. The uses
are seemingly endless and will vary based on subject, curriculum, and teaching style.
Student User Agreement
Access to Student Devices
The term “student device” refers to devices, batteries, cases, and power
Like textbooks, student devices are considered learning tools.
Student devices are on loan to students and remain the property of HAS.
All student devices are labeled with a HAS tag and number. Students may be charged
up to the full replacement cost of the student device for tampering with, or turning in, a
student device without the HAS tag.
Student devices are issued to the student and are meant to be used by the
student only for educational purposes. Family members and friends are not to
use the student device for any reason.
The students to whom the devices are assigned are responsible at all times for
appropriate use. This means that if others use the student devices to break the
rules, the students may still be held responsible.
Students are expected to keep the student devices in good condition. Failure to do
so may result in assessed fines for repair or replacement.
Students are expected to report any damage to their student devices as soon as
possible. All damage reports should be filed in the high school media center.
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Content and Privacy
All users are accountable to all school, district, local, state, and federal laws.
All data stored on student devices, the HAS network, and Google Apps cloud servers
are property of the District and may be subject to review and monitor at any time.
Additional user accounts created on the student device are subject to the same
terms and conditions as the assigned student user.
Students are expected to notify a staff member immediately if they come across
information, images, or messages that are inappropriate, dangerous, or
Students who identify or know about a security problem are expected to convey the
details to school staff.
General Policies
Students and families must follow all guidelines set forth in this document and by
HAS staff.
All users of the HAS network and equipment must comply at all times with HAS
Acceptable Use Policy.
All users are accountable to all school, district, local, state, and federal laws.
Failure to comply with these terms may result in disciplinary action and the
confiscation of the student device.
Student Mobile Device Use
Mobile devices are digital devices that can access the Internet, use Web Tools such as
Google Apps, run apps, and store digital media. Students are expected to use school
issued devices when accessing the district network during the school day and class
No student shall establish a private, ad hoc, or peer-to-peer network using personal
devices. This includes technology equipped to provide a wireless hotspot.
Students are not permitted to use any personal device to record audio or video
media or take pictures of any student or staff member without their permission. The
distribution of any unauthorized media may result in discipline including but not
limited to suspension, criminal charges, and expulsion.
Students may only use a device during class with the teacher’s permission. A
student must comply with a staff member’s request to shut down the device or
close the screen.
Students should only use their devices to access relevant education-related content.
They are not to make personal calls or electronically communicate with others, including
other students, parents, guardians, friends, and family, from their student devices
during class time, except for emergency situations. In emergency situations, students
must notify the teacher and get permission for personal use.
Technology access is provided for educational use by the student. Use of technology
for commercial purposes or other unauthorized purposes is expressly forbidden.
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Charging and Bringing the Student Mobile Devices to School
Students are expected to bring their student devices fully charged to school every
A limited number of loaner student devices will be available to check out in the
technology department for students who do not bring their student devices to
school on a first come, first serve basis.
Students who have multiple occurrences of forgetting their student devices or not
bringing their student devices fully charged may face disciplinary action.
Logging into Student Devices
Students will log into their student devices with their district-issued Google
Students should never share their passwords with others unless requested
by an administrator.
Managing Personal Content
● Students should store the majority of their work in cloud-based applications such
as their HAS issued Google account.
● Students should not store pirated or otherwise illegal content on their student
devices or in HAS issued accounts.
In class, use of headphones or sound is at the discretion of the teacher. Sound
must not interfere with instructional activities.
Students may purchase and use their own headphones with permission from the
Students are encouraged to digitally share their work with their peers and teachers
only for educational purposes (not for cheating or plagiarism purposes).
For Chromebooks, students may print at home by setting up their home printers
with Google Cloud Print. More information can be found at
Students are allowed to install pre-approved Chrome extensions from the Chrome
Web Store in addition to the pre-installed applications.
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Using the Student Devices Outside of School
Students are encouraged to use their student devices outside of school.
Internet access via Wi-Fi is required for student devices to access the Google Apps
cloud storage; however, for Chromebooks, offline access includes Google Drive Offline
and many Chrome Apps.
Students are expected to follow all HAS policies wherever they use their student
Student Device Care
It is essential for students to use and care for their student devices. As noted previously,
“student devices” refers to devices, batteries, cases, and power cords/chargers. Students
should observe the following use and care routines with student devices:
At School
Do not leave student device unattended.
Do not pile things on top of student device.
In a locker or backpack, place student device in a vertical position.
Protect student device from extreme cold or heat and from food or drinks; this will
ruin the battery and/or screen.
Use device in accordance with HAS policies and staff directives.
At Home
Students are expected to bring student devices to school fully charged. Charge student
device completely each night.
Keep the student device and charger together.
Do not leave student device in or on an unsafe or unstable location, such as a stool,
chair, or on the floor.
Protect student device from extreme cold or heat, from food or drinks, and from small
children and pets.
Traveling To and From School
Shut down student device before traveling.
Do not leave student device in a vehicle.
Report any issues to a parent, guardian, school official, or trusted adult.
Device Care
Students are required to use protective cases for their student device.
Never lift student devices by the screen or carry the student device with the screen
Make sure there is nothing on the keyboard before closing the lid.
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Use a soft, dry microfiber cloth; lint-free cloth; or screen wipes listed for safe use on
electronic device screens to clean the student device screens.
Parent/Guardian Responsibilities
HAS makes every effort to ensure that parents/guardians are informed of their
responsibilities regarding the 1:1 initiative. These responsibilities are:
$10 dollars will be collected before disbursement of any Chromebook.
This deposit is necessary to help with initial disbursement costs. This will be
collected at the beginning of every year when the device is issued, and if
necessary before a replacement can be issued.
Sign the Student/Parent/Guardian Device Agreement
To take home HAS student devices, students and their parents/guardians must
read and sign the Device Agreement.
Monitor Student Use
The District will provide CIPA compliant GoGuardian filtering program while
operating on our network (at school and at home). The purpose of this filtering
program is to protect students from inappropriate content while using the internet
at school and at home.
The District has installed a GoGuardian filtering program designed to protect
students from inappropriate content. No filtering system however, can guarantee
The parent/guardian agrees to monitor student device usage at home and away
from school. Suggestions for monitoring include:
Investigating and applying parental controls available through home internet
service providers, wireless router settings, and online filtering services.
Developing a set of rules/expectations for student mobile device use
Demonstrating interest in, and monitoring of, what the student is doing on
the student device
Viewing advice videos regarding cyber safety, cybersecurity, digital
citizenship, and cyberbullying are available free at Common Sense
More information can be found at:
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Returning Student Devices
End of Year/Termination of Enrollment
● At the end of the school year, students will return their student devices. Failure to
do so will result in the student being charged the full replacement cost of the
device. HAS may also file a report of stolen property with the local law
enforcement agency. Chromebook deposits will be refunded when a student
leaves Hale Area Schools.
Transferring/Withdrawing Students
● Students who transfer or withdraw from the District must turn in their student
devices on their last day of attendance. Failure to do so will result in the student
being charged the full replacement cost. HAS may also file a report of stolen
property with the local law enforcement agency.
Graduating Seniors
● Seniors must return the device and pay any damage/replacement fines prior to receiving
cap/gown/diploma and to participate in graduation activities.
Loss, Theft, or Damage
If a device is lost or stolen, this must be reported immediately to the High School
Technology Coordinator at 989-728-3551 ext 403 or
HAS will repair or replace damaged equipment from normal use. The cost for all excessive
damage, lost or stolen devices will be the responsibility of the student/parent/guardian. The
district will invoice the student/parent/guardian/ for the cost of the applicable repairs or total cost
of replacement if deemed necessary.
The school district will treat a lost device as stolen and will assist the authorities in tracking the
device with the school’s remote access. In the event of theft, a police report must be submitted
to the Tech Coordinator in order to receive a loaner computer while the situation is being
The District will repair or replace equipment that is deemed to be a manufacturing defect
at no cost to the student/parent/guardian.
Intentional Misuse/Damage
The HAS school district will enforce its policies on the misuse and or destruction of school
property. The issued device is property of the Hale Area School so every effort must be
made to return the device in the condition it was issued. If damage was determined to be
intentional the money deposited will be forfeit and further action may be taken according
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to current handbook policies. It is necessary to report all damage immediately. Doing so
will insure timely repair and help stop possible further responsibility of damage.
Chromebook parts and replacement costs are as follows:
Other costs: To be determined through appropriate assessment up to the full
value of the student device.
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Student Agreement Signature Page
Student Last Name (please print): ______________________________________
Student First Name (please print): _____________________________________
Student ID Number: ________________________________________________
Student Device Number: _______________________________________________
Student Grade ________
School Year ___________
I have read and understand the HAS 1:1 Student Device Handbook.
Signature: _____________________________________
Date: __________________
I am the parent or legal guardian of ____________________________________________. I
have read and understand the HAS 1:1 Student Device Handbook. I will make every effort to
ensure that I, my child, or ward will also comply with the terms and conditions stated in the
I understand that it is impossible for the District to control and restrict access to all
controversial or inappropriate materials that may be accessible through the District’s student
devices. I agree to hold the district and its officers, agents, and employees harmless in the
event my child obtains access to controversial or inappropriate materials while using the
District’s technology and or student device. In consideration for the privilege of my child or
ward using the HAS student device, I hereby release and hold harmless the Hale Area School
District, its officers, board members, employees and agents, and any entity affiliated with the
District, from and against any and all liability, loss, expense, or claim for injury or damages that
I or my child or ward may incur arising out of use of the District’s student device.
Parent’s or Guardian’s Name (please print): __________________________________
Deposit Made ($10) Cash/Check_______
Collected By______________________
This form is to be signed and turned in to the Tech Department. A duplicate of this
form can always be found on the Google Drive of student devices and district
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