Little Giant System Brochure
Little Giant
Compact Commercial
Cleaning Systems
compact Performance
The Little Giant is a high performance,
small footprint commercial cleaning
system with multiple disinfection
programs. Combining a stainless steel
exterior with durable, rugged components, this system is built for demanding
day in, day out use and cleans with the
ability and finesse you expect from Miele
The Little Giant washer and dryer
combination are the perfect solution
when floor space is at a minimum, but
performance cannot be sacrificed. The
height of the system makes it ideal for
under counter locations, providing you
design and installation flexibility.
easily Stackable
For added convenience, the washer and
dryer can be easily stacked for placement
in master or guest suites, pantries, or
storage rooms. Other added benefits for
easy installation include a drain pump,
eliminating the need for a floor drain, and
very low machine noise and vibration,
even during the washer’s impressive 526
G-force,1400 rpm extraction spin.
high temperature Disinfection
The Little Giant is the only commercial
laundry system of its size to have the
ability to reach and hold high temperatures
to achieve thermal disinfection.
This commercial washer features four
temperature hold cleaning programs,
185°F held for 15 minutes (High
Temp Disinfection)
158°F held for 10 minutes
140°F held for 20 minutes
104°F held for 30 minutes
the LittLe Giant at a GLance
A Compact System Delivering a Powerful Punch
Water temps in excess of 200° F to melt oils and residue from fabrics;
effectively holds high temperatures to achieve disinfection.
Residual moisture controlled dryers for safer, more energy efficient drying.
Honeycomb Drum™ provides superior garment care - garments
last 4x longer.
Specialty wash programs including silk and wool in 21 languages.
Highest extraction available - significantly reduces drying time and
energy costs.
Large lint filter accommodates up to 16 drying cycles without cleaning.
Main bearing designed for 25,000 operating hours (At 30 hours per week
this translates into 16 years of operation.)
Small footprint. Easily fits undercounter or stacked for closet placement.
Built to run load after load, all day long unlike residential machines which
are built for a few loads per day.
Environmentally Friendly
Compact Space-Saver and Energy Efficient
90% of a Miele Little Giant is recyclable.
Made of high grade 304/316 stainless
steel for years of rust free use.
Designed to last and last
Main bearing is designed for 25,000
operating hours. At 30 hours per week,
this translates into 16 years of operation.
Most Miele professional washers far
exceed this lifespan.
Super Large Dryer Filter
Accommodates up to 16 loads without
cleaning the dryer filter. This ensures
longevity of the dryer.
compact Design
The washer and dryer can be easily
stacked for placement in residential
laundry rooms, master or guest suites,
pantries or storage rooms.
Patented Drum Design
Miele's unique Honeycomb Drum™
provides superior garment care - extends
life of your clothes 4x longer.*
Faster cycle times conserve energy
Average Cycle time is 45 minutes vs. 90+
minutes for domestic models.
Reduced chlorine Bleach consumption
Requires no bleach or caustic chemicals
for disinfection. Chlorine bleach damages
fibers, making them brittle. The Miele
way of cleaning extends the life of the
textiles and is better for the environment.
Unique Fin Design
This keeps water levels low. The Little
Giant uses about 14 gallons of water per
load; a top loading machine uses 40
gallons of water. If you do five loads a
day, you would save 47,450 gallons of
water per year using a Little Giant. Lower
water equals less detergent consumption.
highest extraction available
A high G-force spin (526 G’s) significantly
reduces moisture in garments and
reduces drying time and energy costs.
Residual Moisture Sensors in Dryer
Residual moisture sensors measure
resistance to determine when the load is
dry. Once it's dry, the dryer advances to
the cool down mode and the heating
stops. This feature significantly saves
time and energy. It is also better for your
Flow Meter
Allows precision monitoring and control
of water intake. When combined with
the integrated pressure sensor, this
contributes up to 10% reduction in water
*An independent study conducted by WfK Applied Laundry Research Institute in Krefeld, Germany showed garments washed in the Honeycomb™ Drum to
be cleaner and last up to four times longer than garments washed in a traditional drum.
Exceptionally Engineered
commercial Reliability
The Miele Professional Little Giant is
constructed of high grade stainless steel
with a bearing designed for 25,000
operating hours.
Low Vibration, highest G-Force
Cast iron counter weights lower vibration
to accommodate high speed extraction –
an astounding 1400 rpms and a G-force of
526 G’s occurs during extraction. This
reduces drying times and extends the life
of the garment.
Frequency controls
The washer’s powerful asynchronous
motor with a frequency – controlled drive
system enables gentle starts and excellent
machine life.
Residual Moisture controlled Dryer
Residual Moisture Programs utilize highly
accurate sensors to dry items to the
percent moisture value selected by the
user. Reduced drying times translate into
longer garment life and less energy costs.
temperature hold
The Little Giant can reach a high
temperature of 200° F, but more
importantly, because of its powerful
heater elements, it can hold temperatures
for a set time to effectively disinfect.
honeycomb Drum ™
A Miele exclusive, the Honeycomb drum™
provides superior garment care while
enhancing overall cleaning.
User-Friendly controls
The Little Giant offers 13 pre-installed
wash programs for common commercial
applications. These programs are easily
selected through the dial and button
controls, following clear directions shown
on the digital LCD screen in one of 21
selectable languages.
For added convenience, the controller
features four function keys, which you
can set to your most commonly used
Freely Programmable
All programs are freely programmable,
allowing the modification of wash
temperatures, spin speeds, and starting
times to pamper your exact laundry
requirements. For even greater
personalization, Miele offers unique
Application Packages, featuring highly
specific and extensively developed cleaning programs.
autoclean Dispenser
A specially coated surface and powerful jets
of water enable the detergent to be flushed
out of both main wash and pre-wash
compartments without leaving any residue.
Large Filter
The dryer’s large lint filter, easily accessible
in the front of the dryer, requires very little
maintenance. In fact, depending on the
type of fabric being dried, this filter is
capable of collecting lint from up to 16
drying cycles – making the Little Giant an
ideal choice for businesses.
Where Can You Use a Little Giant
The Little Giants innovative programming,
compact design and high temperature
capabilities – which can melt oils, lotions
and chemicals – make this system a
unique solution for a variety of applications.
With a unique space efficient design and
superior cleaning capabilities, these
systems can be used in the main laundry
room of a home, or on a yacht, or the back
end of a day spa. In fact, the Little Giants
save space, time and money in just about
any environment, including:
Pet Grooming Facility
Veterinarian Center
Dental Office
Doctor’s Office / Medical Center
Bed & Breakfast or Inn
Restaurant / Café
Hair Salon
Estate Home
Bed & Breakfast or Inn
Hair Salons
Laundry Room
Estate Home
Vet / Pet Grooming
Restaurant / Café
Machine Specifications
Load Capacity
Machine Exterior - Front and Sides
PW 6065 Washer
Pt 7136 Dryer
15 lbs / 6.5 kg
15 lbs / 6.5 kg
White/Stainless Steel White/Stainless Steel
Machine Exterior - Lid
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Machine Dimensions
33.5” H
33.5” H
23.5” W
23.5” W
28.5” D
28.5” D
17 gallon / 59 liter
34 gallon / 130 liter
18.9” Ø
22” Ø
11.8” deep
22” deep
Drum Volume
Drum Dimensions
Door Opening
11.8” Ø
Drum Type
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Spin Speed
1400 RPM
Control Type
Profitronic Plus
Profitronic Plus
Net Weight
260 lbs / 117 kg
130 lbs / 58 kg
2 AC 208V-240V 60Hz
2 AC 208V 60Hz
Fuse Rating
2 x 30
2 x 30
Total Rated Load
5.2 kW
4.04 kW
NEMA L6-30
NEMA L6-30
Required Water Flow Pressure
Min - 30 psi
Max - 145 psi
2022 N
Cold Water Line
Warm Water Line
3/4” vented
Vent Diameter
Evaporation Rate
3.4 fl oz / minute
Electrical Connection (Standard)
Pt 7136 Dryer
PW 6065 Washer
Maximum Floor Load
Water Connection
Drain Line
* Please note washer is available in 208V and 240V. Dryer is only available in 208V.
Please call technical service for more information.
Miele Professional Products
Commercial Capacity, Speed and Performance
about Miele
Miele is the world’s largest family owned and operated
appliance company, which was founded in 1899 in
Gutersloh, Germany on a single promise of Forever
Better. Today, Miele is represented in more than 100
countries around the world. and its commitment to
conserving natural resources has lead to numerous
awards and commendations. All Miele production plants
are DIN EN ISO 14001.
Miele Professional
The commercial products division of Miele leads the
way in the development of innovative technology and
meets the highest demands in washing, dishwashing,
cleaning and disinfection in commercial applications.
Providing true commercial cleaning systems with
outstanding speed, capacity and performance, our
laundry and dishwasher products are showcased in fine
estates, yachts hotels and restaurants all over the
Rotary irons
You can reduce a 15-20 minute tablecloth
or sheet pressing project to just two minutes with a commercial rotary iron. Miele
offers four models to accommodate a variety of throughput needs for commercial
hospitality laundry operations.
Large Laundry Systems
Miele offers high extraction washers and
dryers with exceptional programmability
and high temperature disinfection.
Models range from 23 to 70 pounds and
specialized wet cleaning systems are
also available.
commercial Dishwashers
Miele’s freshwater commercial dishwashers
provide a fast efficient solution for bed
and breakfasts, commercial and community
kitchens -- offering fast cycle times of
10 - 30 minutes. Miele offers an
NSF/ANSI 3 approved model, and now
an integrated option.
Miele Professional
9 Independence Way
Princeton, NJ 08540
& 800.991.9380
7 609.419.4241
8 [email protected]
©2013 Miele, Inc.
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