P/N: C2047
The Competition Engineering Lower Coil-Over Shock Mount Kit is designed to be used either by itself or
in conjunction with our Part No. C2046 Upper Coil-Over Shock Mount Kit. This kit provides a solid,
adjustable mounting point for racing coil-over shocks allowing 6 inches of ride height adjustment in one
inch increments. Machined spacers are included to adapt our mount to various coil-over shocks.
2) 1/4" Axle Brackets
2) Lower Shock Bracket, RH
4) 3/8"-16x1.25" Bolts
2) 1/2"-20x2.25" Bolts
4) Washers
4) 1/2"x.188" Spacers
2) Lower Shock Bracket, LH
4) 3/8"-16 Locknuts
2) 1/2"-20 Locknuts
1. Raise vehicle and place chassis on jackstands in four places. Level the chassis front to rear and side
to side.
2. Set the rear axle housing at proper ride height.
3. If your chassis already has upper shock mounts, use these to determine the proper mounting
distance for the lower mounts.
4. The following points should be considered when choosing a shock mounting position:
a. Mount the shocks as far apart as possible for maximum stability.
b. Shocks should be mounted as close to vertical as possible but never install more than 30° off of
vertical. Both shocks should be at the same angle.
c. Allow sufficient clearance between the chassis and the coil-over throughout the full suspension
travel. Use the supplied spacers as needed for clearance between the top brackets and the shock
mounting eye.
d. The upper and lower shock mounts must be in-line and parallel.
e. The distance from the lower shock brackets to the axle flanges must be the same on both sides.
5. Assemble the lower mounting brackets to the axle brackets using one right hand bracket and one left
hand bracket per side. (See Diagram) Use the provided 3/8"-16 bolts and locknuts to attach them.
Do not tighten completely at this time.
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Installation Instructions cont. C2047
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NOTE: Mount these brackets in the middle of the axle brackets to allow for up or down ride height
6. Mount the assembled bracket to the bottom of the coil-over shock using the supplied 1/2"-20 bolts
and locknuts.
NOTE: Do not mount the coil-over spring on the shock at this time.
7. Set the center to center distance on the shock to the proper distance. This will be determined by the
dimensions supplied from the coil-over shock manufacturer.
8. Place the lower axle bracket on the axle tube in the desired location making sure to follow the
guidelines listed in Step #4.
9. Locate the top of the shock within the upper shock mount tabs. Bolt in place.
10. The lower axle bracket should be mounted perpendicular to the pinion centerline.
11. With everything in place, tack weld the axle brackets to the axle tubes.
12. Un-bolt the shocks from the mounts and remove the right and left hand shock brackets from the axle
13. Weld the axle brackets on both sides and all the way around.
14. Re-install the shock brackets and the coil-over shocks with the springs mounted on them. Rotate the
spring platforms up or down to reach the shock manufacturer's supplied mounting distance.
15. Tighten all bolts and lower vehicle to the ground.
Installation Instructions cont. C2047
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