SV8100 Easy Guide with Mobile Extension

SV8100 Easy Guide with Mobile Extension
With Mobile Extension
To Place an Outside Call:
Lift handset and dial 9 + number.
For handsfree access, Press SPK, listen for
dial tone and dial 9 + number.
To Answer a Call:
Lift handset OR press SPK key.
To Intercom Call a Co-Worker:
Lift handset and press extension key, or dial 3
digit extension number
To Place a Caller on Hold:
Press the red HOLD key. Cap Key will flash
To Retrieve a Caller on Hold:
Press flashing Cap Key.
To Transfer a Call:
Press the extension key, or press hold, dial
ext. number, announce call when party
responds, hang-up or press Transfer key.
If the called party does not answer, press the
Cap Key to return to caller.
To Transfer a Call to Voice Mail:
Press red HOLD key, press VMmg soft key
under disp, press extension key or dial extension
number hang up.
To Place a Callback:
Call an extension. When you hear a busy tone,
press arrow down on soft key press soft key under
camp when the called extension hangs up your
phone will ring.
To Page:
Lift handset. Press Page key. Make
To Park a Call:
Press an available Park key. Page where call
is parked, party can press the Park key to
retrieve the call.
Station Park:
Instead of placing your caller on hold, press
the station Park (personal park) key (*07) on your
phone frees up the CAP Key, longer hold time,
and no one else can pick up, go to another
station, dial **plus the extension number where
you placed it and pick up the call, or press TRF +
ext. number then station Park Key, the call will
now be on the phone where you want to pick it
up. Operator can dial your ext. you’re not at your
desk she presses St. Park Key, now pages that
you have a call holding. The call is on your
station park key on you set, you can from any
phone dial ** plus your ext. number and get the
call. Follow procedure above to put the call back
on your key on your phone to go back to your
desk. Need - V5.0
To Establish a Conference Call:
Establish first call. Press (CONF) in Disp.
Dial second number Press (Add) in Disp
Press (Begin) to connect all parties.
To Use a Headset:
Press the Headset key to enable the headset.
Press SPK for dial tone to make your call.
Press SPK to hang up.
To Prgm & Use the System Speed Dial
Press SPKR dial 753 dial 000 + 9 press Hold.
Using Key Pad spell name, press # if using
another letter on same key, pres # twice for
space. Press hold to store, dial 001 etc for
additional numbers To Use press soft Key
below DIR press SPD start scrolling or press
the letter on key pad then scroll it will take
you to the proper Directory
To Enter Your Name:
Press SPKR, dial 700, enter extension
number spell out name on the KEY PAD. When
complete, Press HOLD, you will hear two
confirmation beeps, Press SPK to save.
Voice Mail User Guide
To Use Voice Over:
Press the extension of the person you want to
call. When you hear busy, ring, press Voice
Over. You will hear an alert tone and Voice
Over will flash. You can talk as soon as the
alert tone ends.
To respond to a Voice Over announce, press
Voice Over key. The light will turn green, talk to
the caller. Press the Voice Over Key again to get
back to your caller.
From outside the office
Dial office number, wait for greeting, press #,
enter mailbox number and enter security code.
Voice Mail Set Up
Enter your mailbox
Record the active greeting: Press 4 + 7 and
record at the tone + # and hang up.
To change greeting options:
Press 2 + press 1, 2, or 3
Group Listen:
While speaking to your caller press speaker
button twice, this puts your outside caller on
speakerphone but you are talking on the handset.
Co-workers can hear the caller, caller does not
know they are being listened to.
To program extension keys:
Press SPK key dial 751 + press key to
program + 01 + 3 digit extension number, press
hold, hear 3 beep Confirmation tone.
To Program a Speed Dial Key:
Press SPK, dial "751", press available function
key, enter 01 + 9 + number, press hold, then
press next function key, repeat process, press
SPK to hang-up. To use, simply touch the
programmed key to dial the number.
To Change Ringer Pitches:
To review the available pitches, press SPK,
dial “711" and select (1) High (2) Medium or
(3) Low.
To set, press SPK, dial “720", press “1"
For internal ringing. Press (1) High,
(2) Medium, or (3) Low and hang up.
To Call Your Mailbox
On your phone, press VM key in display or
*8 and enter your security code.
Record a mailbox name:
Enter your mailbox
Press 76 then 7 and record at the tone + #
and hang-up.
Set up a security code:
Enter your mailbox
Press 67 for Options Menu, 7 for Security
Code and enter 4 digit code #, then 2 for
Correct or 4 for Incorrect.
Record and Send a Message
From your mailbox: Press 7,7 and record at
the tone, press #, dial extension number, press
# and hang-up.
After Listening to Message Options
To check a message you sent: Press CM (2,6)
Listen to message: Press L (5)
Save a message: Press SA (7,2)
Erase the message: Press E (3)
To forward a message: Press MF (6,3)
Record a reply to a message: Press RE (7,3)
Make intercom call to sender: Press MC
Future delivery message: Press FD (3,3)
Get time, date, sender: Press TI (8,4)
To reverse the order in which you listen
to the message: Press RL (7,5)
To get a help message: Press 0
To pause while listening: Press *
To continue listening after a pause: Press *
To back up 5 seconds: Press B (2)
To back up to the beginning: Press BB (2,2)
To go ahead 5 seconds: Press G (4) before
the message ends
To skip a greeting:
While listening to a VM greeting, press * to
skip to the beep.
Procedure is the same for all Call Forward types.
Press Speaker key, dial SERVICE CODE, dial 1; dial
extension number where calls are to be forwarded to.
To CANCEL Call Forwarding press Speaker dial
Dial Service Code 741 + 1 + ext. number hang up
Dial Service Code 744 + 1 + ext number hang up
Placing an OUTSIDE call from Mobile Ext.:
Dial Service Code 745 + 1 + ext. number hang up
Dial your DID number from your cell phone,
you will immediately hear “internal” dial tone,
dial 9 and the outside number you are calling.
From the phone you want to forward your phone to.
Dial Service Code 746 + 1 + your ext. number hang
Placing an INTERNAL call from Mobile Ext.:
From any extension dial Service Code 790 + 1 + ext.
to be forwarded then destination ext.
Dial your DID number from your cell phone,
you will hear “internal” dial tone, dial the
extension number and talk. If extension
number is busy, press “8” to leave a VM or
press 6 to Voice Over and to ask question. If
extension rings press1 to Voice announce.
Answering a call on Mobile Extension:
Answer the ringing call.
When finished talking, you may dial *0 to get
new dial tone and place a new internal or
external call.
To place a call on Hold – Press *#
To Retrieve a Held Call – Press *#
Transferring a call:
While on the call, Press *#, dial the extension
number, Dial *0 and hang up.
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