The AES-403 Two Input Automatic
Multi Switcher
The Switcher ...
The AES-403 is a 2 input AES3 compatible digital audio switcher or can be configured to accept an analog balanced
left/right pair on one channel forming an analog/digital switcher combination. Similar to the BDI AES-402 the unit
has a silence sensor and can be programmed to automatically switch to an alternate path in the event of channel loss
due to silence or digital errors. Uses include EAS audio injection for plants supporting analog and AES3 audio
distribution for broadcast or virtually any application where switching between analog and digital audio paths are
desired. Or use as a two input digital switcher, the choice is yours.
The Distribution System ...
Two AES digital outputs are available for distribution to independent 110 ohm balanced lines. Ruggged RS422 line
drivers provide excellent driving capability for long lines. Analog L/R output is also provided. .
The Diagnostic Monitor ...
The unit features complete error flag information with memory retained to aid in troubleshooting. Slipped sample,
CRC error, parity error, coding error and unlock status are available. There is a sample rate indicator included too.
The D/A Converter ...
The AES-403 features up to 192 KHz, 24 bit convervsion with balanced output for professional analog applications.
There is also a front panel headphone output for confidence monitoring. Balanced analog left/right output conforms to
industry standard +4 dBm output for -20 dBFS.
The Rest of the Story:
Part of a series of digital audio products from BDI the AES-403 Multi Switcher has features that few switchers have
which makes it suitable for broadcast, professional audio, recording, and ENG truck use. Professional switching,
distribution, diagnostics and digital to analog conversion all in one package The AES-403 can even manage non
audio standard AES formats for switching and distribution. DIP switch programming of functions allows the user to
customize which features for use in different audio situations. Lightweight aluminum construction in a standard EIA
rack enclosure makes the AES-403 a great solution for portable setups for transportable rack configurations. Don’t
settle for so called low cost solutions that don’t use XLR connectors, require a rack adapter kit or use “wall wart”
power supplies. The AES-403 is a single EIA compatible rack enclosed product with a rugged internal power supply.
Broadcast Devices, Inc.
Tel. (914) 737-5032 Fax (914) 736-6916
email: [email protected]
Rear View
Snapshot of Features:
Two - Input Digital Switcher - one channel configurable to accept balanced analog L/R input
Two - Digital Outputs
One - Balanced Left/Right Analog Output
Front Panel Digital Status
Headphone Confidence Monitor Output
Remote Control of Channel Selection GPIO and RS232/485 Serial
Status of Channel Position
Global Power Supply - works virtually anywhere in the world
User On/Off Configurable Options:
Silence Detection of 30, 60, 90 or 120 Seconds or no silence detection at all
Silence Threshold flashing indicator - flashes after 15 seconds of silence
Delayed or immediate switching upon clock loss and digital errors
Muting of non audio streams on analog output
Technical Specifications
Number of Inputs:
Number of Outputs:
Sample Rates Supported:
Digital Resolution:
Front Panel Switches:
Front Panel Monitoring:
Power Remote Control/Status:
Headphone Monitor:
Physical Dimensions:
Power Requirements:
Authorized Distributor:
2 - XLR Conforms to the AES3 Standard - One
input configurable to analog L/R input + 4 dBm
2 - XLR Digital, 1 - Analog Left/Right + 4dBm
32 - 192 KHz
Up to 24 bits
7 - Channel Selection Error Reset, Volume Up/Dn
LED Indication of Sample Rate, Error Status,
Open Collector control of channel selection
Open Collector control of channel selection
Open Collector Output Channel
Status via 9 Pin D connector or RS232/485 R/C
via 9 Pin D connector
1/4” Phone Jack on Front Panel with Digital
Volume Control
19”W X 1.75”H X 10” D
100-240 VAC 50 - 60 Hz
0 - 60 Degrees C. Non Condensing Atmosphere
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