mfj557 manual

mfj557 manual
Thank you for your purchase of the MFJ-557 Deluxe Code
Practice Oscillator. With its straight Morse key and heavy non-skid
metal base, learning code is easy using the MFJ-557. The MFJ-557
uses a 9 V battery or an optional DC power supply can be connected
to the power jack on the side.
Remove the top of the MFJ-557 to install the 9V battery.
Replace the top for operation.
An optional 5-15 V DC power supply (MFJ-1312) can be connected
to the MFJ-557. If you use your own DC power supply make
sure the tip is positive.
Use the adjustment knobs on the top of the MFJ-557 to change
the volume and tone to your preference. If private listening is
desired, connect a mono or stereo earphone or headphones to
the sub-miniature jack on the side of the MFJ-557 labeled
The straight key of the MFJ-557 can be used to key a transmitter
but you may not use the MFJ-557 as a tone monitor for this
purpose. The MFJ-557 must be disconnected from the straight
key. Disconnect the two wires from the straight key and put
them to the side. Connect the transmitter to the two lugs on the
straight key. REMEMBER you will destroy the MFJ-557 if you
attempt to key a transmitter while the MFJ-557 is still
connected to the straight key.
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