KPC Instructions
M-S Cash Drawer Corporation
KPC type interface instructions
The M-S Cash Drawer KPC trigger board enables the cash drawer to be controlled
directly by the computer's parallel port. Each cash drawer is supplied with a necessary
Dead-End cable or 'Y' interface cable. Several drawers may be "Daisy Chained" for
multiple drawer operation.
1. Connect the DB25 MALE connector of the 'Y'-cable into the computer's
parallel port.
2. Connect a standard parallel printer cable into the DB25 FEMALE connector of
the 'Y' cable.
3. Connect the 12VDC negative tip AC adapter (supplied) to the receptacle at
the rear of the cash drawer.
4. Plug the 12VDC power supply into 115VAC outlet.
5. Set the 10 DIP switches on the cash drawer for the desired opening character
and mode: (The factory setting is for BEL code/single character).
Dipswitches 1-8 are set to the binary representation of the ASCII open code.
Dipswitch 9 is unused.
Dipswitch 10 is set OFF to cause drawer to open each time open code is sent. Setting
switch 10 ON sets the drawer to double character mode where two opening characters
must be sent (without any other intervening characters) to open the drawer.
Common opening codes are:
NUL - Switches 1-8 OFF
BEL - Switches 1-3 ON Switches 4-8 OFF
See the ASCII chart for other character settings.
Make sure the cash drawer center lock is unlocked. Make sure the printer is on and
ready to print. Send characters to the printer containing the open code.
Example - For a drawer using BEL (ASCII 7, ^G) as the open code on a DOS computer,
at the DOS prompt type:
ECHO > LPT1: M-S Cash Drawer ^G (Press <ENTER>)
Any ASCII open code (except 0) can be typed from the keyboard by holding down the
ALT key and typing the ASCII numeric code on the NUMERIC KEYPAD of the keyboard.
This won't work if you use the regular number keys. To test double character codes,
simply enter the code twice.
1. If the printer did not print the message "M-S Cash Drawer", disconnect the 'Y' cable
from the computer and plug the printer directly into the computer. Repeat the test
and check the printer setup and your parallel port until the printer works.
2. If the message was printed but the cash drawer did not open:
• Make sure the drawer is unlocked and opens manually.
• Make sure the power adapter is plugged in.
• Check the switch settings.
• Try an easy code - BEL - Switches 1,2,3 ON & others OFF.
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