Electrolux EHP 60060 X User manual

Electrolux EHP 60060 X User manual
user manual
Ceramic glass hob
EHP 60060 X
We were thinking of you
when we made this product
electrolux 3
Welcome to the world of Electrolux
Thank you for choosing a first class
product from Electrolux, which hopefully
will provide you with lots of pleasure in
the future. The Electrolux ambition is to
offer a wide variety of quality products
that make your life more comfortable.
You will find some examples on the cover in this manual. Please take a few minutes to study this manual so that you
can take advantage of the benefits of
your new machine. We promise that it
will provide a superior User Experience
delivering Ease-of-Mind. Good luck!
4 electrolux contents
Safety instructions
Description of the Appliance
Operating the appliance
Tips on cooking and frying
Cleaning and care
What to do if …
Installation Instructions
Guarantee/Customer Service
Service and Spare Parts
The following symbols are used in this user manual:
Important information concerning your personal safety and information on
how to avoid damaging the appliance.
General information and tips
Environmental information
safety instructions electrolux 5
Safety instructions
Please comply with these instructions. If you do not, any damage resulting is not covered by the
This appliance conforms with the
following EU Directives:
– 73/23/EEC dated 19.02.1973 Low
Voltage Directive
– 89/336/EEC dated 03.05.1989 EMC
Directive inclusive of Amending Directive 92/31/EEC
– 93/68/EEC dated 22.07.1993 CE
Marking Directive
Correct use
• This appliance should be used only
for normal domestic cooking and frying of food.
• The appliance must not be used as a
work surface or as a storage surface.
• Additions or modifications to the appliance are not permitted.
• Do not place or store flammable liquids, highly inflammable materials or
fusible objects (e.g. plastic film, plastic, aluminium) on or near the appliance.
Child safety
• Small children must be kept away
from the appliance.
• Only let bigger children work on the
appliance under supervision.
General safety
• The appliance may only be installed
and connected by trained, registered
service engineers, or competent persons.
• Built-in appliances may only be used
after they have been built in to suitable built-in units and work surfaces
that meet standards.
• In the event of faults with the appliance or damage to the glass ceramic
(cracks, scratches or splits), the appliance must be switched off and
disconnected from the electrical
supply to prevent the possibility of an
electric shock.
• Repairs to the appliance must only
be carried out by trained registered
service engineers.
Safety during use
• Remove stickers and film from the
glass ceramic.
• There is the risk of burns from the
appliance if used carelessly.
• Cables from electrical appliances
must not touch the hot surface of the
appliance or hot cookware.
• Overheated fat and oil can ignite
quickly. When cooking with fat or oil
(e.g. frying chips) do not leave the
appliance unattended.
• Switch the cooking zones off after
each use.
Safety when cleaning
• For cleaning, the appliance must be
switched off and cooled down.
• For safety reasons, the cleaning of
the appliance with steam jet or highpressure cleaning equipment is not
6 electrolux safety instructions
How to avoid damage to the appliance
• The ceramic glass can be damaged
by objects falling onto it.
• The edge of the ceramic glass can
be damaged by being knocked by
the cookware.
• Cookware made of cast iron, cast
aluminium or with damaged bottoms
can scratch the ceramic glass if
pushed across the surface.
• Objects that melt and things that boil
over can burn onto the ceramic glass
and should be removed straightaway.
• To avoid damaging cookware and
glass ceramics, do not allow saucepans or frying pans to boil dry.
• Do not use the cooking zones with
empty cookware or without cookware.
description of the appliance electrolux 7
Description of the Appliance
Cooking surface layout
Single cooking zone
Single cooking zone
Control Knobs
Double cooking zone
Residual heat
Assignment of Control Knobs
Single cooking zone
8 electrolux description of the appliance
Control Knobs
The cooking power can be set anywhere between level 1 and 12.
lowest power
highest power
Off position
Connection double ring cooking zone
Residual heat indicator
The residual heat indicator lights up, as
soon as the corresponding cooking
zone is hot.
Danger! Risk of burns from residual
heat. After being switched off, the
cooking zones need some time to
cool down. Look at the residual heat
Residual heat can be used for melting and keeping food warm.
operating the appliance electrolux 9
Operating the appliance
When a cooking zone is switched
on, it may hum briefly. This is a characteristic of all ceramic glass cooking zones and does not impair either
the function or the life of the appliance.
Selecting the heat setting
Heat setting
Ring Control Knob
Knob setting
To increase
turn clockwise
1 - 12
To reduce
turn anti-clockwise
12 - 1
switch off
1. When boiling water/searing food, select a high heat setting.
2. As soon as steam forms or the fat or
oil is hot, set a lower heat setting.
3. To end the cooking process, turn to
the Off position.
10 electrolux operating the appliance
Switching the outside ring on and
By switching the outside ring on or off,
the heating surface can be matched to
the size of the cookware.
Before the outside ring can be
switched on, the inside ring must be
switched on.
Outside ring
To switch on
Ring switch
Turn clockwise, past
a slight resistance,
as far as it will go
Turn anti-clockwise to the desired heat setting
To switch off
Turn to the Off position
Switch setting
1 - 12
tips on cooking and frying electrolux 11
Tips on cooking and frying
Information about acrylamides
According to the latest scientific research, intensive browning of food,
especially in products containing
starch, may present a health risk
due to acrylamide. Therefore we
recommend cooking at low temperatures and not browning foods too
• You can recognise good cookware
from the bottoms of the pans. The
bottom should be as thick and flat as
• Cookware made of enamelled steel
or with aluminium or copper bottoms
can leave discolourations on the ceramic glass surface which are difficult or impossible to remove.
12 electrolux tips on cooking and frying
Energy saving
Always place cookware on the
cooking zone before it is switched
If possible, always place lids on the
Switch cooking zones off before the
end of the cooking time, to take advantage of residual heat.
Bottom of pans and cooking zones
should be the same size.
tips on cooking and frying electrolux 13
Examples of cooking applications
The information given in the following table is for guidance only.
suitable for
Cook time
Residual heat setting, Off position
Keeping cooked foods warm
as required
Hollandaise sauce,
melting butter, chocolate,
5-25 mins.
Stir occasionally
Fluffy omelettes, baked eggs
10-40 mins.
Cook with lid on
Simmering rice and milkbased dishes
Heating up ready-cooked
25-50 mins.
Add at least twice as
much liquid as rice, stir
milk dishes part way
through cooking
Steaming vegetables, fish
Braising meat
20-45 mins.
With vegetables add only
a little liquid (a few tablespoons)
Steaming potatoes
20-60 mins.
Use only a little liquid, e.
g.: max. ¼ l water for
750 g of potatoes
Cooking larger quantities of
food, stews and soups
60-150 mins.
Up to 3 l liquid plus ingredients
Frying escalope, veal cordon
bleu, cutlets, rissoles, sausages, liver, roux, eggs,
pancakes, doughnuts
as required
Turn halfway through
Hash browns, loin steaks,
steaks, Flädle (pancakes for
garnishing soup)
5-15 mins.
per pan
Turn halfway through
Deep frying
Boiling large quantities of water, cooking pasta, searing meat (goulash,
pot roast), deep frying chips
14 electrolux cleaning and care
Cleaning and care
Take care! Risk of burns from residual heat.
Important Sharp objects and abrasive cleaning materials will damage
the appliance. Clean with water and
washing up liquid.
Important Residues from cleaning
agents will damage the appliance.
Remove residues with water and
washing up liquid.
Cleaning the appliance after each use
1. Wipe the appliance with a damp
cloth and a little washing up liquid.
2. Rub the appliance dry using a clean
cleaning and care electrolux 15
Removing deposits
1. Place the scraper on the glass ceramic surface at an angle.
2. Remove residues by sliding the
blade over the surface.
3. Wipe the appliance with a damp
cloth and a little washing up liquid.
4. Rub the appliance dry using a clean
when the appliance
has cooled down
sugar, food containing sugar
plastics, tin foil
limescale and water rings
fat splashes
shiny metallic discolouration
Type of dirt
*Scrapers and cleaners for glass ceramic and
stainless steel can be purchased in specialist
shops, supermarkets, the parts department of
your local Service Force Centre or from
Remove stubborn residues with a
cleaner for glass ceramic or stainless steel.
Scratches or dark stains on the
glass ceramic that cannot be removed do not however affect the
functioning of the appliance.
a scraper*
cleaner for glass ceramic or stainless
16 electrolux what to do if …
What to do if …
The cooking zones are not
Possible cause
The desired heat setting is not Set the heat setting.
The fuse in the house’s electri- Check the fuse.
cal wiring (fuse box) has been If the fuses trip a number of
times, please call an authorised electrician.
The residual heat indicator is
not displaying anything
The cooking zone was only on If the cooking zone is supfor a short time and is therefore posed to be hot, call your local
not hot
Service Force Centre.
If you are unable to remedy the
problem by following the above
suggestions, please contact your
local Service Force Centre.
Warning! Repairs to the appliance
are only to be carried out by qualified service engineers. Considerable danger to the user may result
from improper repairs.
If the appliance has been operated
incorrectly, the visit from the service
technician or dealer may not take
place free of charge, even during
the warranty period.
disposal electrolux 17
Packaging material
The packaging materials are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. The plastic components are
identified by markings, e.g. >PE<,
>PS<, etc. Please dispose of the
packaging materials in the appropriate container at your local waste
disposal facilities.
Old appliance
on the product or on
The symbol
its packaging indicates that this
product may not be treated as
household waste. Instead it shall be
handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of
electrical and electronic equipment.
By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative
consequences for the environment
and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate
waste handling of this product. For
more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, your
household waste disposal service
or the shop where you purchased
the product.
18 electrolux installation instructions
Installation Instructions
Safety instructions
The laws, ordinances, directives and
standards in force in the country of use
are to be followed (safety regulations,
proper recycling in accordance with the
regulations, etc.)
Installation may only be carried out by a
qualified electrician.
The minimum distances to other appliances and units are to be observed.
Anti-shock protection must be provided
by the installation, for example drawers
may only be installed with a protective
floor directly underneath the appliance.
The cut surfaces of the worktop are to
be protected against moisture using a
suitable sealant.
The sealant seals the appliance to the
work top with no gap.
The sealant seals the appliance to the
work top with no gap.
Do not use silicon sealant between the
appliance and the work top.
Avoid installing the appliance next to
doors and under windows. Otherwise
hot cookware may be knocked off the
rings when doors and windows are
Risk of injury from electrical current.
• The electrical mains terminal is live.
• Observe connection schematic.
• Observe electrical safety rules.
• Ensure anti-shock protection
through correct installation by a
qualified electrician.
• The appliance must be connected to
the electrical supply by a qualified
Risk of injury from electrical current.
Loose and inappropriate plug and socket connections can make the terminal
• Have the clamping joints correctly installed by a qualified electrician.
• Use strain relief clamp on cable.
• In the event of single-phase or twophase connection, the appropriate
mains cable of type H05BB-F Tmax
90°C (or higher) must be used.
• If this appliance’s mains cable is
damaged, it must be replaced by a
special cable (type H05BB-F Tmax
90°C; or higher). Please contact your
local Service Force Center for further
A device must be provided in the electrical installation which allows the appliance to be disconnected from the mains
at all poles with a contact opening width
of at least 3 mm
Suitable isolation devices include line
protecting cut-outs, fuses (screw type
fuses are to be removed from the holder), earth leakage trips and contactors.
installation instructions electrolux 19
Electrical Connection Diagram
For UK only: 230V...240V~
20 electrolux assembly
assembly electrolux 21
22 electrolux assembly
assembly electrolux 23
24 electrolux
Rating Plate
949 592 637
230 V
50 Hz
6,4 kW
guarantee/customer service electrolux 25
Guarantee/Customer Service
Standard guarantee conditions
We, Electrolux, undertake that if within
12 months of the date of the purchase
this Electrolux appliance or any part
thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, we will, at our option repair or
replace the same FREE OF CHARGE for
labour, materials or carriage on condition that:
• The appliance has been correctly installed and used only on the electricity supply stated on the rating plate.
• The appliance has been used for
normal domestic purposes only, and
in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
• The appliance has not been serviced, maintained, repaired, taken
apart or tampered with by any person not authorised by us.
• All service work under this guarantee
must be undertaken by a Service
Force Centre.
• Any appliance or defective part replaced shall become the Company’s
• This guarantee is in addition to your
statutory and other legal rights.
Home visits are made between 8.30am
and 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Visits
may be available outside these hours in
which case a premium will be charged.
This guarantee does not cover:
• Damage or calls resulting from transportation, improper use or neglect,
the replacement of any light bulbs or
removable parts of glass or plastic.
• Costs incurred for calls to put right
an appliance which is improperly installed or calls to appliances outside
the United Kingdom.
• Appliances found to be in use within
a commercial environment, plus
those which are subject to rental
• Products of Electrolux manufacture
which are not marketed by Electrolux.
26 electrolux guarantee/customer service
European Guarantee
This appliance is guaranteed by Electrolux in
each of the countries listed at the back of this
user manual, for the period specified in the appliance guarantee or otherwise by law. If you move
from one of these countries to another of the
countries listed below the appliance guarantee
will move with you subject to the following qualifications:
• The appliance guarantee starts from the date
you first purchased the appliance which will
be evidenced by production of a valid purchase document issued by the seller of the
• The appliance guarantee is for the same period and to the same extent for labour and
parts as exists in your new country of residence for this particular model or range of
• The appliance guarantee is personal to the
original purchaser of the appliance and cannot be transferred to another user.
• The appliance is installed and used in accordance with instructions issued by Electrolux and is only used within the home, i.e. is
not used for commercial purposes.
• The appliance is installed in accordance with
all relevant regulations in force within your
new country of residence.
The provisions of this European Guarantee do
not affect any of the rights granted to you by law.
guarantee/customer service electrolux 27
+35 5 4 261 450
Rr. Pjeter Bogdani Nr. 7 Tirane
+32 2 363 04 44
Bergensesteenweg 719, 1502 Lembeek
Èeská republika
+420 2 61 12 61 12
Budìjovická 3, Praha 4, 140 21
+45 70 11 74 00
Sjællandsgade 2, 7000 Fredericia
+49 180 32 26 622
Muggenhofer Str. 135, 90429 Nürnberg
+37 2 66 50 030
Mustamäe tee 24, 10621 Tallinn
+34 902 11 63 88
Carretera M-300, Km. 29,900
Alcalá de Henares Madrid
Great Britain
+44 8705 929 929
Addington Way, Luton, Bedfordshire
+30 23 10 56 19 70
4 Limnou Str., 54627 Thessaloniki
+385 1 63 23 338
Slavonska avenija 3, 10000 Zagreb
+353 1 40 90 753
Long Mile Road Dublin 12
+39 (0) 434 558500
C.so Lino Zanussi, 26 - 33080 Porcia (PN)
+37 17 84 59 34
Kr. Barona iela 130/2, LV-1012, Riga
+370 5 2780609
Verkių 29, LT09108 Vilnius
+35 2 42 43 13 01
Rue de Bitbourg, 7, L-1273 Hamm
+36 1 252 1773
H-1142 Budapest XIV,
Erzsébet királyné útja 87
+31 17 24 68 300
Vennootsweg 1, 2404 CG Alphen aan den Rijn
+47 81 5 30 222
Risløkkvn. 2 , 0508 Oslo
+43 18 66 400
Herziggasse 9, 1230 Wien
+48 22 43 47 300
ul. Kolejowa 5/7, Warsaw
+35 12 14 40 39 39
Quinta da Fonte - Edificio Gonçalves Zarco Q 35
2774 - 518 Paço de Arcos
+40 21 451 20 30
Str. Garii Progresului 2, S4, 040671 RO
+41 62 88 99 111
Industriestrasse 10, CH-5506 Mägenwil
+38 61 24 25 731
Electrolux Ljubljana d.o.o.
Gerbiceva 98, 1000 Ljubljana
28 electrolux guarantee/customer service
+421 2 43 33 43 22
Electrolux Slovakia s.r.o., Electrolux Domáce
spotrebièe SK, Seberíniho 1, 821 03 Bratislava
+46 (0)771 76 76 76
Electrolux Service, S:t Göransgatan 143,
S-105 45 Stockholm
+90 21 22 93 10 25
Tarlabaþý caddesi no : 35 Taksim
+7 095 937 7837
129090 Ìîñêâà, Îëèìïèéñêèé ïðîñïåêò, 16,
ÁÖ „Îëèìïèê“
service and spare parts electrolux 29
Service and Spare Parts
If the event of your appliance requiring
service, or if you wish to purchase spare
parts, please contact Service Force by
0870 5 929 929
Your telephone call will be automatically
routed to the Service Force Centre covering your post code area.
For the address of your local Service
Force Centre and further information
about Service Force, please visit the
website at
www. serviceforce.co.uk
Before calling out an engineer, please
ensure you have read the details under
the heading „What to do if...“
When you contact the Service Force
Centre you will need to give the following details:
1. Your name, address and post code.
2. Your telephone number.
3. Clear and concise details of the fault.
4. The model and serial number of the
appliance (found on the rating plate)
5. The purchase date.
Please note that a valid purchase receipt
or guarantee documentation is required
for in-guarantee service calls.
Customer Care
For general enquiries concerning your
Electrolux appliance, or for further information on Electrolux products please
contact our Customer Care Department
by letter or telephone at the address below or visit our website at
30 electrolux service and spare parts
Customer Care Department
Major Appliances
Addington Way
Bedfordshire, LU4 9QQ
Tel: 08705 350350 (*)
For Customer Service in the Republic of
Ireland please contact us at the address below:
AEG/ Electrolux Group (Ire) Ltd
Long Mile Road/ Dublin 12
Republic of Ireland
Tel: +353 (0) 1 4090753
Email: [email protected]
(*) Calls may be recorded for training
822 930 616-A-261006-01
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