Oldham WX16 Controller Features and Benefits (English)

Oldham WX16 Controller Features and Benefits (English)
The Fixed Gas Detection People
W X16
Analog + Digital Controller
The WX16 can accepts 4-20mA and bridge sensor analog inputs as
well as inputs from the standard RS-485 ModBus RTU port or optional
wireless ModBus communication package. Additionally, the WX16 can be configured as a
ModBus slave and provide up to 16 4-20mA analog outputs.
16 Channels
The WX16 can be configured to accept up to 16 4-20mA, bridge sensor, ModBus RTU, and
wireless ModBus RTU inputs.
Programmable Relays
The WX16 has four standard 5 amp SPDT relay configured for two common alarms, one
common fault, and one common horn. Additional discrete relays may be added in groups of
Discrete relays may be configured in up to three zones.
RS-485 ModBus
The WX16 has two standard RS-485 ModBus RTU ports allowing for both master and slave
By also adding one of the WX16’s wireless packages, the WX16 can operate as a wireless
ModBus slave, a wireless ModBus master, or both.
Wireless Communication
The WX16 offers both 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz wireless communication capability and can be
configured with a single or dual wireless radio. This allows the WX16 to be a simultaneous
wireless ModBus master and wireless ModBus slave device.
Additionally, the WX16 can be configured to receive wireless data directly from an equipped
OLCT 200 transmitter.
Wireless communications utilize 256-bit encryption and can be configured for Division 2 and
Division 1 applications.
Graphical LCD Display
The WX16 has a backlight graphical LCD display. Gas readings can be displayed on three
different screens:
Bar Graph - Displays a bar graph depiction of the gas reading and the alarm levels for all
16 channels. Numerical gas value and gas type are also displayed for each channel.
Trend Chart - Displays the current gas value and gas type for any one channel at a time.
A trend graph for the last 24 hours as well as Min, Max, and Average statistics for the
period are also displayed.
Combination Screen - Displays a bar graph, a 30-minute trend graph, min, max and
average statistics, as well as the current reading and gas type for one channel at a time.
Touch Key/Non-Intrusive
The WX16 has both touch keys and non-intrusive operation standard. A magnetic wand is
provided with each controller for non-intrusive operation.
Security Mode
A four-digit Pass Code may be entered to restrict editing controller configuration menus.
All menus can still be viewed while in Security Mode.
A user-editable field allows a custom message to be displayed when in security mode.
This may be a contact name or number for an authorized individual.
W X16
Visual Alarm LEDs
Each WX16 has 52 visual LEDs for notification of alarms and system status. LEDs change
from flashing to steady after acknowledgment.
ALARM 1 - 16 yellow LEDs flash only if the channel associated with the LED reaches an
Alarm 1 level.
ALARM 2 - 16 red LEDs flash only if the channel associated with the LED reaches an
Alarm 2 level.
FAULT - 16 red LEDs flash only if the channel associated with the LED has a fault
RELAY - 4 red LEDs indicate the status of the four common relays; Alarm 1, Alarm 2,
Fault, and Horn
Internal Memory
All configuration data is stored in non-volatile memory to protect against power
Data Logging
The WX16 can display the last 24 hours of readings for each of the 16 channels.
Multiple Enclosure Options
The WX16 can be configured with one of four enclosure options:
Panel/Rack Mount - 19" rack enclosure for ordinary locations.
Non-Metallic Mount - NEMA 4X rated enclosure. Suitable for Div 2 environments.
Stainless Steel Wall Mount - NEMA 4X 316 stainless steel enclosure. Suitable for Div 2
corrosive environments.
Explosion-Proof Wall Mount - NEMA 4X/7 aluminum enclosure. Suitable for Div 1
hazardous environments.
Built-In Piezo Siren
The WX16 has a built-in piezo buzzer for audible notification of keystrokes and alarm
events. The buzzer can be turned on or off at the user’s discretion.
A standard 24VDC alarm port is available for powering an external alarm.
HMI Software
The optional Human Machine Interface software for the WX16 allows for real-time display of
channels on up to 10 WX16 controllers, providing visibility of up to 160 channels.
Phone: +1-412-788-4353
Fax: +1-412-788-8353
[email protected]
Phone: +65-6561-7377
Fax: +65-6561-7787
[email protected]
Phone: +33-3-21-60-80-80
Fax: +33-3-21-60-80-00
[email protected]
REV 0311
Ref WX16_F&B_EN_v1
The HMI software also allows for data logging capability for all 160 channels and allows for
user-provided graphics, such as plant layouts, to be uploaded into the graphical interface.
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