LogiComm Gun Driver Product Literature

LogiComm Gun Driver Product Literature
LogiComm® Gun Driver
electric gun driver
simplifies setup and
operation in hot melt
or liquid adhesive
The LogiComm gun driver is a high-performance electric gun
driver supporting all Nordson® adhesive electric guns for hot melt
or liquid adhesive applications. The LogiComm driver has four
trigger inputs to interface to a pattern control, PLC or other
device. The driver is available with four-or eight-gun outputs, each
with either convenient external quick-disconnect connectors or
traditional terminal blocks where IPX4 water protection is needed.
Each output is independently programmable to respond to any of
the four trigger inputs and can control a different type of gun on
each channel. The LogiComm gun driver makes setup easy; the
user only needs to select the gun type from the menu and the
appropriate predefined settings for that gun load automatically.
The flexible design also allows the driver to be programmed with
customized gun output settings.
Setup and troubleshooting are aided by LED indicators as well as
sophisticated diagnostics. In addition an alarm signal can be sent
to a remote device such as a PLC.
Future driver firmware upgrades are performed via the internal
USB port.
■ Each output can:
• Be assigned to one of four triggers
• Be enabled or disabled for product changes
• Drive a different type of gun
• Be activated using the purge button for testing, purging or
■ Fully programmable to support current and future Nordson guns
■ Two output modes: normal/bead and dot (fixed time duration)
■ Operator panel displays status and simplifies installation and
■ Self-diagnostics, display and status indicators simplify
■ USB connection for firmware upgrades and to save/restore
settings (electrically isolated from internal power circuitry)
■ Internal 24 VDC power supply eliminates the need for a
separate power supply for Eclipse™ EPC pattern controls
■ Input line filter helps withstand high levels of noise, permitting
reliable operation in industrial and factory environments
LogiComm® Gun Driver
Gun Outputs
4 or 8 channel
Gun Series Supported
All Nordson electric guns including: e.dot, E400, E-35X, E380, E-700, M-70X, EM10X, EM-90X, LA 820,
LA 822, WM 801, WM 83X, WM 84X, WM 88X, WM 94X
Gun Drivers
80 Watts maximum per 4 channel driver (160 Watts total)
Independent Triggers
4 opto-isolated (NPN or PNP; source or sink) in either the four- or eight-gun output versions
Trigger Input Voltage
10 - 30 VDC
Dot Mode Time Range
0.1 - 12.7 ms (0.05 ms increments)
Manual Purge/Test
Purge or flush. Either mode available with hammering
Alarm Output Contact
One form C potential-free contact. Fail-safe design (active when OK; inactive when fault, power off or
disconnected). Contact rating: 0.5 Amps at 250 VAC
Display Type
Backlit graphic LCD
Maximum Power Requirement
200 Watts (2 Amps)
Electrical Service
170-264 VAC typical; 50/60 Hz; 1 phase
90-132 VAC or 170-200 VAC at reduced gun performance
Ambient Temperature Range
0 - 50° C (32 - 122° F)
Approvals and Certifications
CE and ISO 9001
IP X4: terminal block version
IP 30: connector version
Cast mounting feet with 2 holes (top) and 2 slots (bottom)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
327 mm x 311 mm x 163 mm
13 in. x 12 in. x 6 in.
Terminal block version
External connector version
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