Custom Motor Drives for OEM’s
When Off The Shelf Drives Do Not Meet Your Needs
Are you an OEM in need of a custom motor drive solution? When a standard off the shelf drive will not meet your
needs, KB Electronics, Inc. will work with you to offer a custom drive solution, Ready to Use “Out-of-the-Box.”
Customization is available on all AC and DC drives through 5 horsepower.
Reduce cost
Purchase the exact control for the application without
unnecessary extras. Nothing more, nothing less.
Save labor
Eliminate the need for programming, calibration and
tuning. Installation is as simple as removing your custom
drive from the box and installing it in your equipment.
Custom label
or branding
Customization includes:
• Adding a custom label or branding
• Programming or pre-calibrating a stock control
• Newly designed control
• Custom software
• PLC functions
a stock control
Custom controls are available for AC, PMSM, DC,
DC brushless, PSC, Shaded Pole and Universal motors
from sub-fractional through 5 horsepower.
Motors Last Longer
Proprietary Current Limit Software provides overload
protection, prevents motor burnout and eliminates
nuisance tripping. Motor filter eliminates harmful
voltage spikes that cause motor winding breakdown
and bearing failure (IP 20 models only). UL approved
as electronic overload protector for motors.
Energy Saving
Uses only the power the application requires.
Replacing constant speed with variable speed will
significantly reduce energy costs.
Packages available:
Newly designed
• Chassis / IP 20 • NEMA 1 / IP 50 • NEMA 4X / IP 65
Depending on production order size, samples
will be supplied along with a quotation.
Designed and
Assembled in USA
Case Study: Custom AC Drive for a Boat Lift
Custom KBDA-27D
Boat Lift
A boat lift is designed to store a boat out of the water when not in use and place it into the water when ready to be used. Typical
applications include private boats stored adjacent to lakes, rivers, or canals. The system requires a Drive that can endure a
harsh outdoor environment and contain inputs for limit switches. The drive must also be capable of operating when wired to a
GFCI circuit, must be simple to operate, and it must also contain Pass Code Protection.
KB Solution
KB engineers selected model KBDA-27D with a custom Input/Output module. The drive is housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure
which makes it suitable for outdoor use. It is rated for 1HP-3Ømotors and can operate from either a 115 or 230VAC line.
Custom software was developed by KB which incorporated the specifications required for the application:
1. Dedicated input for high/low limit switches
2. Tamper proof pass code system to prevent unauthorized use
3. GFCI circuit operation
4. Dedicated input for remote control operation
A custom front label was developed which included the customer’s logo and special functions. In addition, the drive is factory
programmed for Ready to Use, “Out-of-the-Box”. Read more Case Studies on our website.
For more case studies, visit
Applications include:
• Actuators • Air Cleaners • Amusement Rides • Ball Pitching Machines • Blowers • Boat Lifts • Bowling Alley Lane Cleaners • CNC • Conveyors
• Door and Gate Openers • Drilling • Duct Cleaners • Dumbwaiters • Elevators and Hoists • Exercise Equipment • Fabric Processing • Fans • Feeders
• Film Processing • Floor Cleaning • Food Processing • Garment Cutting • Grinding and Polishing • Hoppers • Horse Walkers • HVAC • Indexers
• Irrigation • Laminating • Lift Station Pumps • Machine Tools • Medical • Milling • Mixers • Oven Conveyors • Packaging • Paint Blenders, Shakers,
and Sprayers • Paper Handling • Portable Equipment Used with GFCIs • Pottery Wheels • Printing • Pumps • Range Hoods • Sandblasting • Saws
• Sewing • Stretch Wrap • Textile • Treadmills • Therapeutic Vibrators • Washing Machines • Wave Soldering • Web Processing • Wheelchair Lifts
• Whole House Vacuums and Attic Fans • Wire Feeders • Wood and Metal Lathes and Cutters • Winders and Unwinders
Represented by:
12095 NW 39th Street, Coral Springs, FL 33065-2516
(954) 346-4900 • Fax (954) 346-3377 Outside Florida Call Toll Free (800) 221-6570
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A42161 – Rev. C – 1/2014
FG – 3K – 1/2014
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